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Shop Popular Tile Colours With Hyperion Tiles

Explore a kaleidoscope of patterned and solid colour effect tiles. Discover a wide range of popular colours with Hyperion Tiles, from neutral to colourful tile patterns and everything in between.

You may be on the hunt for multi-coloured kitchen wall tiles or bathroom tiles in coloursthat remind you of the ocean. Whatever your taste, we have stunning coloured tiles to suit your needs.

Find the perfect colour tiles to transform your space today! Buy the best colour tiles for your bathroom and beyond from Hyperion Tiles — free shipping on orders over £300.

Why Shop For Tiles by Colour?

Shopping by colour makes your interior design journey much easier. Simply click on your colour of choice and enjoy an array of tiles in buttery yellows, autumnal reds, or sea blues laid out before you.

This is especially useful when you already have a colour in mind, but it can also open you up to possibilities you couldn’t dream of. When you pick a colour to peruse, you’ll discover a spectrum of shades, from pastel-coloured tiles to bold multi-coloured tiles in a variety of patterns.

It’s a fantastic way to find inspiration for your floors and walls when searching for colourful tiles for your home. You may even come across a mesmerising colour combination you never considered before!

Need help choosing a mosaic colour for your interiors or picking out a set of coloured outdoor tiles? Email us at trade@hyperiontiles.com to get in touch with our tile experts for advice.

Our Range of Colour Tiles

At Hyperion Tiles, we stock every colourful tiles design imaginable. Whether you're looking for vibrant pinks, fiery reds, sunny yellows, lush greens, or classic black and white tiles, we've got you covered. Apart from the standard colours in our tiles collection, we also stock neutral tones to complement any kitchen or bathroom tile colour schemes.

Looking for something bolder than solid colours? You’ll find patterned colourful kitchen tiles to spice up your cooking sessions and colourful mosaic tiles that shimmer on your wall or floor. This is what you can expect to find when shopping for colour bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles from Hyperion Tiles:

A Variety of Solid Colours  

Our selection of solid-coloured tiles for the bathroom, living room, or kitchen can bring a sense of cohesiveness to your space.

Add a beautiful neutral with stone colour tiles, or take a turn towards warmer natural tones with wood flooring colours. For a shift into industrial chic, embrace the darker neutral colours of our tiles collection. Here’s a powerful design tip for a modern home: choose metro tiles in colours that contrast sharply with your grouting for an ultra-contemporary appeal.

Looking for something brighter and bolder? Vibrant colours are perfect for setting the mood of the room. For instance, you could create a tranquil bathing oasis when you opt for colourful bathroom tiles in peaceful greens and blues. You can also inject a little opulence with gold colour tiles paired with chic bathroom tile colours such as black or white.

Multi-Coloured & Patterned Designs

Tired of a bland minimalist aesthetic? Patterns are a great way to express your creativity when it comes to colourful wall tiles. 

Enchant your guests with decorative coloured wall tiles that boast Art Nouveau aesthetics or patchwork botanicals on multi-coloured bathroom tiles for the floor. Slip into symmetry with geometric floor tiles in a colour scheme of your choice. Our patterned encaustic coloured floor tiles offer a host of captivating geometric and organic patterns alike. For a truly unique look, multi-coloured mosaic tiles with iridescent finishes can give your wall or floor the burst of colour it needs.

Searching for colourful bathroom tiles in the UK?Book a showroom visit to find the best bathroom tiles colour for your floor or walls.

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