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Collection: Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Upgrade your morning routine and add an elegant touch to your bathroom aesthetics with our range of stunning LED bathroom mirrors. Discover our collection of illuminated bathroom mirrors thoughtfully designed to incorporate practicality with luxury.

Light the way to luxury with the perfect bathroom mirror featuring incorporated LED lighting. Order your ideal LED mirror from Hyperion Tiles today and enjoy free delivery on orders over £300.

Why Choose Luxury Bathroom Mirrors With Lights?

Complement your other bathroom decor with LED bathroom mirrors that add elegance and boost the star power of your space. Opting for an illuminated bathroom mirror will ensure you have better lighting when completing your make-up or skincare routine. Backlit bathroom mirrors also add a contemporary and modern look and, once installed, project a luxurious hotel-esque feel.

An LED mirror suits additional spaces aside from the bathroom. Use a square mirror with lights in dressing rooms or walk-in closets paired with a practical vanity table for the ultimate lighting during your makeup routine. You can also add illuminated mirrors to hallways to brighten and amplify their size. 

Embrace Hyperion Living with opulent LED mirrors throughout your space. Email our team at if you need help choosing the right LED bathroom mirror to light your space. 

Our Range of Illuminated Mirrors

Opting for a large mirror with lights can create a showstopping atmosphere. LED illumination paired with quality mirror designs creates beautiful ambient lighting for a variety of spaces. Their LED bulbs also make them an energy-saving solution. 

Choosing an illuminated mirror offers an extensive range of impressive features beyond providing extra light. Here’s what to expect when you buy from our selection of mirrors with LED lighting.

Innovative Lighting Options

At Hyperion Tiles, we stock glowing bathroom mirrors that award you an illuminated bathroom and allow you to choose from three lighting options. Create the perfect ambient lighting with the option of cool white light, standard white light, or warm white light. Warm lighting options are great for reducing strain on your eyes at night while still offering sufficient brightness. 

Versatile Frame Designs

Different frame options have the ability to match different aesthetics. A brushed bronze frame matches antique-inspired homes that are aiming for a more traditional feel. Silver boasts a more modern-day look, perfect for a chic interior. A classic black mirror frame can help create contrasting visuals in a light bathroom. With a frameless mirror, you have more versatility, allowing you more freedom to change your decor. 

Helpful Demister Pads

Do you regularly find yourself trying to clean away mirror streaks or waiting long periods for the steam to clear from your bathroom mirror? 

The LED bathroom mirrors in our collection come with innovative demister pads. The demister pads heat up a section of your mirror to prevent steam and condensation from building up. These convenient pads ensure a steam-free bathroom mirror that doesn’t require wiping after a heated shower or bath, giving you instant access to your reflection. 

Convenient Touch Power Switch 

Create an effortless flow in your bathroom with the convenience of a touch-on and off switch integrated into your mirror surface. This removes the struggle of having to find a switch behind the mirror frame. 

Suitable for Multiple Spaces

While certain features make the illuminated mirror perfect for wetrooms, you could also use these chic mirrors in commercial and residential spaces. 

Placing an LED mirror in a guest room allows your visitors to capitalise on the lighting it provides. They can use it as a vanity mirror to complete their skincare routine or when applying makeup.

These LED mirrors also make perfect additions to hotel bathrooms and spa bathrooms, creating a luxurious experience for your customers to enjoy. 

An Energy Efficient Choice

One of the best features of LED lights is that they’re eco-friendly while still projecting a bright light across the space. As opposed to normal bulbs, LED bulbs conserve more than 80% of energy, and only 5% of that energy is wasted as heat. Additionally, LED mirrors for bathrooms consume much less energy than traditional bulbs.

Our mirrors work with energy-efficient LED lights, helping you save money on your energy bills while still allowing for a thoroughly illuminated and elevated bathroom. 

Stylish Setup Opportunities

You can choose to install illuminated bathroom mirrors either horizontally or vertically. Adding a bathroom mirror with a light in a portrait style against a wall focuses on the slim lines of the area and can create a picturesque aesthetic. If you want to open up your living space and project a feeling of elegance and airiness, you could install it in a landscape orientation. 

Improve the style of bathrooms, bedrooms, and more with our gleaming range of illuminated mirrors. Find the illuminated bathroom mirror of your dreams with Hyperion Tiles and experience stellar customer service from inquiry to delivery. 

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Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

At Hyperion Tiles, we are a passionate, family-run business offering high-quality and luxurious design solutions in the UK. Our extensive collections comprise wall and floor tiling solutions as well as decor pieces boasting durable materials, exquisite colours, and stunning finishes. 

Besides our contemporary selection of illuminated bathroom mirrors, we offer comprehensive collections of over 15,000 different wall and floor options to help bring your dream project to life. Our exceptional product ranges include memorable mosaics, practical LVT flooring, and stunning encaustic tiles.

Luxury Brands

All our products are made with the highest quality standards and sourced directly from manufacturers renowned for producing exquisite products. We work with a range of impressive luxury brands, including Ca’ Pietra, Original Style, Bert & May, and Minoli

Discover the best luxury illuminated bathroom mirrors in the UK with Hyperion Tiles. Get in touch today to book a showroom visit (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) and see our extensive range of luxury products in person. 

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