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Looking to enhance your interior space with a touch of nuance and character? A feature mosaic might just do the trick. Among the many styles of mosaics available, brick bond tiles stand out as a classic choice. 

With elegant lines and a variety of applications, you can let your creativity take the lead when you choose to decorate your home with a mosaic brick tile. 

Invest in gorgeous stone brick mosaic tiles today and enhance the character of your space. Browse our exciting collection at Hyperion Tiles and get free shipping across the UK on orders over £300.

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Why Choose Brick Mosaic Tiles?

With its brick-like pattern, these manufactured brick bond mosaics add texture and depth to walls and floors. What's more, choosing a coloured or even a marble mosaic can further accentuate the statement. 

Brick bond mosaics can also make a small space appear wider. The pattern's typically horizontal lines create an optical illusion of stretching out the room, making it a great go-to for designers and homeowners looking for a clever way to maximise space.

Enhance the layout of kitchens, bathrooms and more with stunning mosaic brick tiles. Email our team at for any queries you may have.

Our Range of Brick Bond Mosaic Tiles

Our collection of brick bond mosaic options includes a large selection of colours suitable for any interior design theme. For long-lasting beauty in your home, choose these magnificent brick options in all sorts of shape variations and durable materials. 

Explore more of the wonderful features that you can expect from our brick mosaic tiles collection below. 

Tiles in Magnificent Colours

From cool neutrals to warm tones that bring comfort, there are brick pattern wall tiles to suit every taste. We also offer mixed rectangular mosaic tiles with an array of complementary or contrasting hues. Even if you crave more vibrant shades like iridescent blue or vibrant pink, we have something for you. 

You’ll also find metallic tones such as gold and silver to highlight the luxury in your life or enhance the opulence of hotel spas and bars. These could work well as opulent kitchen tiles or reflective brick bond tiles in your bathroom.

Shapes to Spark Your Imagination

While subway mosaic tiles are the standard expectation of brick glass mosaic tiles, there are other shapes to explore in the same pattern. Opt for an exquisite mini brick mosaic tile in a square shape for a throwback to a traditional aesthetic. Or add some intrigue with herringbone or vertical brick bond tiles

Some brick bond pattern tiles have erratic rectangular shapes to create a chaotic symphony of texture and colour. These bricks can be quite slim to create a condensed, busy feel. 

Opulent Materials

Rectangle mosaic tiles crafted from marble offer richness and warmth to your walls. On the other hand, you could opt for mixed brick mosaic tiles for your walls with a combination of stone and ceramic bricks to add textural contrast. 

A glass brick mosaic tile with gloss finishes also promises a luxurious feel with its sheen, but metallic options will really take your design to the next level if you’re looking for absolute opulence.

Durable Flooring Options

Looking for brick bond floor tiles? When you choose mosaic brick tiles made of natural stone, they are typically durable enough for use as wall or floor tiles. These include cement and marble tile options that are more resistant to daily foot traffic.

Add an elegant and timeless design to your space with our selection of mosaic brick tiles. Call us on 01344 620211 and chat with our friendly staff about our options.

Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is an independent, family-run business whose main priority is to provide luxury wall and flooring options at competitive prices. We cater to homeowners, architects and interior designers seeking the best tiling solutions for their projects, no matter how big or small. 

We feature over 15,000 tiling options in our stock, including porcelain, marble, and Mother of Pearl tiles from renowned brands such as Bert & May, Ca’ Pietra, and Original Style. So you’re sure to find the ideal tile with us.  

While browsing for the ultimate brick pattern tiles for your bathroom, living space or kitchen, be sure to explore our range of luxury vessel sinks to complement your new aesthetic. You may also find some matching pieces in our selection of bathroom accessories and storage solutions.

Excellent Customer Service

Are you struggling to decide on the perfect material or colour of mosaic brick tiles to use in your space? Our expert staff know all the latest tiling trends and will happily offer advice to help you find the perfect tiling solution.  

Create the perfect contemporary home when you elevate your kitchen or bathrooms with our variety of brick mosaic tiles. Browse our range today and get free shipping across the UK on orders over £300. 

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