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Hexagonal mirrors are an ideal choice for elevating the aesthetics of your  bedroom, living room or bathroom decor.

With its elegant lines and geometric frame, you’ll find it adds an eye-catching touch to any space. 

Buy hexagonal mirrors and introduce a decorative edge to your urban design aesthetic.

Shop with Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping across the UK on orders over £300.

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Why Choose Hexagon Mirrors?

Hexagonal mirrors are a majestic addition to any household, with their iconic looks and hints of luxury implicit in the intriguing shape of the frame. Step outside the box with something a little less conventional when you choose hexagonal mirrors, and wow your guests with your inventive design choices. 

Infuse a sense of elegance and sophistication into your space with these exquisite decorative hexagonal mirrors, adding a touch of style and charm to your surroundings.

Have any queries about hexagonal mirrors? Reach out to our team at trade@hyperiontiles.com for any assistance you require.

Our Range of Hexagonal Mirror Options

Discover a new dimension of design when you choose a hexagon mirror for your home. With durable materials and versatile installation options, you’ll find it’s the perfect addition to a variety of design aesthetics.

Here are some of the features you can expect from our hexagon mirror collection.

Captivating Colours

The colour options we offer for a hexagonal bathroom mirror and beyond have a stunning variety of neutral tones fit for any space.

Choose a hanging hexagon mirror with a brushed brass frame that appears golden to add a little luxurious sparkle to your home. The silver mirror glass, surrounded by a simple yet elegant border with a golden hue, offers a sleek and opulent design perfect for any bathroom, bedroom, or elsewhere. 

A matt black hexagon mirror design complements a more brutalist or minimalist space, ideal for contrasting against light walls or adding to a moody atmosphere with dark tones. 

Whether you opt for a shiny brass hexagon mirror or a black hexagonal mirror design, they’re both neutral colours that complement a variety of colour schemes and palettes. 

Versatile Applications

A large hexagon mirror for the bathroom or living room can offer plenty of visual intrigue, whether its primary function is decorative or utilitarian. Its sharp shape offers a strong design statement, whether it’s in your entryway or in commercial bathrooms. Whether you hand a hexagonal wall mirror on its side or straight, it offers versatility in how it can elevate your space. 

Sturdy Materials

The light aluminium frame is also resistant to corrosion in a steamy bathroom setting. Ensuring you choose a hexagon bathroom mirror that’s designed to survive the unique environment of a bathroom means that you’ll have a mirror that lasts years. 

Step outside the box with a stellar black or brushed brass hexagonal mirror from Hyperion Tiles. Call us on 01344 620211 for any queries.

Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is an independent, family-run business passionate about providing quality wall and flooring solutions to help bring your design vision to life. 

Whether you’re decorating a chic London studio apartment or a cosy home in the Cotswolds, we have over 15,000 incredible options to choose from. With renowned brand names such as Bert & May, Original Style, and Ca’ Pietra within our stock, you can be sure you’re buying products of the highest quality when you shop with us. 

Once you’ve settled on the perfect hexagon hanging mirror, consider our range of basins to give your bathroom a revamped look. We also stock a variety of bathroom storage solutions and accessories to help you elevate your washroom.

Incredible Customer Service

Whether you’re shopping for a hexagon mirror with a black frame or a large hexagon wall mirror for your hallway, we’re happy to help you along your purchasing journey. Our experts have knowledge of all the latest trends and can advise you on the perfect hexagon-shaped mirror for your project. 

Found the perfect large hexagonal mirror for your bathroom? Order hexagonal mirrors from Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping across the UK on orders over £300.

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