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Does your home have a boot room? If it doesn’t, would you like it to? Whether you’re planning on creating a brand new space – or updating/converting an existing one – we’ve put together plenty of great boot room ideas for you to consider. As always, the right wall and floor tiles should be integral to your design.

The boot room is a timeless classic

Once the preserve of grand English country homes, a boot room is fast becoming a staple of urban properties throughout the UK. After all, even town-dwellers to go parks and playgrounds! Those who have taken the plunge and created one, say they don’t know how they managed before. So read on to learn more about the best boot room ideas, and all the key criteria to consider.

Boot room with statement floor tiles

Mix and match with contrasting colourways with our new Rialto Terrazzo San Polo Honedtiles in a multi-coloured design & Rialto Terrazzo Santa Croce Honed tiles in red for a striking finish in this classic-style utility and boot room area

What exactly is a boot room?

We get asked this question a lot. And there’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer with a boot room. What is isn’t, however, is a room ‘just for storing boots’. Instead, think of it as a transition space between your home’s interior and the outside elements. The best boot room successfully bridges the gap between the indoors and outdoors. Some boot rooms incorporate a utility room function, too.

Prep and planning for your boot room

Different clients need a boot room to deliver different things. So when you design your boot room, think hard about what you actually want the area to achieve. How will you use it? Do you want to save space? Would you like a set of cubby holes? Would you like to position your boot room near a back door? Would you like coat hooks? Where will your muddy shoes go? How much wall space will you need? Is storage the main priority? If so, what for?

Shoes, coats and umbrellas may be more obvious boot room storage items for this area, but sports equipment should also be considered. For example, keen cyclists might prioritise a wall-mounted bike rack in their boot room. And tall, narrow storage options would suit, say, skiers or anglers.

Boot room with sofa and Belleville Porcelain tiles stocked by Hyperion Tiles

This utility room doubles up as a boot room with a comfy sofa on which to put on and remove shoes before and after a walk. These porcelain tiles are our Belleville Porcelain Rennes Green with a satin finish – the pattern is perfect for hiding any mud you may accidentally bring in from outside


Boot room storage and comfort combined

There's no doubt that this room can be perfect for removing muddy boots and shoes after a walk, which is why an ultra-durable tiled floor could be perfect. Think about where you'll want to sit too. Perhaps bench seating, such as a versatile storage bench, would work well here or even a sofa if you can provide ample space. Factor in some hanging space for your outdoor gear, such as wet coats, and make ample space for shoe storage. Think about your boot room storage solutions carefully, such as how to add shoe racks and tall cupboards within your existing space. Any extra storage you can add will ultimately make your life easier as long as space permits. Built-in storage tends to provide a neater finish and can hide away unsightly items so don't forget to factor this into your boot room design.

A pet-friendly environment in your boot room

April might be National Pet Month, but for animal lovers a boot room can make pet owning much easier on a daily basis. A sink and backsplash in a boot room area isn’t just helpful for laundry purposes. It can be used for post-walk dog washing, muddy wellies (and grubby children!). A dedicated storage area for dog leads, dog coats and doggy bags also makes the daily dog walk chore much easier.

Another way into your home

Rather than using your front door and entrance hall after a brisk stroll in the great outdoors with your pooch, you could use the back door if it leads to your boot room. Add a bench seat to remove footwear and store boots and shoes below, introduce wall hooks to hang up dog leads and consider task lighting, so you can perhaps give a smaller furry friend a good wash in your sink.

Boot room with hanging space for leads after a dog walk

Add a sense of style to a neutral utility and boot room, featuring our Montblanc Brick White ceramic gloss wall tiles (500mm by 200mm by 9mm), with our Vogue Dark Blue/Light Grey on Chalkporcelain matt floor tiles (298 sq mm) from the Odyssey Grande collection. This pretty flooring solution features dark blue and light grey on a chalk background. It makes the perfect statement in this boot room – even the cute little sausage dog loves this carefully curated combo

Creating a functional room and a stylish space

Even small boot rooms can look lovely - it's simply a case of working with how much space you have and creating an ergonomic layout, which is where the help of an interior designer can come in. You'll probably want dedicated drawers with easy access to everything and perhaps some open shelving with wicker baskets can add a stylish finish. It's good to keep shoe storage hidden behind closed doors, especially where muddy boots are concerned. One of my favourite boot room ideas is to make sure this room has a back door for easy access from outside.

Creating a multi-functional dedicated space

Even if you’re not especially sporty – or overly fond of the outdoors – a boot room can be a game-changer in terms of laundry and cooking. Creating a utility room-style space, complete with a washing machine and tumble drier, is far more hygienic and will free up significant kitchen space. If you're looking for boot room ideas, a drying rack, airer and/or heated towel rail also make life so much easier during the wet UK winter.

An extra kitchen or utility room

Bigger boot rooms can even double up as a secondary kitchen area for food prep – perfect if you entertain often, or at busy hosting times such as Christmas and Easter. You could even adapt your boot room space to facilitate some indoor gardening or general maintenance jobs, by adding a multifunctional work storage bench and some repurposed shed storage space.

Allow for storage space in your boot room

The best boot room ideas maximise the space available. If you don’t have room for everything you’d like, focussing on your household’s specific priorities is a great small boot room idea. And do bear in mind that, despite its title, a boot room doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole room. It’s possible to create a dedicated storage/changing area that fulfils many of the same functions, by reorganising your hallway, or even adapting part of an existing kitchen. So in addition to your lifestyle and location, think hard about the best layout options too.

