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Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) gives you the look of real wooden, stone, or ceramic flooring but is more hardwearing and fully waterproof. This makes LVT flooring ideal for use as kitchen and bathroom flooring.

At Hyperion Tiles, we stock a huge range of elegant luxury vinyl flooring, so you’re bound to find your perfect match!

Transform your home into the space of your dreams with vinyl plank flooring in the UK. Get ready to experience flooring in a whole new way with vinyl wood floor plank solutions. Make the upgrade today and start loving your floor again!

Browse our charming range of luxury vinyl flooring solutions and enjoy free shipping on orders over £300.

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVT)?

Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVT) flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option among homeowners due to its durability, ease of maintenance and resemblance to real wood. Luxury vinyl plank flooring consists of several vinyl layers and comes in various sizes, shapes, colours and patterns. 

Boasting a myriad of benefits and beautiful design options, vinyl luxury planks are sure to be a floor that you will love for years to come. Here are some of the stand-out reasons to buy vinyl planks in the UK.

Waterproof Solution

LVT flooring has a water-resistant core — making it ideal for high-traffic areas and wet rooms such as bathrooms or laundry rooms. It’s ideal for use in spaces prone to getting wet where real wood may not hold up.

Quick Installation 

With proper installation and maintenance, LVT wood plank flooring can provide years of beauty and functionality for any home. Our range of vinyl flooring planks in the UK sports a unique interlocking design. This locking system means that it is easy to install without the need for special tools or adhesives. 

To ensure the successful installation of luxury vinyl planking, always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. 

Affordable Alternative to Wood

Introduce luxurious elements at an affordable cost into any commercial or home renovation project with vinyl wood floors.

Vinyl wood floor planks aren’t glued down, you can easily switch up your tile designs without strenuous renovation processes.

Invest in luxury vinyl wood plank flooring today and start enjoying the luxury of LVT flooring in your home. Don't wait any longer, upgrade to vinyl wood flooring planks for a look you will love. 

Embrace Hyperion living with our designer tiles and luxury vinyl plank flooring solutions. Shop online with Hyperion Tiles today to enjoy premium service and free shipping on orders over £300.   

Our Range of Luxury Vinyl Wood Flooring

At Hyperion Tiles, we stock luxury vinyl plank flooring that easily replicates the charm and sophistication of wooden floors. These LVT wood planks are easy to install, easy to clean and maintain, and offer a stylish alternative to traditional laminate flooring. 

Here are some additional reasons why our luxury vinyl wood planks are a stand-out choice.

Enhanced Durability

You can trust luxury vinyl flooring planks to give you the quality flooring you deserve. Made with top-of-the-line materials and superior craftsmanship, your tiling will last for years. 

Our luxury vinyl plank flooring has top-tier anti-stain technology — making it easy to clean and maintain. This also speaks to the longevity of your wood effect flooring since there’s no real risk of lasting damage. 

Forget termite threats, lasting damage from stains, and constant repairs by choosing to go with LVT floors. Vinyl plank wood flooring is strong enough to withstand high-heeled parades on your living room floors or dancing queen reunions in your hotel ballroom. 

Satisfying Design Options

Get ready to experience flooring in a whole new way with luxury vinyl tiles. Our range of luxury vinyl comes in various patterns, such as herringbone vinyl planks or straightforward rectangular vinyl wood floor tiles. So, there’s sure to be an LVT flooring option that perfectly suits your style.

Stick to rustic wood flooring styles with lots of knots and texture for commercial spaces. Couple smooth planks with natural brushed textures with subtle warm tones for a minimalist bedroom aesthetic.

Or, embrace modernity with herringbone vinyl flooring planks to produce awe-inspiring flooring styles for your living spaces.

Generate a whimsical atmosphere in your entertainment room by combining two different shades of LVT plank flooring. The mismatched configuration is a great way to add some flair to traditional vinyl patterns.

Versatile Applications

With a vast selection of vinyl floor planks on offer, you can elevate the aesthetic of any space — whether residential or commercial. Here are a few examples of how you can incorporate luxury wood vinyl flooring into different spaces: 

  • Bathrooms: Easily boost the visual appeal of your washroom by choosing durable vinyl planks for the bathroom. Their water-resistant nature makes LVT planks a superior alternative to wood.   
  • Living rooms: Replicate a rustic theme by incorporating LVT floors in darker shades or open up the space with light, warm-hued LVT planks instead.
  • Kitchens: Produce a modern aesthetic by adding luxury vinyl flooring in light, earthy tones, or opt for something more traditional, like warm-hued LVT flooring with the rustic appearance of wood knots and irregularities.
  • Hallways: LVT flooring works great in spaces with heavy foot traffic, such as a hallway, due to it being scratch-resistant. With a range of colour options on offer, you can easily upgrade your hallway to your preferred style. 
  • Bedrooms: Create a cosy, welcoming sleeping space when you opt for warm-toned LVT floors in golden or caramel shades.

Our selection of luxury vinyl flooring in the UK offers an improvement over traditional wooden flooring. It’s comfortable underfoot, durable, and quiet as a mouse when you walk over it. These combined features make it the practical choice for any room in your home and commercial renovations. 

Shop online and buy quality luxury vinyl plank flooring solutions to revitalise your floors today.  Contact us or book a showroom visit (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) to see our LVT products in person.

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