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Hyperion Tiles is a leading provider of top-quality wall and floor tiles in the UK, such as the Bert and May tiles collection. With over 10 years of experience in tile crafting, Bert and May are renowned for their range of exquisite handmade products that bring a touch of luxury to any interior. The Bert and May collection features a variety of styles, including classic natural stone, contemporary concrete, and boldly patterned options.

Whether you’re looking for something timeless or on-trend to make your space stand out, the Bert and May tile collection has something to suit every taste and budget. All Bert And May tiles are ethically sourced from around the world, ensuring they meet the highest standards in terms of quality and sustainability. So when it comes to finding the top tiles outlet near you, Hyperion Tiles has you covered.

Shop from our Bert and May tile collection today and find your perfect wall or floor solution. Alternatively, see our gorgeous selection from Bert and May at ourshowroom in Ascot.

Why Choose Bert & May Tiles?

The Bert and May tile range is perfect for creating timeless spaces, featuring options in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, designs and colours that are perfect for walls and floors in any room. Whether you are after stone bathroom tiles, terracotta kitchen tiles or anything else in between, you are sure to find the right product in the Bert and May range.

These are some of the reasons Bert and May is such a loved tile brand:


Are you looking for stunning handmade tiles in the UK? Do you want a tile that interior designers choose to use time and time again? Bert and May have been producing tiles and collaborating with artists and companies for several years, including collabs with the likes Little Greene where Bert and May uses the paint brand's enticing palette to create stunning tiles for your home.

Handmade Tiles & Reclaimed Tiles

Bert and May is perfect for fans of muted tones and chalky qualities or a reclaimed tiles look. This distinctive brand designs and creates some of the UK’s finest hand-made tiles. They also collect and offer reclaimed pieces they have salvaged over the years to provide unique additions to your home or project. Speak to our team today to get stunning artwork in tile form for your home, perfect for your bathroom or for a timeless kitchen.

An Array of Colours & Materials

Colour is vital, and Bert and May produces a core palette derived from natural pigments mixed by hand in a vast range of colours and styles to suit every aesthetic. Materials vary, so you can choose from encaustic cement, glazed and porcelain through to marble, terracotta and terrazzo to suit every residential and commercial project. The goal set out by Bert and May is to help you transform your space into the haven of colour and artwork you have been dreaming of.

We provide all the ranges that Bert and May have released and plan to keep up to date with their newest trends when they hit the market! Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and more — get in touch with Hyperion Tiles to buy floor tiles and wall tiles from this gorgeous brand today.

Other companies won't have the stock we have as an online Bert and May outlet. Browse our online tile shop today orcontact our team if you need help choosing the perfect style and colour for your project.

Our Bert and May Tiles Collection

As trusted Bert and May stockists in the UK, Hyperion Tiles is proud to offer an extensive range of exquisite tiles from this leading brand. We stock tiles for exterior and interior floors and walls in various formats, colours, textures and designs.

If you're looking for inspiration for an upcoming project, here is a taste of what you can find in our Bert and May floor and wall tiles collections:

Cement Tiles

Add a touch of style and personality to your home with Bert and May encaustic tiles. These stunning cement tiles are designed in the UK and hand-poured in southern Spain by a family of fourth generation artisan tilers. Meticulously crafted with crushed marble forming part of the mix, each tile boasts strength, as well as a beautiful raw finish.

With colour palette options that include pink, grey, white, green, beige and black, and unique patterned designs, these cement encaustic tiles are authentic and timeless. Available in an array of shapes and sizes and ideal for interior and exterior walls and floors, these tiles provide you with true design versatility.

If a modern and timeless kitchen is what you desire, opt for Bert and May kitchen tiles in neutral hues, such as a Little Greene French Grey hexagonal tile. Or, if you are wanting something a bit more eclectic in your washroom, go with bathroom tiles that feature a unique multi-coloured patchwork design.

Porcelain Tiles

For smooth, durable, versatile and low-maintenance tiles, our porcelain range is an excellent option. Featuring recreations of some of their most favoured patterned designs, this selection of Bert and May porcelain tiles for sale will complement any space.

