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Gold Wall and Floor Tiles

Is your imagination consumed by the hypnotising thought of metallics in your home? Equip yourself with the Midas Touch and enhance your kitchens, bathrooms and other living spaces with our elegant gold tiles in the UK.

There’s nothing quite like a path of shimmering gold mosaic bathroom tiles on the floors or gold splashback tiles in your kitchen. From delicate Mother of Pearl tiles with gold accents to bold gold metallic tile options, our collection will dazzle you with its opulence.

Discover the perfect blend of glamour and warmth in our range of golden tiles. Order from Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping on orders over £300.

Why Choose Gold Tiles?

No colour signifies luxury the way gold does. With its buttery metallic tones that exude warmth, you can elevate any room with a gold tile.

Make a fashionable statement by decorating a splashback with gold kitchen tiles. You could also create a medley of metallics with gold mosaic tiles in your bathroom. Imagine the glimmering decadence of golden glass tiles as you bathe.

Pair gold metallic tiles with neutrals like black or white to create a high level of sophistication. Similarly, you can use gold floor tiles and gold wall tiles to elevate more vibrant colours, such as pink or orange.

Unlock the beauty and sophistication of golden tiles for a truly remarkable aesthetic. Email us at with your queries about gold kitchen wall tiles, antique gold mirror tiles and more.

Our Range of Gold Tiles

Our collection of gold tiles is designed to elevate your space. This stunning range includes everything from marble tiles that feature exquisite golden veining to luxurious golden mosaics that exude opulence. 

You’ll find a variety of shapes and sizes to consider when purchasing gold bathroom floor tiles and more in our collection. Here are some features you can expect to find when shopping for gold tiles for the wall and floor from Hyperion Tiles:

Luxurious Shades

While most people associate gold with a molten sunshine yellow, we stock many other shades of golden tiles for the bathroom and beyond.

Rose gold tiles offer a reddish-pink twist on gold tiles for the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Rose gold wall tiles add a modern feel to any space. In contrast, metallic gold tiles with a copper tinge have a deeper, rusted hue that creates enchanting spaces. Muted golden mosaic tiles with cooler tones offer a more delicate approach to using mosaic gold tiles in your home.

Sparkling Patterns

For something more playful, you might consider gold-flecked tiles in various colours. From blue and green tiles to mosaic tiles with gold, black, and warm reds, you can create a kaleidoscope of colours threaded with gold in your home.

Patterned gold bathroom tiles offer another take on luxury that is ideal for accent walls or borders. Simple patterns in white or black can also add a little character to surfaces with contemporary hints of vintage design.

As far as golden bathroom tiles go, you can opt for gold marble effect tiles that bring warm shades of cream and desert dunes to your living room. Or you can find these luxury golden floor tiles in styles that resemble black tapestries with ribbons of gold weaving through, as well as white with lashings of golden-brown hues.

Exquisite Shapes & Sizes

There is an array of delightful shapes and sizes to choose from in our collection of gold wall tiles in the UK. Apart from square gold glass mosaic tiles, you can invest in trendy gold penny tiles for a chic statement or gold hexagon tiles for a contemporary honeycomb effect. You’ll even find scale or scallop gold mosaic wall tiles for a vintage feel. 

Smaller shapes create a sense of busyness that is fantastic for decorating large, empty wall and floor spaces. Larger gold tiles for the kitchen, such as our herringbone or brick tiles, can open up smaller spaces. Some gold tiles come in large or jumbo rectangular panels as well and are ideal as golden tiles for the floor.

Opulent Tile Materials

Every gold mosaic tile is crafted from high quality, durable materials. Create a sense of timelessness in your home with rose-gold mirror tiles and their antique-style finish or gold glass tiles with their stunning reflective shine.

Use practical porcelain golden tiles for the wall and floor, and metal luxury gold tiles with a brushed finish for a luxurious look. Ceramic gold colour tiles with a metallic finish offer a two-dimensional look that flattens textures, and glass-made gold leaf tiles have a strong foil-tinted sparkle that takes centre stage in any room.

Splurge on golden tiles for your bathroom, kitchen and beyond. Book a visit to our showroom today to see our golden tile range in person.

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Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is a family-run business with a passion for providing only the best floor and wall tile solutions for residential and commercial projects. From architects to homeowners, we cater to all those seeking quality tiling for their interior and exterior decor. 

Our team stays up-to-date with the latest in tiling trends so they can advise you on any interior design project. We not only offer solid know-how and excellent customer service but also exceptionally competitive rates. 

Consider our selection of contemporary storage options and luxury mirrors when elevating your bathrooms with a smattering of gold tiles, mosaic or otherwise.

Endless Tile Options

Whether you’re choosing bathroom tiles in gold or seeking a neutral splashback option for kitchens, rest assured that we have the ultimate tile selection for you. 

With over 15,000 exquisite floor and wall tile options, you won’t be at a loss when choosing the perfect tile for your home. We stock leading tile brands such as Ca’ PietraBert & May, and Original Style.

Add luxurious gold tiles to your kitchen, bathrooms, and any other space that could use an opulent touch. Order golden tiles from Hyperion Tiles today.

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