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Perflex Epoxy Grout Benefits

are vast and varied. Perflex Epoxy Grout is a strong, durable material that helps protect surfaces from water and other damaging agents. The grout is easy to handle and install and will provide years of benefit with minimal effort. Perflex Epoxy Grout is also highly resistant to mould, mildew, bacteria growth, cracking and staining making it ideal for high-traffic areas in your home or business.

Perflex Epoxy Grout is an excellent choice for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, laundry rooms or anywhere else that needs to be regularly cleaned. Its unique properties make it perfect for use on virtually any surface including ceramic tile, natural stone, concrete and glass block. Perflex Epoxy Grout provides superior performance when compared to traditional grouts and will last for years, even with regular use. Perflex Epoxy Grout is available in a variety of colours to match any décor and can be applied with little effort and without the need for specialized tools or materials. With Perflex Epoxy Grout, you get all the benefits of long-lasting grout without the hassle of maintenance and upkeep. Perflex Epoxy Grout is perfect for any project that requires a durable, long-lasting solution for protecting surfaces from everyday wear and tear. Make Perflex Epoxy Grout your choice today!

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  • The all-new and amazingly easy-to-use Perflex grout.
  • Install grout in a similar way to which you apply silicone. 
  • So simple, no mess, and a far superior grout to standard grout. 
  • No mixing, No buckets, No washing/buffing, No float, No mess, No odour, extremely easy, extremely clean, and Superior durable epoxy finish.
  • 100% waterproof and easy to wipe clean with no special maintenance required, meaning lighter colours can be used on areas with foot traffic. Scratchproof, will not discolour, odourless, and has amazing bonding properties. 
  • P20 Epoxy grout, easy to use, no mess, easy to clean, consistent colour, non-patchy, long-lasting bright colours. Cures hard and is more durable and more flexible than standard grout.
  • P30, the ultimate, will not fade or discolour, even outdoors in direct sunlight. P30 can withstand lower and higher temperatures, so suitable for harsher environments such as steam rooms, swimming pools, and outdoors.

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Perflex P20 Aristocrat Gold Glitter - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Aristocrat Silver Glitter - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Coffee Brown - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Deep Grey - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Kaman Grey - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Light Beige - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Pearl Black - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Pure White - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Rose Gold Glitter - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Seven Grey - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P20 Wooden White - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P30 Classic Dark Grey Sanded - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P30 Cloudy Grey - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P30 Luminous Blue - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P30 Luminous Green - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P30 Pearl Black - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex P30 Snow White - Hyperion Tiles
Perflex Tool Kit - Hyperion Tiles