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Instantly add that 'wow' factor to your home or project with our delectable decorative & stone tiles from Ca' Pietra. At Hyperion Tiles, we offer a wide variety of interior and exterior porcelain styles, so you’re bound to find something special to suit you. Our comprehensive collection of colours, shapes, patterns, and prints will enable you to make a statement, whether you’re looking for dramatic impact or a more subtle finish.

Looking to add some luxury to your life? Browse Hyperion Tiles' online collection of Ca' Pietra decorative & stone wall and floor tiles now and get free delivery on orders over £300!

Why Choose Ca' Pietra Interior Decorative Stone & Tiles

Whether decorative or plain, tiles can change the way a room feels. The range of Ca' Pietra's tiles that we stock at Hyperion Tiles is a testament to their sheer transformative power. With designs that are unique to their brand and styles that will stay on trend for years to come, you can't go wrong with a Ca' Pietra decorative porcelain tile for your house.

Eager to see these decorative ceramic tiles in person? Come visit our showroom or browse our online store! We even have an online calculator to help you estimate exactly how many tiles you need for your project.

Our Range of Ca' Pietra Decorative & Stone Tiles

We have a versatile selection of Ca' Pietra floor and wall tiles available at Hyperion Tiles. With dozens of options in textures, colours, shapes, and graphic appearances, you won't be disappointed. From decorative tiles for the bathroom to porcelain stone tiles to liven up your living room, we'll help you find the perfect wall tiles to suit your space.

Exciting Designs & Styles

Discover the whimsical beauty of wall tiles from our collection of Ca' Pietra tiles in a range of both intricate and simplistic designs. Some have plenty of design character to add to your walls, and a large statement like visually stimulating decorative floor tiles can really make your space uniquely opulent.

Of course, sometimes the beauty of a wall tile is in the material it's made of, as can be the case with reformed indoor stone tiles, created from recycled natural stone products. Add this to the basic geometrical patterns, contemporary architectural designs, and simple solid colours, and you'll be spoilt for choice with our Ca' Pietra tile collection.

Various Colours & Textures

From dusky coral to denim blue and vibrant greens, whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist you'll find what you're looking for with these decorative tiles in the UK. A wall covered with a smaller plain decorative tile will add more tactile intrigue.

On the other hand, smooth, decorative porcelain tiles with a busy design will add visible texture and colour and make your space feel more luxurious. The textures of these sumptuous wall tiles can also vary wildly from matt to satin and glossy.

With colours ranging across the rainbow in hues of vibrant bursts, neutral tones, and pretty pastels, there's truly something to cater to every taste with these decorative wall tiles in the UK.

Sizes & Shapes for Every Space

The Ca' Pietra range of decorative feature tiles at Hyperion Tiles includes a large variety of sizes and shapes, from tiny tiles to bigger patterned slabs. A large cluster of small decorative bathroom tiles in a solid colour can make an empty wall feel more decorated, even without an intricate pattern.

You can also make a statement with small hexagonal mosaics, geometrical porcelain decorative wall tiles for the living room, and large rectangles in herringbone or brick patterns. With so many shape and size options, the decorative possibilities are endless.

Versatile Applications

While stone wall cladding, like split face stone and stacked stone can offer a natural look, Ca' Pietra's elegant wall tiles offer a decorative opulence that natural stone aesthetics can't always replicate.

With decorative tiles for the bathroom, you can enhance your daily routines and turn your bathroom into a place of luxury. You can also choose some geometric decorative kitchen tiles to make a statement with a unique backsplash.

These tiles are also ideal as decorative outdoor wall tiles, allowing you to evolve your patio to a greater level of beauty.

Discover the world of design possibilities that await with decorative bathroom tile options from Ca' Pietra. Browse Hyperion Tiles' collection to find your dream interior stone tiles today.

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