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Are you looking for the latest and greatest in patio tiles in the UK? At Hyperion Tiles, we stock a vast variety of outdoor porcelain tiles for floors and walls alike so you can create the cosy outside oasis of your dreams. 

We can even help you choose the perfect coordinating range of indoor and outdoor tiles for your porch and beyond. This will allow you to achieve that seamless look that runs from your interior scheme to your outdoor space.

No matter your taste in external porcelain tiles, we have something to suit your creative aspirations. The benefits of porcelain tiles are endless, as are the possibilities. 

We have provided many clients with matching indoor and outdoor tile options that not only simplify the design choices but give an elegant, contemporary finish time and again.

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Whether you’re looking for a modern aesthetic or something more traditional, outdoor porcelain tiles can provide a beautiful look that will last for years to come. Shop Hyperion Tiles’ range of porcelain outdoor tiles in the UK today and get free shipping on orders over £300.

Why Choose Outdoor Porcelain Tiles?

Outdoor porcelain tiles are ideal for outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks, and poolside areas. Wherever you need a low-maintenance outdoor tile, an incredibly strong porcelain paving option is the way to go. Porcelain tiles have excellent resistance to moss, algae, mould, and other perils of the weather. 

You can also say goodbye to slippery dances across your deck with these slip-resistant options. Boasting superior water resistance when paved correctly, outdoor porcelain slabs and tiles are perfect for areas with high humidity or frequent exposure to rain, frost, or snow. 

You can recreate a range of aesthetics or vintage designs that will last. Our patterned porcelain outdoor tiles feature lasting colours that won’t fade under sunny conditions. And don’t worry about maintenance — these tiles are easy to maintain and require little upkeep compared to other types of outdoor flooring materials. 

When shopping for a low-maintenance outdoor tile, you’ll find some of the best porcelain floor tiles in the UK in our stock. Book a showroom visit (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) and see our outdoor tiling range in person.

Benefits of Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

There are a vast number of benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to include outdoor porcelain tiles in your home. Here are some of the most prominent reasons why they make the ultimate outdoor tile choice:

Cost-Effective Tiles

Outdoor porcelain tiles are also cost-effective. While there are many material options available for outdoor patios, one of the greatest benefits of porcelain is its versatility. It can be made to resemble other materials that are typically more expensive. This allows you to use a more affordable alternative without missing out on the luxurious look of natural colour and texture.  

Even without a wood-effect or stone-effect look, outdoor porcelain patio tiles can be more affordable than other outdoor floor tiles and outdoor wall tiles in the UK, giving you a great option for an outdoor floor that won't break your budget.

Incredible Durability

Porcelain is highly durable and resistant to scratches or wear over time. This makes it the perfect material for outdoor floor tiles where weather exposure and foot traffic can play a large part in degradation.

Easy Maintenance

One of the largest benefits of these porcelain outdoor patio tiles is that they are easy to clean. They don’t require much more than soapy water to keep their surface pristine and dirt-free. So you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals washing off of your garden floor tiles and finding their way into your plants or grass.

There’s also little need to concern yourself with the growth of unhealthy mould, moss, or slippery algae on your outdoor floor tiles. Even if your local climate is on the wetter side, our curated selection of porcelain flooring for the outdoors is generally resistant to these types of lifeforms. 

However, should any unwanted intruders in moss or algae form make an appearance on your low-porosity external floor tiles, it’s easy to clean them away. 

High Levels of Weather Resistance

The non-porous material of porcelain garden tiles provides significant advantages in their ability to repel water and prevent possible water damage as long as they are paved correctly. With this superior water resistance, outdoor tiles made of porcelain offer an excellent solution for geographical areas prone to wet weather or moisture. 

While they don’t absorb water, our porcelain exterior wall tiles and floor tiles are generally slip-resistant, making them safe to walk on during or after bad weather. 

In the summer or winter months, fluctuating temperatures are present that could damage your outdoor decorative tiles. However, our outdoor porcelain floor tiles are fade-resistant when exposed to the sun and frost-proof in freezing conditions. This makes them the ultimate contemporary tile suitable for practically any scenario. 

Our Range of Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Outdoor porcelain tiles provide a stylish and practical solution for your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for something basic or intricate patterns and textures, our outdoor tile range has it all. Choose between outdoor patterned floor tiles for some vibrant visual intrigue or simple outside porcelain tiles that mimic natural elements. Whatever your choice, we have the perfect low-maintenance solution for you.

Our selection of hardy tiles is exceptional when it comes to weathering the elements, so you can buy outdoor tiles that suit both the sun and the snow when you opt for porcelain. 

Here are some more features you can find in our selection of porcelain paving tiles.

Varied Shapes & Sizes

Our vast collection of outdoor porcelain tiles comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Different sizes of square or rectangular porcelain paving are a classic choice for most exterior designs, allowing you to customise the look and feel of your patio area. 

Large patio tiles in a rectangular slab offer a sweeping, spacious feel that makes a grand backdrop for comfy outdoor furniture. Thin herringbone brick tiles, on the other hand, offer you the option to create a trendy pattern in an otherwise open space, creating a decorated yet elegant look.  

Outdoor mosaic tiles have clusters of small squares gathered to form a vibrant work of paved art. These are great at grabbing your attention and are ideal for use as feature garden wall tiles. 

You’ll even find trendy hexagon outdoor porcelain wall tiles for the ultimate contemporary applications.

Vibrant Colour Options

Porcelain patio tiles and outdoor tiles come in a variety of colours and styles, allowing you to customise the look of your outdoor space to suit your design aesthetic of choice. With our selection of solid colours for porcelain paving, you’re sure to find the ideal outdoor tile for your dream design. 

Decorate your space in large swathes of deep colour, such as emerald green, teal, or dark grey, to create a cosy haven with your outdoor tiles. This allows you to let your furniture take centre stage and offset deep hues with bold metallics or neutral linens for a classy contrast. 

You could also choose lighter pastel outside tiles in shades such as delicate, light grey and soft ecru to brighten up your outdoor oasis. Smaller spaces can benefit from paler colours like these, so they’re a perfect choice if you want to create a spacious feeling. 

Gorgeous Patterns

Outdoor floor tiles can be patterned or textured to create an eye-catching design on your patio or garden path. Add garden tiles with botanical themes for a pretty feature wall to complement your yard, or opt for simple linework with a coastal feel to craft your own private Mykonos. 

You can also bring a touch of Victorian elegance to your yard with black and white geometric patterns on your garden paving. Or adopt a decorative flair with outdoor patterned tiles that feature repetitive designs in a slew of beautiful colours to add some personality to your home with a pretty front porch. 

Unique Textures & Effects

You can get creative with patterned or textured porcelain tiles and choose outdoor floor tiles and porcelain slabs that mimic natural materials. Our wood-effect exterior tiles have all the natural beauty and surface feel of real wood planks without the issues of warping and rotting.

Likewise, our extensive range of outdoor porcelain tile options includes external tiles with natural stone effects. You can choose between outdoor porcelain paving slabs with patterns complete with misty veins for a grand, seamless aesthetic on your patio.

Or you can opt for smaller exterior floor tiles with other stone effects, such as slate, concrete, terrazzo, and terracotta. This allows you to bring a rich, elegant touch to your patio floor tiles that is more budget-friendly (and sometimes more hard-wearing) than the real thing. With these varied options, you can create a cost-effective and more weather-friendly outdoor area that reflects your own personal style. 

From balcony tiles to porcelain deck tiles, our plain and decorative outdoor tiles made of porcelain tick all the boxes. Contact us at trade@hyperiontiles.com for any questions you may have about our outdoor tiles.

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