This range boasts an array of colours from their signature palette, various textures, and diverse shape options, including hexagons, rectangles and octagons. Due to the hard-wearing nature of porcelain, these are ideal for not only exterior and interior walls, but also for floors.

Bert and May outdoor tiles are a great choice if you're wanting to breathe some life into your patio area. Go with navy Santona porcelain floor tiles for a light and airy aesthetic, or an old iron chequerboard option for a more traditional look. For those interested in decorative tiles for splashbacks, a pink Pradena tile could be just what you need to add a touch of artistic flair to your space.

Terracotta Tiles

Hand-crafted by master artisans in Spain using traditional techniques, Bert and May's terracotta tiles offer nothing but timeless style and elegance. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this range boasts natural charm, a soft colour palette, and various sizes, finishes and shapes — from classic squares to intricate patterns.

This selection also includes Bert and May reclaimed tiles that have been sourced from all over Europe, often from the roofs of old buildings. Beautifully aged, each terracotta tile brings a deep richness and character to any space with its varied texture and diverse colour spectrum.

Whether for a wall or floor, inside or outside, this range is perfect for adding a raw edge to a rustic finish or contrast to contemporary styling.

Zellige Tiles

Inspired by the captivating craftsmanship of Morrocco and North America, this range evokes the historic artistry of various cultures. Featuring unique and distinctive characteristic flaws (such as chips), these tiles are the embodiment of imperfect charm. This selection is entirely handmade, with each tile boasting a distinctive uneven surface that is sure to bring eye-catching texture to your interior and exterior walls and floors.

No two Bert and May Zellige tiles are the same and — with a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes available — they are sure to bring an individual and bespoke feel to your home.

For a classic floor design, choose clear-glazed square tiles with neutral variations that act as a stand-out feature. Or opt for a darker and bolder colour such as a jewel-toned fennel dark bejmat tile in a herringbone pattern for something a little different.

The Stone Collection

Offering raw and tactile finishes, Bert and May's stone tile range exudes warmth and character.

This collection features a beautiful range of limestone tiles, marble tiles and terrazzo tiles that boast natural, soft and understated colourways. These colour palette offerings create the perfect canvas for you to build your design around.

Ideal for interior walls and floors, this selection offers a multitude of tile sizes, shapes and finishes to provide you with greater design versatility. Options such as a lilac veined herringbone honed marble tile are perfect for those wishing to add an essence of sophisticated luxury to their living space; while graphite black natural stone from Bert and May bathroom tiles are ideal for modern and industrial aesthetics.

The Core Collection

The Bert and May core tile collection has been carefully curated with the favourites.

This range features classic patterned and plain cement tiles as well as various other materials from durable porcelain tiles handmade from terracotta. Boasting a diverse range of colours, styles, sizes, shapes and finishes, there is something to complement all interiors.

Create a floor that immediately draws the eye with Bert and May floor tiles in rich, dark tones such as a garnet tile with a star pattern or old iron porcelain tile. Or, opt for a beautiful statement backsplash using porcelain kitchen tiles that boast truly captivating designs in soft colours like pastel pink.

The Marble Collection

Perfect for creating distinct wall and floor designs, Bert and May's marble tile range effortlessly adds a touch of luxury to any space. Each tile features its own natural veining and colours, providing you with a breathtaking interior that is one of a kind.

With an array of striking patterns, sizes, formats and incredible shine, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting your favourite.

Design an absolutely captivating statement wall that enhances your interior with a clean and timeless white square honed marble tile. Alternatively, you could incorporate a lilac veined honed marble tile that offers your space luxury with a stunning burst of colour. And for those who wish to further elevate their minimalistic and simple interiors, a white herringbone honed marble tile is perfect.

The Staples Collection

With the Bert and May staples selection, you can enjoy the Bert and May look for less.

Boasting a wide selection of materials, colours, sizes, shapes, styles, textures and finishes, this range has been developed to encapsulate the Bert and May aesthetic at lower price points.

With this range, you can find everything from gloss finished metro tiles to porcelain bathroom tiles, all for sale at affordable rates.

Experience Hyperion living with our exquisite range of Bert and May tiles for sale online.Request a quote for an estimated price on your tiles.

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