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Extraordinary Woods, Textures, and Finishes

All Berkeley Oak and Pine floors are painstakingly hand-worked for a finish that brings a whole new dimension to your floor. Creating a surface with undulating ridges and grooves, hand-scraping, and distressing works to add depth and definition to the wood, capturing an aged look that’s distinctive by eye yet smooth to the touch.

Berkeley is backed by our impressive 100-year warranty.

Please note that Berkeley Century Pine is not suitable for underfloor heating.

Embrace Hyperion living with Woodpecker flooring from Hyperion Tiles! Browse our selection of Berkeley flooring from the trusted Woodpecker brand.

Why Choose Woodpecker Berkeley Floors?

The Woodpecker Berkeley collection is a range of wooden flooring with a stunning selection of luxurious products that combine both beauty and durability. With each product coming with a 100-year warranty, you can rest assured that your investment in this collection will be well worth it.

Whether you’re looking for classic designs or something more modern, there is sure to be something for everyone in the Woodpecker Berkeley collection of engineered wood flooring. With its impressive quality and durability, this collection is perfect for any space and will last a lifetime.

When you choose wooden flooring from the Woodpecker brand, you're not only opting for high-quality wooden floorboards but eco-friendly ones, too. Woodpecker sources all wood from responsibly managed and sustainable forests that are fully certified with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This allows you to style your home with oak, walnut, and pine engineered flooring that cares for the planet just as much as you do.

Invest in the Woodpecker Berkeley collection today to add lasting beauty to your home.Book a visit to our showroom for an in-person look at our wide selection of Woodpecker flooring in the UK.

Our Range of Berkeley Woodpecker Flooring

As trusted Woodpecker flooring stockists in the UK, Hyperion Tiles boasts a stunning selection of wooden flooring from the Berkeley collection. This range combines the aesthetics and durability of 4mm solid wood in the wear layer with the enhanced stability of a plywood core.

With a myriad of colours, hues and finishes — perfect for any interior style — this is what you can expect from the Berkeley selection of walnut, pine, and oak engineered wood flooring from Woodpecker:

Colours & Hues for All Aesthetics

As a timeless and versatile option, wood is a popular flooring choice in many homes. Berkeley's pine, walnut, and oak engineered flooring for UK homes offers the ideal choice for any space, adding beauty and character wherever it is laid.

Here are some of the ways you can pair the flooring options from the Berkeley collection with different interior styles:

  • To evoke feelings of the beach and add a light and airy touch to your space, an ashen-stained white oak plank with rustic details is perfect. Opt for engineered white oak flooring from the Berkeley collection that boasts character and subtle chalky tones to bring these feelings into effect.

  • If you wish to add an industrial chic look to your living space, a Charterhouse oak floor from the Berkeley collection is an ideal choice. As a Woodpecker oak flooring that exudes character and hues of deep toasted nuts and cocoa, this engineered oak wood flooring adds warmth and balance to any room.

  • Walnut engineered wood flooring features rich dark tones, making it a popular option for rustic interiors. Create a majestic look that is truly eye-catching by choosing a wider plank with rich hues, natural swirling patterns, and lighter sapwood streaks — perfect for warm and cosy interiors.

  • Cathedral engineered light oak flooring with clean lines and organic shapes pairs beautifully with a mid-century modern interior design. With eye-catching waves of honey, caramel, and cocoa hues, this richly textured natural oak engineered wood flooring adds a touch of warmth to your home.

Unsure if rustic oak engineered wood flooring is the right choice for your home's interior?Get in touch with us to chat with one of our experts about our engineered oak flooring in the UK.

A Unique Extra Rustic Grade

If you're looking for unique Woodpecker engineered flooring, Berkeley floors are extra rustic and boast a stunningly aged and antique look. With warm tones and dark filler, every detail in these engineered wood planks captures the attention of all.

This extra rustic pine, walnut, and oak engineered wood flooring features an almost endless number and size of knots, as well as vast variations in filler, splits, cracks, and sapwood — all common traits that make this particular flooring grade so distinctive. For woodpecker floors that genuinely celebrate these distinct design characteristics, choose the Berkeley collection.

Wide Wooden Planks for a Timeless Look

The Berkeley collection of Woodpecker engineered wood flooring boasts a beautiful selection of wide wooden flooring. Wider wood flooring has the incredible ability to stretch the eye, making a room appear larger.

Wide format engineered wood flooring is also perfect if you'd like to add an authentic rustic touch to a space or an upscale modern aesthetic to your home. No matter the colour, finish, or hue, wide planks can enhance your home's overall value and look.

A Multitude of Finishes

Whether you want smoked oak engineered flooring that offers reliable scratch-resistance or hardwearing engineered walnut flooring for your hallways — knowing the different finishes is important. The Berkeley collection of Woodpecker wooden flooring offers the following finishes:

  • Oiled: Boasting a muted matte appearance, oiled finishes penetrate this oak and pine engineered wood flooring and enhance its grain structure. Oiled Woodpecker pine and oak flooring boasts scratch resistance and can easily be spot-repaired.

  • Hardwax Oiled: Made with a combination of vegetable oils and natural waxes, hardwax oil finishes are perfect for protecting your natural oak engineered flooring against water and dirt. Hardwax oil also enriches the wood's natural tones with hues of gold, making this an ideal finish for a darker wood.

  • Urethane: Providing your oak and walnut engineered wooden flooring with a highly abrasive-resistant surface, urethane-finished Berkeley Woodpecker wood flooring is perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic. Urethane offers a long-lasting, durable surface with a stunning shine.

For high-quality flooring with a finish that complements your home's style, order from the Berkeley collection by Woodpecker for UK-wide delivery. For queries, please contact us on 01344 620211 or attrade@hyperiontiles.com.

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