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Terracotta tiles offer timeless beauty and are a classic addition to any home. With an array of colours and textures, they're perfect for adding visual interest wherever you need it! 

At Hyperion Tiles, we have a wide selection of terracotta tiles that offer various rustic shades — from warm to cool. We also stock an array of shapes and sizes to suit your design needs. 

Whether you're looking to create a rustic feel or apply a modern twist on an old favourite, these terracotta tiles are sure to make an impact in any home or commercial space. 

Ground your home with transformative terracotta tiles from Hyperion Tiles. Order your new home tiles online and enjoy free delivery on orders over £300. 

Why Choose Terracotta Floor Tiles?

Picture your home saturated with comforting terracotta hues; its rustic nature is a remnant of the simple European countryside. For centuries, terracotta has been used worldwide due to its durability and versatility. 

Different sizes of these tiles are perfectly suited for art, roofs, and flooring — bringing a welcoming charm wherever it is used. 

The material’s durability means it is perfectly designed for high-traffic areas, making excellent indoor and outdoor terracotta tiles. Its multipurpose nature ensures that you can use terracotta tiles in the kitchen as a stunning but practical backsplash or opt for terracotta wall tiles when designing a living room feature wall. 

Add a sunny Tuscan feel to your floors and walls with our beautiful terracotta effect tiles. Call us on 01344 620211 or email our team at trade@hyperiontiles.com to discover more about our terracotta tiles in the UK. 

Our Range of Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are a great way to add character to any home. Whether you’re looking for terracotta paving slabs, hexagonal terracotta tiles, or terracotta floor tiles from the UK, there’s something to suit every property and taste.

Not only do terracotta tiles offer timeless beauty, but they can also provide excellent insulation and durability. Thanks to their hard-wearing versatility, you can use terracotta tiles in both indoor and outdoor settings

With so many options available, like using terracotta tiles in the kitchen, why not explore the possibilities of terracotta tiles today? You don't have to take our word for it. Here are some additional convincing benefits our terracotta tile slabs bring. 

Visually Intriguing Shapes 

Terracotta patterned tiles add visual intrigue to your home, depending on the type of design you choose.

  • Diamond:  Enhance your outside flooring with diamond terracotta outdoor tiles and light grouting to add a stylish finish to your patio or balcony.
  • Rectangle:  Keep your bedroom simple and minimalist with rectangular tiles that still boast an authentic charm.
  • Arabesque:  Use their distinctive shape and design to mimic an elegant and traditional Spanish aesthetic with terracotta floor tiles for the kitchen or hallway.
  • Hexagon: Opt for hexagon terracotta tiles for your bathroom. Emanate a rustic charm in your bathroom when you pair hexagon tiles with dark grout coupled with simple black accents. 
  • Square:  Combine the designs of square terracotta tiles for a feature wall with picket patterned terracotta tiles for a wall to create eye-catching hallway features. 
  • Picket:  Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with glazed picket terracotta kitchen tiles styled in intricate design to create an innovative backsplash.
  • Octagon:  Choose terracotta tiles to create repetitive patterns in your living room, or pair terracotta kitchen wall tiles with colourful decorative square tiles to break up the monotony. 
  • Brick: Improve your staircase’s durability and visual appeal by using an authentic terracotta brick design.

Traditional Tone Variations

Our selection of terracotta tiles features an array of colours and textures, which makes them perfect for adding visual interest wherever it is needed.

This selection boasts a stunning variety of natural clay colours like vibrant reds, muted yellows, chalky whites, sunkissed oranges, and earthy browns. Further enhance the nuances and natural shades of your new terracotta surface by applying linseed oil or beeswax.

Eco-Friendly & Long Lasting

Terracotta slabs offer functionality, durability, and sustainability. Our range of terracotta tiles includes tiles made of repurposed brick pieces and reclaimed indoor floor tiles, enhancing the area while reducing the impact on our planet.

These clay-baked tiles are about embracing the material’s imperfections, and your tiles will look better as they age. But, to ensure your small or large terracotta floor tiles last long and maintain their iconic colours, it is best to seal them after installation. This material is very porous and stain-prone if not sealed.

Tantalising Texture Techniques 

These magnificent clay floor tiles have various surface finishes. You might purchase rustic terracotta bathroom tiles with a matt surface, suitable for spaces like bathrooms that require added slip resistance. 

A handmade finish is ideal for a rugged or traditional interior style. Handmade terracotta tiles feature more inconsistencies and small imperfections in the materials that enhance the uniqueness and authenticity of each tile. 

Whether you’re looking for small or large terracotta tiles in a traditional or creative shape, we at Hyperion Tiles are sure to have it. Browse our rustic terracotta collection today, or  get in touch for expert advice. 

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At Hyperion Tiles, we are passionate about providing stellar service and superior-quality tiles. Our independent, family-run business is known for working with everyone from interior designers and decorators to homeowners and developers to bring their unique design needs to life. 

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Our selection extends beyond terracotta kitchen floor tiles. We stock over 15,000 wall and floor solutions, including fabulously beautiful encaustic cement tiles, mesmerising mosaics, and natural stone tiles

Build the home of your dreams with trail-blazing terracotta tiles. Add natural beauty to any space when you order your terracotta products from Hyperion Tiles and enjoy free delivery on orders over £300.

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