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Mosaics are timeless works of art that date back centuries. Today, glass mosaic tiles are becoming increasingly popular for decorative purposes.

Mosaic tiles are a great way to create eye-catching designs and patterns with vibrant colours. Using individual pieces of glass, an artist can arrange them into an intricate design that stands out on its own.

The elegance and style achieved by using light-reflecting pieces of glass are simply unmatched by any other material available. Creating mesmerising works of art using luxury tile mosaics made with exquisite coloured glass truly brings a unique charm to any space they're featured in.

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Why Choose Glass Mosaics?

Glass mosaics are a great way to add a unique and timeless style to any space. Mosaic tiles come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and textures — giving you the ability to create an eye-catching design that is truly one-of-a-kind!

Additionally, glass mosaic tiles offer durability and longevity when compared to other types of tile materials. With proper installation and maintenance, glass mosaics can last for decades! For these reasons, mosaic tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

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The Beautiful Benefits of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Whether you're designing a grand entrance or adding an elegant touch to your home, mosaic tiles will easily become the highlight of any room. Glass mosaics offer endless possibilities when it comes to creating beautiful designs. From intricate traditional patterns to modern, abstract art, the design options are nearly limitless!

Extremely Durable & Easy to Maintain

Requiring only some window cleaner and a cloth to clean off any dirt and enhance their shine, mosaic tiles are easy to clean and maintain.

This makes them ideal for use in high-traffic areas like bathrooms, where soap can build up, and kitchens, where splattered grease can leave tiles requiring more regular cleaning.

Versatile Applications

Mosaic tiles can be used for many different applications, from swimming pool tiles and kitchen backsplashes to bathroom mosaics and accent walls. Mosaic tiles are also great for outdoor areas such as patios, decks, and walkways.

Mosaic artists have plenty of options when it comes to the type of material used in their creations; from metallic mosaic tiles to ceramic and even stone. But glass is a key ingredient in crafting the best quality mosaics.

If you're looking for a truly custom touch, mosaic tiles can even be used to create unique designs like custom logos or images as well.

Interested in learning more about the durability or possible applications of our glass mosaics for sale? Email our team attrade@hyperiontiles.com for more information.

Our Luxurious Range of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Hyperion Tiles offers a large range of unique mosaic tiles. Whether you're looking for coloured glass mosaic tiles or iridescent tiles in the UK, we have a collection that's sure to 'wow' you.

We stock a large variety of glass mosaic wall tile and floor tile options, so you are sure to find the tiles that complement your style. This means that decorating your space becomes a joyful adventure bursting with vibrant colours and textures, including stone or smooth textures, and matt or iridescent finishes.

Versatile Colour Options

No matter your style, there is something for every decorative desire in our range of glass mosaic tiles. Our versatile collection of unique tiles offers a glass mosaic tile design solution for every wall and room.

From single colours to monochrome palettes and a rainbow of complementary hues, there's a colour option to suit every desire and decor need. You can make a luxurious statement with glass kitchen tiles or glass tiles for the bathroom, whether it's natural beige, vibrant blues coupled with mirror tiles or bold gold mosaic tiles.

Elegant Finishes

There are dozens of unique opportunities to customise your glass mosaic design in any room, whether it be with a unique finish or a stand-out texture.

You can style your space exactly how you want with our range of unique finish options. Look out for some of the following finish options in our range of mosaic tiles:

For the ultimate statement in style, you can go for iridescent mosaic tiles for that bright, colourful shimmer, or shiny gloss glass tiles for kitchens and bathrooms.

Luxurious Textures

Each of our glass wall and floor tiles has a unique textural feel, from smooth to grainy, with the "decorated" mosaic tiles being the most textured of them all. Its uneven, patterned surfaces provide a tactile opulence that bends and refracts light, providing visual appeal with the right lighting.

Some of our glass mosaic wall tiles come in mixed textures for an increased depth to the overall look of your statement wall. A mixture of gloss and matt or stone textures in various colours can add character, with the glossy tiles adding a little bit of scattered sparkle.

Different Sizes & Shapes

Of course, there are the traditional square mosaic tiles, but for even more unique patterns, you can choose a different shape for your glassy work of art.

Hexagons give a more modern edge, while scallop and fan patterns complement a more vintage style. Brick and mini-brick patterns can add an air of contemporary edge to your room, especially depending on the colour you pick, while hexagonal glass mosaic wall tiles are a modern alternative to the traditional square.

Herringbone tile patterns are timeless and make quite a statement, similar to that of the leaf glass mosaic tile. The woven mosaic glass tiles have possibly the most distinct pattern, though, If you crave a backsplash that'll dazzle guests, opt for stand-out options with asymmetrical forms or woven patterns. You can also combine mosaic tiles of different size varieties to curate a truly bespoke wall.

Gorgeous Residential Applications

While all of our stock is suitable for use on walls, some are also perfect as floor tiles, offering you the option of a unique floorscape. This usually depends on the size and strength of the glass tiles for your wall and floor.

Glass tiles for the kitchen are a fantastic way to liven up a space that's used daily, either with an eye-catching backsplash or a stylish set of floor tiles.

Or you can set a calming mood with glass bathroom tiles. They'll rejuvenate your shower or bathtub area with a peaceful selection of glazed mosaic that reflects the flicker of cosy candlelight. You can even use our glass mosaic tiles to make a statement in your entranceway or lounge — the applications are limited only to your imagination!

Trendy Mosaic Tiles for Commercial Spaces

For commercial purposes, hotels and spas can revel in the luxurious and unique glass mosaic tiles in our collection. You could use glass mosaic pool tiles around wet areas or design a striking foyer with a glass mosaic tile feature wall. Opulent and trendy mosaic glass wall tiles make an impact on customers, and if they love your space, they're more likely to return.

Restaurants and coffee shops can also benefit from our range of glass mosaic kitchen tiles, offering chic design and easy-to-clean options great for spaces where food and drinks are prepared or consumed. Exterior glass tiles can even be worked into your business logo.

Make any room a show-stopper with glass mosaic tile options from Hyperion Tiles.Book a showroom visit (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) for an in-person look at our range of glass mosaic tiles for sale.

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50mm Facet Mosaic Antique Mirror Grey

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Bevel Mirror Brick Mosaic

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Bijou Film Faced Mosaic 15mm

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