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Protect surfaces from damaging agents with Perflex epoxy grout — a strong, durable, and waterproof material that is extremely easy to handle and install and will provide years of benefit with minimal effort. 

Perflex epoxy grout is anti-mould and highly resistant to mildew, bacteria growth, cracking and staining, making it ideal for high-traffic areas in your home or business.

Fill in the gaps with high-quality Perflex grout from Hyperion Tiles. Pair your favourite epoxy tile grout with the perfect tiles and enjoy free shipping on orders over £300. 

Perflex Epoxy Grout Benefits

Perflex epoxy grout is a far superior grout to standard grout, ensuring a simple and clean application. There’s no need for mixing buckets, washing or buffing. There is also no need for a grout float and no strong odour.

Here are a few stand-out benefits of Perflex epoxy grout.

Suitable for Any Surface

Perflex epoxy grout is an excellent choice for indoor kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, laundry rooms or anywhere else that needs to be regularly cleaned. Its unique properties make it perfect for use on virtually any indoor and outdoor surface, including ceramic tile, natural stone tile, concrete and glass mosaic tiles

Superior Tile Grout Performance

Perflex epoxy grout provides superior performance for interior and exterior applications when compared to traditional grouts and will last for years, even with regular use. Enjoy all the benefits of long-lasting grout without the extensive maintenance and upkeep. Make Perflex epoxy grout your go-to choice today!

Find the perfect Perflex epoxy grout in the UK for your design project with Hyperion Tiles.Email our friendly team for expert tile and grouting advice. 

Our Perflex® Epoxy Tile Grout Selection

The all-new and amazing Perflex grout is easy to install and works in a similar way to which you apply silicone. 100% waterproof and easy to wipe clean with no special maintenance required, meaning lighter colours can be used in exterior and indoor spaces areas with foot traffic. It is scratch proof, will not discolour and has amazing bonding properties. Here are some more incredible features of our Perflex epoxy selection. 

Colourful Options

Perflex Epoxy Grout is available in a variety of colours to match any indoor and outdoor décor. 

  • Neutral Tones: Pair neutral grouting shades with calming beige wall and floor tiles for a calming, grounded look. 

  • Achromatic Colours: Curate bold contrasting areas with white tile grout between intense black tiles

  • Glitter Variations:Create uber-luxurious surfaces with our glitter grout choices. Pair opulent gold tiles with gold glitter Perflex tile grout for a truly opulent statement. 

  • Luminous Choices:Produce neon tile linings to illuminate dark footpaths at night or to add a futuristic touch to a little one’s bedroom. 

Perflex Grout Tool Kit 

Grouting has never been easier than with our comprehensive Perflex tool kit. Armed with all the relevant tools, you’ll easily complete the job with your chosen outdoor or indoor epoxy grout. 

Perflex Epoxy Grout FAQs

Before you purchase and apply the tile grout, let’s clarify an important grout question you might have.

What is the Difference Between P30 and P20 Epoxy Grout? 

The P20 grout is easy to use and clean, has no mess, offers long-lasting and consistent colour options, and is non-patchy. It also cures hard and is more durable and flexible than standard grout.

The ultimate P30 epoxy tile grout will not fade or discolour, even outdoors in direct sunlight. P30 can withstand lower and higher temperatures, so it is suitable for harsher environments such as steam rooms, swimming pools, and outdoors.

Make the right choice for your indoor and exterior grouting requirements.Contact us today for more information on which type of grout to pair with your chosen tile.

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Hyperion Tiles offers premium designer tiles for residential and commercial projects. We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service and offering expert design knowledge.

We sport a comprehensive collection of over 15,000 wall, floor, and ceiling solutions. Our collection includes tiles from well-known manufacturers such as Ca’ Pietra, Bert & May, Original Style, and more. 

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