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Looking for an interesting way to embellish your home? Try our eye-catching metal mosaic tiles. Their shiny surfaces offer a uniquely elegant appeal that creates a polished look no matter which room they’re installed in.

Metallic mosaic tiles can transform a room with light and texture, so these truly modern mosaic tiles can create a contemporary focal point just where you need it most. Find the perfect metallic mosaic tile for your house today with Hyperion Tiles!

Transform your space with metal mosaic tiles from Hyperion Tiles. Shop from our range today and get free shipping on orders over £300! 

Why Choose Metal Mosaic Tiles?

Metal mosaic effect tiles are a unique and stylish way to add visual interest to any room, creating an eye-catching look with its sheen surface.

Metal Mosaics come in a variety of shape and size options, allowing you to create stunning designs that will stand out on any wall or floor. You may be looking for boldly coloured metal splashback tiles for your kitchen or uniquely shaped metal mosaic bathroom tiles for your floors. Regardless of what you have in mind, metal mosaics are sure to be the perfect finishing touch for your project. With metal mosaics, you can transform any room to suit your exact design preferences.

Create a metal mosaic masterpiece to add elegance and sophistication to any interior. Browse our incredible metal mosaic tile options online to find your perfect match.

Our Range of Metal Mosaic Tiles

Are you interested in bathroom mosaic wall tiles with a metallic twist? Perhaps you’re after glimmering kitchen mosaic tiles that make a statement. Either way, we have the mosaic tile in metal for you.

Our selection ranges from silver aluminium mosaic tiles to bold bronze and copper mosaics. With us, you’re bound to discover a colour, shape, and material you’ll love for your home. This is what you can expect from our selection of metal floor tiles and wall tiles.

Versatile Metallic Tiles for Every Room

While many of our metal mosaic tiles are only suitable for walls, we do have some options for mosaic floor tiles as well. 

Mosaic bathroom wall tiles can make your vanity space a haven of luxury. You can even use these bathroom mosaic tiles as shower wall tiles. Transform living rooms into something out of an interior design magazine with metal tiles for your walls. These tiles harmonise effortlessly with stylish furniture and decor pieces.

Mosaic kitchen tiles make a stunning statement, especially when you use these mosaic tiles for your backsplash. Not only do metal tiles for the kitchen add character and value to your home, but they also require little maintenance due to their durable construction. They’re also ideal for bathroom walls as they're stain-resistant and cleaned easily with soapy water and mild detergents.

Dazzling Colours & Finishes

When it comes to metallic colours, our mosaic wall tiles come in all the expected hues: gold and beige, shimmering silver, grey, and copper. Some metallic mosaic tiles in our collection include a mixture of hues for a more playful touch. Look out for stunning contrasting colours such as copper, green and black.

Our collection includes a variety of finishes that look gorgeous in any room of the house, including brushed metal, metallic, mixed, and matt finishes.

Unique Shapes

Light reflects so beautifully from a metallic surface. The size and shape of our mosaic-style tiles are wonderfully intricate to emphasise the tiles’ unique reflective nature. Not only that, but some of our mosaics combine different materials, such as glass, aluminium, and stone, to create exquisite tiling masterpieces that add more dimension to the room.

Your furniture is sure to pop beside these statement mosaic tiles for sale. The shape options in our range of metal wall tiles and floor tiles include:

Shop our range of aluminium mosaics, copper mosaics, and more from designer tile brands. Contact us on 01344 620211 if you need more information about this luxury tile selection.

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Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is a family-run business with a passion for creating gorgeous interiors and exteriors with quality tiles sold at competitive prices. With over 15,000 wall and floor solutions, you can create the home of your dreams with us.

Our expert staff have a combination of in-depth technical know-how and knowledge of the latest trends in home design. We’re always happy to help you fulfil your design projects.

Stunning Designs from Leading Brands

At Hyperion Tiles, we focus on providing quality as well as gorgeous and versatile styles. We work with leading brands in the tile industry, such as Ca’ Pietra, Bert & May, and Original Style. This ensures you’ll have the most luxurious and durable solutions to your wall and flooring needs.

Stunning metal mosaic tiles from Hyperion Tiles create a truly unique look. Get in touch with us at — we’ll help you find the perfect tiles for your home.

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