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Waterproof, Stable Mineral Composite Core, Built-in Underlay

Our waterproof flooring range, Brecon, offers incredibly strong and stable boards with an extremely durable, realistic woodgrain effect embossed vinyl upper layer, as well as a built-in underlay. Offering a wide range of highly realistic wood finishes, as well as herringbone options, Brecon flooring is the perfect alternative for challenging environments for which wood flooring is not the most suitable choice. Discover our range of Brecon accessories to finish the look of your Brecon floor.

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Why Choose Brecon by Woodpecker Flooring?

Woodpecker flooring offers everything from high-quality engineered wood flooring to Stratex and vinyl flooring. The Woodpecker Brecon Collection is a top-of-the-line choice for those looking to purchase quality wood flooring. Crafted with more than 100 years of expertise, this vinyl wood effect flooring collection offers a variety of stunning wooden flooring options that are sure to bring the perfect touch of style and sophistication to any home.

Not only is the selection impressive, but each product also comes with a remarkable 25-year guarantee — giving you peace of mind that your flooring will stand the test of time. With so much on offer from this trusted source of wooden flooring, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for! Shop online from Hyperion Tiles today and get the best in quality wood flooring solutions

Want to know more about the Woodpecker Brecon range of flooring? Visit our Ascot showroom or call us on 01344 620211 to get expert design advice and insight into how this vinyl wood flooring range would best fit into your decor plans.

Our Range of Brecon Floor Boards

Woodpecker's Brecon collection of quality flooring has a built-in underlay and is made of a highly stable mineral composite core material. It was designed to be a suitable choice for environments where you wouldn't normally utilise wooden vinyl flooring.

The Woodpecker Brecon collection is the perfect option if you're looking for waterproof wood flooring for kitchens or waterproof wood flooring for bathrooms — both challenging environments that can be difficult to keep completely dry.

This is what you can expect from the Brecon collection:

Waterproof Flooring Boards

Boasting a stable mineral composite core, the Brecon collection of Woodpecker floors is waterproof, making for a stylish and practical flooring option in moisture-rich environments.

This waterproof flooring range is also ideal if you have children or pets and need to be prepared for spills or other accidents. Our water-resistant wood flooring from the Brecon range lets you enjoy the timeless aesthetic of wooden floors without having to worry about water damage.

Woodpecker Flooring's Brecon vinyl wood effect planks also boast great durability and an R10 slip resistance rating.

Built-in Underlay

Brecon waterproof flooring features a built-in underlay, which is especially useful in protecting against moisture.

A built-in underlay not only saves time when it comes to the installation of your waterproof wooden flooring but also has the additional benefit of providing stability, insulation, and sound reduction.

Easy Installation

This water-resistant wooden flooring not only makes maintenance easy but also simplifies the installation process. Brecon wood-look vinyl flooring sports Easiloc joints (also known as a click system), which has become very popular due to the reduced labour needed for installation.

In addition, these vinyl wood flooring planks from Woodpecker can be scored and cleanly snapped to deal with awkward corners or edges where full-size vinyl wood planks are too large.

Ideal for Underfloor Heating

For added luxury, the Brecon Woodpecker wood flooring range is safe and appropriate for use with electrical underfloor heating.

Unique Finishes & Colours

Brecon wood effect vinyl flooring planks have a realistic design, even boasting saw marks for extra character.

There are various wood-effect options in this vinyl flooring collection. Opt for the warm tones of Brecon Bracken Oak, which has the feel of gracefully ageing timber. Or consider the lighter Brecon Seashell Oak herringbone, which conjures images of the dusky tones of the UK's rocky shores.

Reduced Telegraphing

Woodpecker vinyl flooring is constructed with a stable mineral composite core, making it less likely to be affected by telegraphing. This phenomenon happens when vinyl wood plank flooring is applied to an uneven surface, allowing for imperfections and protrusions to show through. This leads to unsightly bulging and potential damage to the floor when it is walked on. The composite material helps to prevent telegraphing from happening, no matter the installation method used.

Quality Guarantee

Brecon waterproof wood-effect flooring is a high-performance Woodpecker flooring option with a 25-year guarantee.

This guarantee covers the durability of the waterproof wood floor’s structure as well as the quality of the Brecon vinyl flooring finish, including the dimensions, joints and appearance of the top layer.

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From graphic patterns to subtle neutrals, Hyperion Tiles has a passion for innovative wall, floor and ceiling surfaces. We help you find stylish and high-quality products for your indoor and outdoor spaces from leading tile and flooring manufacturers at competitive prices.

As trusted Woodpecker flooring stockists, we truly have vinyl wooden flooring styles and colours for every home and project.

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Hyperion Tiles' team is renowned for working on bespoke projects for everything from country homes and chic London apartments to spas and hotels. We work closely with interior designers, decorators and homeowners, so we know exactly what people want and need from a tile and flooring specialist.

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