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Yellow Wall and Floor Tile Collection

Are you browsing around for yellow tiles the colour of creamy butterscotch, or floor tiles as yellow as sunshine?

Explore our exquisite assortment of yellow wall and floor tiles, ranging from captivating hues of lemon to amber. Bring yellow tiles into your kitchen, living room, or bathing area and enhance the features of your home with dreamy, creamy honeycomb hues. 

Indulge your design dreams with yellow tiles for the floor or walls. Order from Hyperion Tiles and get free delivery UK-wide on orders over £300.  

Why Choose Yellow Tiles?

Create a warm, welcoming design in your home by decorating your walls and floors with shades of sunshine. Yellow tones like pale buttermilk and rich honey offer a cosy embrace, creating a feeling of happiness and joy within any space.  

From yellow shower tiles to yellow kitchen tiles, any design project in your house can benefit from this uplifting hue. 

Find the perfect tiles that exude charm and elegance for your space. Shop for light yellow tiles for your kitchen or living room with Hyperion Tiles today.

Our Range of Yellow Tiles

Add a splash of sunshine to your home with bright yellow tiles or pastel yellow tiles in the UK. 

When searching for yellow bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles, you’ll find our selection includes a large variety, from pale cream to mustard yellow tiles. We offer a delightful choice of materials, shapes, and size options to complement any room — with solid colour or patterned yellow splashback tiles to choose from. 

Here are the features you can look forward to with our beautiful yellow tiling options.

Marvellous Materials & Shapes

Our selection of yellow floor and yellow wall tiles in the UK comes in various shapes. Each tile is made from practical yet stunning materials. 

Bring a touch of summer to your walls with glossy yellow ceramic tiles that glow in the light, or add a cosmopolitan flair to your outdoors with durable encaustic cement tiles. A pretty yellow porcelain tile can also provide your house with some exciting geometric flair. All of these materials have the benefit of being hard-wearing and waterproof.

A Yellow Tile in Every Shape

Play around with tile shapes to add extra visual intrigue to your home. Enjoy a selection of eye-catching and classic shapes from our yellow tiling assortment, including:

Each particular shape has a different aesthetic appeal. Larger tiles in standard brick formation create a chic subway feel, while classy herringbone or hexagons add some dimension to large empty walls thanks to their interesting patterns.

A Plethora of Shades & Patterns

Whether you choose golden hay or deep mustard tiles, this beautiful shade offers many variations to decorate your bathing area or kitchen walls and floors. 

While yellow wall tiles and yellow floor tiles in solid colours offer a minimalistic approach, you can infuse your space with some personality through stunning geometric patterns intertwined with white or grey. You could also peruse our collection of yellow patterned tiles with mixed colours, in designs both dainty and bold, to enhance a large, undecorated space. 

Discover the best yellow wall and floor tile collection now! Book a visit to our showroom (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) and view our stunning selection of bold and pale yellow tiles.

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Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is an independent family-run business passionate about providing high-quality tiling solutions to everyone from architects to homeowners. Our highly skilled team is up to date on all the latest tiling trends, and we’re happy to share that expertise to assist you in your design journey.

Browse our beautiful curation of yellow tiles for the bathroom and beyond, and take a look at our complimentary storagemirror, and accessory options for the finishing touches on your project. 

Thousands of Tiles to Choose From

Whether you’re looking for yellow kitchen wall tiles or yellow tiles for your floor, we have a vast variety of options for you. 

With over 15,000 wall and flooring solutions in a variety of sizes and finishes, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your design project. Browse renowned brands such as Ca’ PietraBert & May, and Original Style from our online store for beautiful tiles that last. 

Discover elegant yellow tiles for your bathroom or living area. Shop from Hyperion Tiles online today and get free delivery on orders over £300.

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