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Store and order should be of paramount importance within a carefully curated bathroom design. Our luxury storage solutions feature super-stylish shelving and highly practical mirrored cabinets that could help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

Ready to create that sleek, minimalist look in your bathroom? Browse through our unique selection of bathroom storage sale in the UK to keep your counters clear and easy to clean.

Your bathroom can be both luxurious and functional. Make the most of your space and shop our range of stylish bathroom storage shelves in the UK. Order now for free shipping on orders over £300!

Why Choose Bathroom Storage From Hyperion Tiles Brands?

We offer a wide selection of designer bathroom storage cupboards to suit any home. Our range includes wall-mounted cabinets, mirrored storage units, and more. Each bathroom shelf organiser is designed to help you store everything from bath towels to toiletries, helping you make the most of your space. You may be looking for something more stylish or a design that’s more practical. Either way, we have the perfect bathroom storage shelf or cabinet that will fit seamlessly into your existing decor.

We also offer a range of bathroom accessories to personalise your bathroom, including towel hooks and racks, mirrors, dispensers and chrome baskets. Browse our extensive bathroom furniture selection — you’re sure to find a stylish bathroom storage solution that works best for you.

Hyperion Tiles stocks a broad range of bathroom box shelf options. Shop now to pick out the perfect bathroom storage solution for your house that is both stylish and functional.

Our Range of Modern Luxury Bathroom Shelves

When it comes to picking out your bathroom furniture, washroom storage space is an important factor. Your bathroom furniture should also harmonise or add depth to the design of your bathroom. 

Bathroom product storage has never looked this good with Hyperion Tiles! Our range includes a variety of materials and colours, including bathroom storage with black glass, clear glass and bronze glass. Finding the ideal ensuite storage for your bathroom could not be simpler.

Created from quality materials, our stunning and easy-to-clean bathroom storage units are sure to add to your luxury bathing experience. This is what you can expect from our closed and open bathroom storage collection:

Resilient Materials

Looking to artfully display prized lotions and potions with over-the-toilet storage? A contemporary toughened glass box shelf is the perfect way to display your decor from all angles. Not only does open shelving with durable toughened glass help you create that sleek shelf appeal, but these glass storage units are also great for opening up a room.

Perhaps you’re after bathroom cleaning storage or a style that’s more traditional and discrete. Browse our range for a stainless steel bathroom cupboard with frosted glass doors. Stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion compared to other metallic finishes, such as chrome, so this material is perfectly suited to a bathroom. Mirrored cabinets can also provide an essential space to hide those everyday essentials like toothpaste, mouthwash, and medication. With an aluminium base, these mirrored bathroom shelf units are both sturdy and stunning.

Contemporary Shapes & Designs

Our mirror and glass bathroom storage is not only functional but chic as well. Each bathroom storage unit we offer has an element of luxury in its design. Our bathroom accessories storage cabinets are also designed to save on floor space and add dimension to your bathroom design.

We offer open bathroom box storage with square, and rectangular designs and various shelving compartment options. A compact square bathroom cabinet is great for a guest bathroom with limited space. A long glass shelf for the bathroom wall is perfect for stylishly storing decor in your master ensuite. You can even cluster a bathroom organiser box or two together to create a large bathroom storage display.

A Variety of Versatile Colours

Trying to figure out how to store your bathroom products in a way that is still stylish and cohesive with your bathroom design? Look no further than Hyperion Tiles. With us, you can choose from an array of cabinet colours for something that suits your decor palette. 

Searching for luxury bathroom storage with glass that harmonises with your bathroom’s design? You can go for clear glass shelving, along with a bathroom storage box in black or bronze. A black bathroom box is great for creating a dramatic, high-contrast look in a monochrome bathroom with white tiles, while bronze-tinted glass creates a softer, warmer feel in a bathroom with a neutral or colourful palette.

If clear glass isn’t to your taste, browse for a mirrored bathroom storage cabinet or one with opaque frosted glass and stainless steel sides.

Create a truly luxurious look with storage for bathrooms from Hyperion Tiles. Shop from us today to find the best bathroom storage solutions in the UK. 

Origins Living Bathroom Storage 300 x 500 x 120mm Medicine Cabinet Rectangular
Origins Living Bathroom Storage 300 x 300 x 120mm Medicine Cabinet ‘Plus’ Square
Pier Glass 4 Box Shelf Square Black - Hyperion Tiles
Pier Glass 4 Box Shelf Square Bronze - Hyperion Tiles
Pier Glass 4 Box Shelf Square Clear - Hyperion Tiles
Pier Glass Box Shelf 50 Black - Hyperion Tiles
Pier Glass Box Shelf 50 Bronze - Hyperion Tiles
Pier Glass Box Shelf 50 Clear - Hyperion Tiles
Pier Glass Box Shelf 70 Black - Hyperion Tiles
Pier Glass Box Shelf 70 Bronze - Hyperion Tiles
Pier Glass Box Shelf 70 Clear - Hyperion Tiles
Space II Cabinet Double Door 120x70cm - Hyperion Tiles
Space II Cabinet Double Door 70x70cm - Hyperion Tiles
Space II Cabinet Double Door 90x70cm - Hyperion Tiles