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Looking to upgrade your space with terrazzo-style floors? These retro-inspired, colourful, and daring Italian Terrazzo speckles from the seventies are making a comeback! At Hyperion Tiles, we stock a stunning range of luxury terrazzo vinyl tile flooring (LVT). 

Our selection of terrazzo vinyl flooring from Floorify combines the perfect originals with a touch of contemporary creativity, resulting in terrazzo prints that effortlessly blend with today's modern interior styles. 

Explore our wide selection of large terrazzo vinyl tiles, designed with the utmost craftsmanship and boasting all the advantages of our high-quality Floorify rigid vinyl floor. Upgrade your space with the timeless elegance of terrazzo flooring today.

Build your ideal Venetian aesthetic with terrazzo flooring solutions. Buy your high-quality vinyl flooring tiles online from Hyperion Tiles today and enjoy fast and free standard delivery on orders over £300. 

Why Choose Terrazzo Floor Tiles?

Terrazzo tiles were created by Venetian artisans 500 years ago by combining marble chips or quartz pieces into concrete mixtures. The etymology of the word ‘terrazzo’ can be traced back to the Italian word for ‘terrace’ since the material was often used for terraces or living spaces. 

The iconic terrazzo design consists of tough material chips and binder material to hold the slab together. You can customise the binding material based on where the terrazzo will be installed. Cement would be an excellent binder for exterior spaces, while resin would work better for wall applications. 

Choosing to install this design will bring added dimensions, long-lasting floors or walls, and a balance of fun and functionality in any space.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to incorporate the terrazzo design into your kitchen, bathroom or living room — terrazzo LVT is an excellent alternative. The speckled design of terrazzo-effect vinyl products boasts an artisanal feel to create an inviting yet spacious area.

Suitable in Different Spaces 

Our selection of LVT flooring is suitable for any area in your home. Terrazzo LVT flooring in muted colours can easily match a minimalistic bedroom. For a luxury living room, opt for gold-speckled terrazzo LVT flooring. Easily create an innovative, memorable bathroom or a glamorous kitchen with LVT waterproof flooring to match the area's aesthetic. 

No Hassle Maintenance 

Opting for luxury vinyl click flooring makes maintenance and cleaning dirt off your floors almost effortless. These interlocking floor pieces are super easy to maintain. All you need to do is vacuum or sweep up the dirt and mop over the terrazzo LVT floors. 

These tiles are suitable for splash zones like kitchens or bathrooms since they’re water resistant, making cleaning those spills as simple as a wipe-down. The wear layer also protects your floors from daily wear and scratches.

Intrigued by these innovative home tiles and want to know how to incorporate them into your space? Email our team at or call us on  01344 620211 for some expert advice.

Our Range of Terrazzo Tiles

Discover the unique features of our Floorify click vinyl flooring in the UK. They offer an affordable way to elevate your interior with trendy designs while ensuring sustainable ease of use. These tiles boast extra strength, stain resistance, water resistance, and shock resistance.

Simple Installation Made Easy

Installing Floorify vinyl tiles is as effortless as laying a laminate floor on various surfaces. No extensive preparation is needed. Thanks to the proven click system, installation is a breeze. Say goodbye to waiting for drying times — your floor is immediately ready for use once laid. The seamless surface is achieved with subtle yet durable joints.

Suitable with Underfloor Heating 

These elegant vinyl flooring solutions combined with the correct underlay over your subfloor are perfectly compatible with underfloor heating. Luxury vinyl tile flooring has a low heat resistance and effortlessly allows heat to permeate your floors — making LVT tile flooring a great option to keep your room warm and toasty in those cold winter months.

Protect your feet from the shock of ice-cold floors with terrazzo flooring vinyl solutions in your bedroom or bathroom. The LVT floor slabs take on the surface ambient temperature — keeping your floors warm.

Size Variety 

Our luxury vinyl tiles in a terrazzo style come in big and small tile sizes. The bigger tiles are great for replicating an industrial and open-plan feel in residential spaces. Large slabs of terrazzo LVT are also perfect for use in storefronts or offices.

Using smaller sizes of terrazzo effect vinyl flooring will achieve a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. The smaller terrazzo laminate flooring pieces create a cohesive design and enlarged space, which are great for bolstering walk-in closets, dressing rooms, or hallway storage spaces. 

Captivating Colours 

Our range of terrazzo floor solutions offers options in different hues, so you’re sure to find colours that match the aesthetic of the room you’re going to install them in. 

  • Light terrazzo LVT bases enhance the feel of the space and brighten areas with lots of natural light.
  • An off-white or comfy grey floor base can enhance your accent furniture pieces, especially if the specks match your furniture.
  • Darker cement-like hues of terrazzo pieces can easily project a contemporary or industrial look.
  • A blush pink base coupled with elegant emerald and white speckles can make a stunning countertop. 

The multicoloured speck design ensures that you can easily incorporate terrazzo into any space or colour scheme. Make the convenient choice when you choose luxury vinyl floor tiles from the UK.

Enhanced Comfort

Experience the comfort of walking on the sound-absorbing Floorify rigid vinyl tiles paired with the Comfort underlay. The result is a delightfully soft walking surface with excellent acoustic properties. 

Unmatched Durability

The high density of the Floorify Rigid Core and a premium Floorify underlay ensure exceptional impact resistance for your rigid vinyl floor. Rest easy, knowing that heavy falling objects won't leave a mark on the wear layer or a crack. Our floor surface is also resistant to long-term impressions caused by heavy furniture and regular foot traffic.

Affordable Luxury

At Hyperion Tiles, we offer trendy and captivating interiors at budget-friendly prices. Experience remarkable quality without breaking the bank. Optimise your space with Floorify terrazzo tiles – the perfect choice for style and functionality.

Request a quote for your decor project today and enjoy free UK shipping on online orders over £300.

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Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is an independent, family-run business with an expansive collection of luxury designer tiles. This means that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the perfect luxury vinyl flooring in the UK — or any other tiles needed for your project. 

Premium Brands

Our range of products and brands goes beyond just luxury vinyl tiles in the UK. We are also platinum Ca’ Pietra tile stockists and stock other leading brands such as Original Style, Siminetti, and Bert & May

Be confident in your purchase of terrazzo vinyl flooring in the UK with Hyperion Tiles, as we extensively collaborate with interior designers and decorators on commercial and residential projects. At Hyperion Tiles, we offer you the best options for LVT flooring in the UK.

Make a statement with durable terrazzo vinyl flooring in your home or commercial space! Order luxury designer tiles from Hyperion Tiles today and take your home to the next level. 

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