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Porcelain mosaics are an interesting and innovative way to add an eye-catching feature to walls and floors alike. These mosaic porcelain floor tiles bring a unique texture, look, and shine to the surface. Porcelain mosaic designs can range from classic tile patterns to more abstract works of art. 

Not only are porcelain mosaic floor tiles able to withstand high levels of foot traffic, but they also have the added advantage of being both durable and low maintenance. In addition, porcelain mosaics provide endless decorative possibilities for any room or exterior space. From modern geometric mosaics to Victorian Mosaics, there is sure to be an ideal mosaic porcelain tile suited for your requirements or budget.

Porcelain mosaic tiles are a luxurious addition to every home! Order yours from Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping on orders over £300.

Why Choose Porcelain Mosaics?

Looking to add texture, colour, and style to your interiors? You can’t go wrong with a porcelain mosaic tile! From mosaic hall tiles to mosaic kitchen floor tiles, Hyperion Tiles stocks it all. Our mosaics are great for your backsplashes, countertops, accent walls, and more. 

Many of our porcelain mosaics are also slip-resistant and resilient against water damage; so you can install them in showers, wet rooms and even pools. You may be looking to refresh your kitchen or create a spectacle with mosaic bathroom wall tiles. No matter your design idea, porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for creating those spaces.

Consider the beauty and benefits of mosaic kitchen tiles in your home. Choose from a variety of shapes and colours at Hyperion Tiles today!

Our Range of Porcelain Mosaic Tiles

Overall, porcelain mosaic tiles offer a great combination of form and function for any interior project. With their range of styles and colours, they are perfect for adding texture and sophistication to any room in the home or office. 

Their durable construction also makes them ideal for high-traffic areas that may be exposed to moisture or heat. Just imagine a gorgeous set of kitchen mosaic tiles or bathroom mosaic tiles adding the perfect touch to your home, or your patio decorated with these sumptuous porcelain tiles! With easy maintenance and cleaning requirements, porcelain mosaics will look beautiful for years to come.

Beautiful Colours & Finishes

Our stunning selection of mosaic porcelain tiles includes stylish solid colour options as well as traditional multicoloured porcelain mosaic tiles in the UK. You’ll find greens in a vibrant peacock shade and deep oceanic blues as well as pretty purples and pinks for the mosaic wall tiles of your dreams. 

For those who prefer a neutral palette, there are also simple white, brown, or black shades to bring your kitchen or bathroom together in a cohesive way. While there are countless colour options, the finish adds to the textural appeal of each mosaic tile as well. Choose from finishes such as gloss, matt, satin, and glazed to further complement the design of your home.   

An Array of Designs, Shapes & Sizes

A simple design can make for the most interesting mosaic tile flooring, adding contrast or special geometric interest to your room. 

Try an exciting Mediterranean theme with a range of bright colours in a speckled mosaic design, or create a modern take on classic themes with patterned crackle-effect tiles. You can also choose a simple design in your tiling choice that has a cute yet elegant factor, such as a geometric flower pattern.

As for stylish shapes, our range offers you the perfect look for any room with a myriad of styles to consider. Shape options include traditional mosaic tile squares, hexagons and octagons to provide visual interest, and a variety of fish scale mosaic tiles for the bathroom or kitchen. 

For something more contemporary, outfit your walls with matchstick porcelain tiles, penny shapes, or even a diamond rhombus porcelain stoneware mosaic. As you can tell, the variety is astounding.

Durable Porcelain Tiles for Any Space

In addition to their aesthetic value, porcelain tiles also offer many practical advantages. They are easy to maintain and clean with normal household cleaners and water. 

Mosaic floors are also very hard-wearing so they will stand up well against foot traffic in busy areas like hallways or living rooms. Bathroom mosaic floor tiles and mosaic hallway tiles will prove their value many times over in this regard. 

Porcelain mosaic tiles are also highly fire resistant, making them ideal for use in fireplaces and other areas of the home that may be exposed to heat or flame. On the opposite spectrum, they’re also typically waterproof, making mosaic tiles for a kitchen splashback and mosaic bathroom floor tiles stylish and ideal candidates for your home. 

Some of our mosaic flooring and wall tiling can be used in exterior spaces. Turn your patio into a luxurious space with an opulent statement wall of mosaic porcelain tiles in the shade you adore most. 

For the perfect look in your home, choose durable porcelain tiles for your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoors. Shop our range and bring your mosaic dream to life!

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