Boot room with basin and backsplash tiles Bassoon stocked by Hyperion Tiles

Add a splash of colour to your spring/summer utility and boot room scheme with our Little Greene Bassoon Glazed Rectangle Tiles. These cement tiles feature a beautiful glazed finish in a distinctive colourway, which will instantly elevate the space

Extensive tile options for your boot room

However big or small your boot room design – or what you plan to use it for – first and foremost, remember that this is a practical space. So the materials you choose for the flooring and walls must reflect this. Luckily, there are plenty of appropriate boot room options to consider. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop destination for all your tile needs, and our portfolio incorporates plenty of boot room options from leading luxury tile brands. We also offer an extensive range of luxury vinyl flooring options, and our Proper Good Paint™ collection.

Boot room ideas featuring floor tiles

Depending on the time of year, most boot room floors encounter water, mud and a lot of traffic multiple times a day. So the flooring options you choose have to be water-resistant, hard-wearing, easy to clean and ideally anti-slip. This limits the tile materials to consider. However much you might admire their looks, natural wood and marble, for example, are not really suitable selections for boot room floors.

Terracotta tiles will elevate a small space

If you’re a fan of the rustic aesthetic, do consider terracotta tiles for your boot room. Versatile, durable and naturally low-maintenance, they work well in high-use areas. Their warm, earthy tones look amazing, and add instant charm and character to any interior (and indeed exterior) space. Unglazed terracotta tiles are a popular choice for boot room flooring, as they tend to be less slippery. Just bear in mind that unglazed terracotta floor tiles will require sealing when laid, and every few years thereafter.

Boot room doubles up as a utility room

Traditional terracotta tiles instantly add timeless charm to a laundry room and this design, called Marlborough Terracotta Brick, featuring a brick shape, has been handmade and is ideal if you’re looking for durability coupled with distinctive style


Encaustic tiles for your boot room

We offer wide range of encaustic tiles, which are a popular pick for utility room and boot room backsplashes. Encaustic tiles are handcrafted, using traditional techniques and natural colours. This makes them very easy to incorporate within your boot room essentials in all sorts of creative design schemes. Hugely versatile, they can be plain or patterned. In addition to backsplashes, they are often used for feature walls, design accents and smaller zone borders.

Consider porcelain tiles for durability

Porcelain tiles are also very hard-wearing. They don’t easily chip, stain or crack – and they’re water-resistant – which makes them perfect for busy boot room environments. Look for tiles with a high COF (coefficient of friction) rating, which indicates a high slip resistance.

Boot rooms with LVT

Two increasingly popular options for a boot room are luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) and engineered wood flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring is made from layers of synthetic materials that are designed to mimic the appearance of natural wood, stone and concrete. It’s usually available in two formats: luxury vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl planks.

Water-resistant solutions underfoot

Luxury vinyl flooring is highly water-resistant, so it’s perfect for muddy boot rooms, and is also very hard-wearing and easy to clean. It’s also suitable for use with underfloor heating, which takes up less space than a radiator, helps to keep a boot room warm and cosy – and speeds up drying time.

Consider engineered wood flooring

Like LVT and LVP, engineered oak flooring is durable and easy to care for. It offers all the beauty of natural wood, but is much more cost-effective. It’s also much more resistant than solid wood to changes in humidity and temperature. So it won’t warp on contact with water.

‘Wow factor’ walls for your boot room

There’s absolutely no reason why your boot room can’t be pretty as well as practical. Your wall tiles especially offer plenty of scope to be creative with colour, pattern and texture. You can keep things classic with neutral tones and/or a nature-inspired colour palette. Or you can add interest and impact with bright colours and bold patterns.

Feature wall boot room ideas

Pale walls paired with a dark floor always look striking. Or you can enhance or even ‘zone’ your walls with borders, patterned panels and decorative tiles. Mosaic tileswork well in boot rooms, as they are non-porous. You can combine different colours and patterns, use them on every wall, or draw the eye with a single feature wall.

A chair in a boot room with Sweet Yellow Alalpardo Tiles from Hyperion Tiles

Our Sweet Yellow Alalpardo Tiles have been designed to offer endless tessellations so you can create a truly unique design in your laundry and boot room. This encaustic design can be used on floors and walls and you could choose between a symmetrical or completely random pattern to add your personal touch to your design


Making a splash in a practical space

If your boot room – or utility room – has a sink, a tiled backsplash is one of my preferred boot room ideas. Like the floor, this will need to be durable and water-resistant. Your backsplash should also be easy to clean and maintain, making porcelain a firm favourite in terms of materials.

Adding visual impact with a carefully considered backsplash

Functionality aside, your backsplash can play an important design role, too. Backsplash tiles can make a big visual impact in a boot room, especially if the area they cover is large. As they are usually sited at eye level, they’re often the first thing any visitors will notice. And if you’re spending lots of time standing at your boot room sink washing dishes or dogs, you’re sure to appreciate something attractive to look at!

Boot room for muddy boots and plenty of vertical space with Turenne Porcelain Tiles from Hyperion Tiles

With our Turenne Porcelain Tiles, you can instantly introduce soft, delicate tones to a utility and boot room to add warmth to your design. Suitable for floors and walls, these tiles will add a rustic touch to your home. Don’t forget to add a chair to remove muddy boots after walking!

Tiled backsplash ideas

Your boot room backsplash can complement the space’s colour scheme, coordinate with any cabinetry, whether you choose made to measure units or freestanding furniture. Your tiles can also be chosen to blend or contrast with your storage, or even match your floor tiles. Alternatively, you could highlight your sink area with an abstract/geometric pattern, set against a plain wall. Limit yourself to just a couple a colours, if you’re concerned about overwhelm in your boot room. Paler shades and subtle floral/nature-inspired patterns work well with classic styling.

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