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Timeless, Robust and Characterful.

The Woodpecker York selection of strong and durable flooring boasts wonderful character with every board, featuring classic knots and swirling grain patterns that create a traditional look with a beautiful texture.

The York solid wood flooring range comes with an impressive 100-year warranty, too.

Bring luxury home with Hyperion Tiles' selection of Woodpecker flooring with UK-wide delivery. Browse our range of York solid wood flooring for sale online, orbook a visit to our showroom for an in-person look at these real wood floors.

Why Choose the Woodpecker York Collection?

Woodpecker York oak flooring is the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their flooring. This solid wood flooring range offers a luxurious and timeless finish while being incredibly hard-wearing and durable — being backed by an impressive 100-year warranty.

This engineered and solid wood flooring company isn't only focused on the longevity of their flooring, but also on the longevity of the environment. Supporting the global drive towards greener practices, Woodpecker sources all their wood from responsibly managed and sustainable forests that are fully certified with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This allows you to enhance your home with stylish and sustainable real wood flooring.

The York series is just one of Woodpecker's available ranges. Browse their full range to find the right fit for your home or office – whether that’s warm oak planks or classic parquet designs.

Get in touch today and discover why Woodpecker is the trusted leader in high-quality wood flooring solutions, orvisit the Hyperion Tiles showroom in Ascot to view these spectacular wooden floor panels in person.

Our Range of York Woodpecker Wood Flooring

As trusted Woodpecker flooring stockists, we supply a gorgeous selection of York solid wood flooring in the UK. Boasting planks with a thickness of 18mm in various lengths, this Woodpecker solid oak flooring range has a stunning floor option for every room in your home.

While York solid wood floor planks are not suitable for underfloor heating, we stock a variety of alternative Woodpecker engineered wood flooring options, like the Chepstow and Brecon range, which can be used for this.

This is what you can expect from the top-quality solid wood flooring available in the York selection:

Ideal for Homes, Offices & Commercial Spaces

Bringing a comforting warmth to any room, this luxury solid wood flooring makes for a beautiful addition to living rooms, kitchens, hallways, and bedrooms. The durable finishes of these real wood oak floors also make them ideal for homes with pets, as they are more resistant to scratches and easier to clean compared to surfaces like carpets.

The York range works well in offices and other commercial spaces too, bringing a sense of grandeur and authenticity to business premises. So whether you choose this solid wood flooring for kitchens and canteens in office blocks or hallways in hotels, you're guaranteed a high-end finish.

Warm Toned & Welcoming

Adding beauty and character wherever you choose to install it, the York selection of real wood floors provides you with incredible interior design versatility. With hues ranging from light to dark, stunning grain patterns, and various textures, York wooden flooring has something to suit every taste.

Opt for solid wood kitchen flooring with copper hues and rich chocolate colours to make a statement, or add an open and airy aesthetic to your hallways with lighter-toned solid wood floors that champion natural textures.

Natural Wood Features

The York range boasts two stunning floor grades — select and rustic. Each offers its own unique features, styles and characteristics to help you find the perfect solid wood plank flooring to match the interior theme of your house.

This is what each grade represents:

  • Select: The Select Woodpecker hardwood flooring is the most refined grade, with an overall look that is smooth and understated. Each of these wood boards has been carefully selected for its limited number of small knots and sapwood. This grade offers colour variation, graining, and character.

  • Rustic: Greater amounts of sapwood and larger knots are found within the rustic-grade wooden floors. The rustic grade planks feature more graining and colour variation, showcasing the rich details found in real timber.

Installation Made Easy

This selection of York real solid wood flooring is designed with tongue and groove floor joints for practicality and ease of installation. This allows the planks to be tightly slotted together, creating a surface that is neat and stable.

Woodpecker's solid wood tongue and groove flooring from the York collection can be installed in one of two ways — secret nailed or glued down. Both of these methods can be used over a variety of surfaces and subfloors for added convenience.

Various Durable Finishes

York Woodpecker oak flooring offers several wear-layer finishes that provide long-lasting protection while enhancing the natural look and feel. It's important to know the differences between each finish to ensure you choose the solid wood oak flooring that best suits your needs.

Woodpecker's York flooring comes in the following finishes:

  • Brushed & Matte Lacquered: To remove any soft fibres and accentuate the grain structure, these solid wood floors are first lightly brushed with a wire brush. A matte lacquered finish is then applied to provide a smooth, hard-wearing, subtle satin sheen that replicates the appearance of an oiled floor. This combination provides a textured, scratch-resistant surface that is easily cleaned and maintained.

  • Oiled: Oiled finishes give the wooden flooring from the York collection a muted matte appearance while also protecting the surface. This finish penetrates the wood to further enhance its grain structure for a more authentic wood finish. Oiled real wood flooring offers a scratch-resistant surface that can easily be spot-repaired.

  • Lacquered: Boasting a glossy shine, a lacquered finish provides your Woodpecker wooden flooring with a hard-wearing surface layer that is smooth to the touch. York wood flooring with this finish can easily be cleaned and maintained, boasting excellent scratch resistance.

Get in touch with us for advice on which finishes would be best suited to your home when choosing from the York range of solid wood flooring planks.

100-Year Guarantee

When you buy solid wood flooring by Woodpecker, you can find peace of mind knowing you are investing in flooring that will stay timeless and functional for a lifetime.

York solid wood floors come with an impressive 100-year warranty that covers the durability of the structure and the quality of the finish. This ensures you get the most out of your natural oak solid wood flooring for years to come.

For top-quality real wood flooring from reliable suppliers, choose Hyperion Tiles — one of the top Woodpecker flooring retailers in the UK.Request a quote for an estimated price on your new floors.

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