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Rugged, Distinguished, and Beautiful

At 21mm thick, Chepstow floorboards provide a stable, long-lasting, and hard-wearing floor – especially with its 6mm wear layer.

This oiled oak flooring collection has bevelled edges, is suitable for underfloor heating, and is backed by our 100-year guarantee.

Bring timelessness and elegance into the home with Hyperion Tiles' range of Woodpecker Flooring with UK-wide delivery. Browse our stunning range of Chepstow flooring online or book a visit to our showroom for an in-person look at this natural oak engineered flooring.

Why Choose Woodpecker Chepstow Flooring?

The Woodpecker Chepstow Collection is the perfect choice for your wood flooring needs. It has a strong reputation for its quality and durability, backed by an impressive 100-year warranty. With a range of options from classic to contemporary styles in multiple woods, you'll find just the right wooden flooring to fit any space.

Plus, with ongoing maintenance and support available, you can be sure that your investment will last for years to come. Choose the Woodpecker Chepstow Collection from Hyperion Tiles for all your wood flooring needs.

Woodpecker is not only focused on the longevity of their wood but on the longevity of the environment, too. Woodpecker supports the global drive towards eco-friendly practices, sourcing all wood from responsibly managed and sustainable forests that are fully certified with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This way, you can style your home with engineered wood flooring that's both stylish and sustainable.

Choose the premium Chepstow collection from Woodpecker for natural oak engineered wood flooring that will stand the test of time. Order online from Hyperion Tiles today!

Our Range of Chepstow Woodpecker Flooring

As trusted Woodpecker flooring stockists in the UK, Hyperion Tiles offers a wide selection of beautifully crafted rustic oak engineered wood flooring options from the Chepstow collection. Thoughtfully curated to pair with a variety of interior styles and colour schemes in mind, this is what you can expect when you shop from the Woodpecker Chepstow range:

A Timeless Rustic Grade

The Chepstow collection of Woodpecker oak flooring offers a rustic grade of engineered wood for a timeless appeal. A rustic grade is the most natural and least uniform, embracing imperfections and featuring more natural characteristics to highlight the likes of slowly grown knots, mineral streaks, and grain patterns.

As a result, Chepstow engineered rustic oak flooring boasts stunning colour variations and vivid patterns for a more aged look. This wood flooring is perfect if you wish to introduce natural charm, character and warmth into the rooms in your home.

Long-Lasting Finishes

The finish used on your wood flooring wear layer not only provides long-lasting protection from daily wear, but also enhances the wood's natural look and feel. The Chepstow collection of Woodpecker wood flooring features options in the following finishes:

  • Oiled Finish: An oiled finish offers a muted matte appearance and protects the wood's surface while penetrating it to further enhance its grain structure. Oiled engineered wood is more scratch-resistant and easily spot-repaired.

  • Unfinished: Boasting a natural surface, untreated wood flooring can be stained and finished however you choose. This engineered natural oak flooring is provided pre-sanded with pre-filled knots.

  • Urethane Finish: Known for its shine and longevity, urethane finishes are one of the most historically used finishes in building and architecture. Urethane provides your wooden floors with a highly abrasion-resistant coating, making it perfect for rooms with heavy foot traffic.

  • Brushed & Oiled Finish: Wood that is brushed and oiled is more textured and has a more rustic and authentic feel. The oil finish protects the wood from daily wear while providing a more natural and traditional matte finish.

  • Hardwax Oiled Finish: Made from natural vegetable oils and waxes, hardwax oils work well as a finish for darker engineered oak wood flooring. This finish not only enhances natural tones and golden hues but also creates a long-lasting surface layer that is great for repelling dirt and water.

From oiled engineered wood flooring that boasts a sophisticated shine for your living room to durable matte Woodpecker wooden flooring for your hallway, we have the wooden floor finish you need.

Contact Hyperion Tiles for advice on which wood finishes to choose from the Chepstow collection by Woodpecker in the UK.

Sizes to Complement All Spaces

The chosen width of your Woodpecker engineered flooring from the Chepstow range can affect both the appearance and perception of a room. Depending on the width you choose, your engineered wood floor panels can make your space feel larger, smaller, more serene, or even stylishly bold and eclectic.

Narrower engineered wood floor panels, while smaller, can make a big difference to a room's design. They tend to work beautifully in rooms with a more contemporary feel.

To make an interior look and feel more rustic and traditional, consider going with wider engineered wood floor panels. Showing more grains, knots, and imperfections, wider panels can make your space one of a kind.

Earthy Tones & Versatile Aesthetics

Whether you want to add a touch of classic elegance or create a traditional and timeless aesthetic, choose Woodpecker's Chepstow engineered oak flooring in the UK to truly elevate the design of your home. The versatility in this collection opens the door to a myriad of design opportunities that allow you to create or enhance any interior style.

Here are some of the ways you can use the Chepstow rustic engineered oak flooring range:

  • Subtly distressed engineered wood flooring that features the textures of freshly sawn timber is well suited for modern minimalist interiors. If you enjoy an aesthetic of ashen hues paired with a light satin sheen, a sawn grey oak floor from the Chepstow collection will be perfect.

  • For those who desire light, airy and uncluttered spaces, opting for oiled engineered wood flooring with a subtle pale wash is the optimal choice. For a touch of elegance, you can choose Woodpecker floors featuring grey hues or golden undertones.

  • Rustic oak engineered flooring evokes feelings of warmth and cosiness. Opt for a planed cocoa oak floor from the Chepstow collection with rich chocolate tones, lighter highlights, and a smooth finish to enhance a rustic ambience and spatial depth.

  • A vintage, elegant interior will always stay in style, and antique engineered oak flooring featuring a mix of rich auburn and deep chocolate tones is a timeless choice.

  • Infuse your home with a sense of worldly charm by using wood floor panels with unique grains and colours. If you are drawn to flowing grain patterns, knots, and various caramel shades, antique oak engineered flooring is perfect, as it merges natural style with timeless appeal.

Woodpecker engineered wood flooring is always a beautiful interior choice. Offering different colour tones and aesthetics, there are countless ways to decorate around the Chepstow oak engineered flooring. From UK countryside homes and cottages to modern apartments and commercial settings, the options are endless.

For Woodpecker flooring suppliers that offer only the best, look no further than Hyperion Tiles. Order your rustic oak engineered hardwood flooring today and receive free shipping on orders over £300!

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