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A mosaic is comprised of small pieces of glass, stone, or other materials to create a beautiful image or pattern. They’ve been popular since ancient times as a symbol of wealth and luxury, and have survived the centuries to become contemporary decor in the modern era. 

Gold mosaic tiles take this luxury one step further with a dazzling and expensive facade. Any room that you adorn with these little tiles of gold will stand out and will suit anyone looking to add some opulence to their home.

Invest in dazzling gold tiles for your bathroom, kitchen or hallway from Hyperion Tiles. Order our gold tiles for UK-wide shipping that’s free on orders over £300!

Why Choose Gold Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiling creates a captivating statement piece that will have your guests in awe! Mosaic tiles come in many shape, size, and colour varieties, and are easily installed. This allows homeowners to tailor their projects to their taste precisely. Mosaic tiling is the perfect choice for creating a luxurious look that will last throughout the years. With gold mosaic tiles, your project is sure to be admired!

Hyperion Tiles is a reliable supplier of gold mosaic tiles in the UK. Browse our selection today to find the perfect gold floor tiles or wall tiles for your home.

Our Range of Gold Mosaic Tiles

Gold mosaic wall tiles are a stunning addition to any home. Mosaics offer a unique way to add texture and depth to any interior design style.

You may be looking to revamp your swimming pool tiles, add some shimmering gold mosaic tiles in your bathroom or create a feature wall in your hallway. Whatever your vision, golden mosaic tiles are the ideal choice to make your project stand out from the crowd.

Sumptuous Colours & Patterns  

The subtle shimmer of gold mosaics adds an element of luxury without being overbearing or ostentatious. After all, mosaic tiling offers homeowners the opportunity to step outside of the box and create something truly special that will add character and glamour to any space.

Our gold wall tiles and floor tiles aren’t limited to a single colour. Within this collection of gold metallic tiles, there’s a spectrum of colour options with nuanced tones, including white gold, brass, bright shimmering yellow, and earthy brown tiles. You’ll also find stunning rose gold mosaic tiles. With Hyperion Tiles, there’s a shade of gold to suit any interior.

The myriad of patterns and styles in our gold mosaic tile collection are designed to add depth and visual intrigue to each and every tile. Look out for geometric patterns, pearlescent swirls, multi-colour tiles, and more.

Elegant Mosaic Shapes

Mosaics are a great way to inject a little personality into a room. Choose an intricate design for a harmonious centrepiece or go bold and create a full wall statement with unique shapes and designs.

Our penny mosaics are a trendy favourite. These round tiles create an undulating coin effect that’s sure to turn heads. Besides typical square tiles, you’ll also find gold hexagon mosaic tiles, scale or fan-shaped tiles, and even brick-shaped mosaic gold tiles.

Unique Tile Materials

Our range of luxury gold tiles includes a variety of materials and finishes. From a glossy gold glass mosaic tile to mosaics made from brushed aluminium or iridescent seawater Mother of Pearl, Hyperion Tiles stocks it all.

Want to create a unique accent wall in your shower? Our captivating gold glass tiles are perfect for opening up small spaces. If you’re looking to add a bold shimmer to your home, browse our gold splashback tiles for kitchens made of stone and glass. On the other hand, brushed metal gold wall tiles offer a softer texture that harmonises with any decor style.

Versatile Tiles For Walls & Floors

Gold mosaic tiles are a timeless addition to any home. With gold mosaics, you can guarantee that any room will look simply stunning!

Suitable for both walls and floors, these quality gold mosaic tiles bring an air of sophistication to whatever area they adorn. Adding a contemporary twist to classic designs, mosaics are perfect for enhancing swimming pools, bathrooms, wet rooms, splashbacks, feature walls and more.

Revamp your home’s walls and floors with this range of golden mosaics. Create an indulgent oasis in your wetroom with gold bathroom tiles, or elevate the splashback of your culinary zone with elegant gold kitchen tiles. You can even transform swimming pools into lakes of gold.

Ready to elevate your interiors with stunning gold kitchen wall tiles, bathroom floor tiles, or something else entirely? Call us on 01344 620211 and we’ll help you find the perfect gold glass mosaic tiles for your project.

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