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Transform your home and garden with natural stone flooring and wall coverings that embody their own unique character. Each Ca' Pietra tile in this collection is an individual piece of luxury, combining hard-wearing properties with a plethora of design possibilities — from flagstone to intricate mosaics — giving you the freedom to inject style into any space.

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Why Choose Ca' Pietra Decorative Natural Stone Tiles

Ca' Pietra is the premier provider of wall and floor tiles made from decorative natural stone. These high-quality tiles come in a variety of natural stones, featuring marble, granite, sandstone, slate and travertine tiles. Each tile is carefully crafted to ensure lasting beauty and durability. By combining quality materials with superior craftsmanship, we guarantee that these exquisite products will bring elegance and style to your interior design project.

We understand that no two projects are the same, which is why we offer a wide range of Ca' Pietra styles and finishes to meet any individual needs. Whether you are looking for sleek modern lines or rustic traditional elements, Ca' Pietra has the perfect tile solution to add character and charm to your home. And with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can be sure that your project will have the perfect finishing touch.

Browse our selection of Ca' Pietra decorative natural stone tiles today and breathe life into any space with timeless beauty. With Ca' Pietra, you'll always have beautiful walls and floors that stand out from the crowd. Every tile is a piece of art – so let Ca' Pietra add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home renovation today!

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Our Range of Ca' Pietra Decorative Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles, with their timeless elegance and rustic charm, are perfect for adding depth and warmth to your interiors. That's why stacked stone, split face stone, and various other styles of stone wall cladding are always in high demand.

Elevate your home with decorative stone feature tiles from Ca' Pietra. We stock indoor and outdoor decorative tiles, with options that are suitable for both walls and floors. These make our real stone tiles from Ca' Pietra perfect for creating a cohesive look throughout your home.

Our range offers a variety of shapes, textures and colours, spanning from hexagonal slate tiles to teardrop marble mosaics. From our wide selection, you're sure to find the perfect natural stone tiles for your bathroom, kitchen, hallway or beyond:

Natural Stone Materials

In our Ca' Pietra decorative stone range, each tile boasts its own unique character. Discover the wide array of stone materials within our selection of decorative natural stone tiles for walls and floors:

  • Marble tiles: Honed marble epitomises luxury and makes for exquisite natural stone bathroom tiles. For a classic and sophisticated look, pair marble stone tiles and mouldings. To add dramatic flair, browse our uniquely shaped mosaic marble tiles.

  • Limestone tiles: Our limestone tiles feature a tumbled texture and unique shell markings and veins. Limestone is ideal for decorative exterior wall tiles if you want to add visual intrigue and depth to your outdoor space.

  • Slate tiles: Our sleek slate tiles showcase nuanced tones and carefully calibrated thickness. Slate makes for beautiful natural stone kitchen floor tiles as it is cost-effective, durable, doesn't show dirt, and enhances any decor style with understated elegance.

  • Reformed stone tiles: Recycled stone is ingeniously blended to craft a durable tile with rounded edges and a tactile finish. Available in a variety of muted tones, reformed stone makes stunning decorative outdoor tiles or interior natural stone floor tiles for UK homes.

  • Terrazzo tiles: Inspired by iconic landmarks of Venice, these eco-friendly indoor stone tiles are crafted from recycled multi-coloured marble. Add a touch of Italian elegance to your home with Ca' Pietra's terrazzo decorative kitchen tiles.

Finishes & Textures

Our natural stone wall tiles and floor tiles include an array of different finishes, including honed, tumbled, satino and riven.

  • Honed tiles feature a smooth, even texture. They can also be tiled with tighter grout joints, which makes them work well with intricate mosaic shapes.

  • Tumbled tiles have a rougher surface that fits perfectly into rustic settings. For low-maintenance, slip-resistance flooring, opt for decorative floor tiles with a tumbled finish. They also make for stunning brick slips.

  • Satino tiles undergo a high-pressure process to add more depth and dimension to the stone's surface.

  • Riven tiles have been split along natural fault lines in the stone, creating clefs and peaks that add character to each tile. If you're after split face stone wall cladding, browse our range of riven slate tiles.

Shapes & Shades

Whether you're after natural stone kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles, Hyperion Tiles has something for every interior. Let our Ca' Pietra decorative natural stone tiles revamp your home with a rich variety of shapes and shades.

Within our range of natural stone tiles for the wall or floor, you'll find an array of tile shapes, including hexagonal, herringbone, square, bricks, mosaics, mouldings, skirtings, and more.

Our mosaics alone come in a multitude of shapes, including diamonds, teardrops, squares, chevrons, wicker, scallops, fans, plumes, and temples. Opt for natural stone kitchen wall tiles in mosaic shapes to create the ultimate statement splashback. Mosaics are also a fantastic choice for non-slip decorative bathroom tiles.

Our collection also offers a spectrum of enticing colours. Choose from the classic elegance of white marble, the bold richness of dark slate, or vibrant hues that breathe life into any space.

Enhance any room of your home with interior and exterior decorative tiles from Ca' Pietra. Buy natural stone tiles online or book a showroom visit to see this gorgeous collection for yourself.

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