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The Hexagon Tile Collection at Hyperion Tiles is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to any setting. Take advantage of the many colours and finishes of our hexagonal tiles to create eye-catching accent walls that are full of character. You could also spread hexagonal tiles on your floor for a high-end feel beneath your feet.

Modernise your home with the unique shape of honeycomb tiles. You can create a beautiful kitchen mosaic with hexagon ceramic tiles or liven up your bathroom with hexagon shower tiles made of porcelain.

Transform your space into one of style and sophistication today! Order hexagon tiles from Hyperion Tiles and get free shipping when you spend over £300.

Why Choose Hexagon Tiles?

As a shape, hexagons are pleasing to the eye. Our range of honeycomb floor tiles and wall tiles exude class and luxury. This means that practically any room in your home can benefit from plain or patterned hexagon tiles, no matter your design aesthetic.

Each high quality hexagon tile is crafted from durable materials that are built to last. This means you’ll have gorgeous hexagon kitchen wall tiles for years to come and hexagon bathroom floor tiles that stand up to heavy traffic and splashes.

A hexagon floor tile for your bathroom can add a luxurious feel to a functional space. Order your favourite honeycomb bathroom tile from Hyperion Tiles today.

Our Range of Hexagon Tiles

Whether you’re looking for stylish yet timeless hexagon white tiles or a bold hexagon ceramic tile for your floors, this collection has it all. Choose a stunning hexagon bathroom tile made of water-resilient properties to complement your bathing routine, or spice up your patio with patterned outdoor hexagon tiles. 

These are the exquisite characteristics you can expect from our hexagon floor tiles for the bathroom and beyond:

Wonderful Materials & Finishes

With Hyperion Tiles, you can enjoy hexagon tiles for the floor and hexagonal wall tiles in a range of different materials and finishes. Our selection offers metallic, mixed, natural, decorated, or glazed finishes. Each tile has a subtle textured finish that adds depth and dimension while creating a beautiful ambience in your home. 

Our range includes glass hexagon tiles with a clear finish, smooth hexagon porcelain tiles, and more. Elevate your space with a natural stone hexagonal tiles with a honed finish or encaustic hexagon tiles in your bathroom with a matt surface. You can also explore hexagon tiles in the UK made from marble or terracotta.

Enticing Size Options

While the shape is a given, we have a great variety when it comes to the size of a hexagon tile for the bathroom, kitchen or beyond. Hexagon pattern tiles tend to be medium to large in size, while hexagon mosaic floor tiles can either have smaller tiles clustered together or larger tiles for an expansive feel. You could consider mini mosaic hexagon bathroom tiles for an eye-catching grouting pattern that adds visual interest and a unique character to your floors.

A Variety of Colours & Patterns

Offering you an array of captivating designs and bold colourways, these luxurious hexagon tiles will give your space an effortless update. You can choose from shimmering metallics like silver and bronze or deep hues of green and blue. You could also take inspiration from versatile neutrals like black and white. From mixed hexagon mosaic tiles to monochrome patterns with gauzy gradients, there’s a colour to suit your preferences.

Patterned hexagon tiles can also make for eye-catching interiors. Create a stunning statement with a dual-toned hexagonal tile for your floor, or add artistic flair with multi-coloured hexagon tiles for your wall. 

Versatile Hexagon Tiles for Every Room

Improve any space with a variety of hexagonal tiles for your walls and floors. You can also create an outdoor oasis with hexagon wall tiles and floor tiles that can bear even the worst weather.

Go for unique hexagon splashback tiles to create decorative walls near sinks, or use hexagon kitchen tiles throughout your pantry. Our hexagonal tiles for the bathroom are sure to make a luxurious statement that suits your design preferences. Likewise, hexagonal kitchen tiles can truly spice up your dinner preparations.

Explore a variety of options for a hexagon bathroom floor tile, hexagon kitchen tile and more.Book a visit to our showroom (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) to see these stunning hexagon outdoor tiles and indoor tiles in person.

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