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Bert & May encaustic tiles bring life into any space. All Bert & May cement tiles are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring a durable and long-lasting product. Browse our collection of encaustic cement tiles below, filled with stunning pink, grey, white, green, beige, and black pigments for all your design needs.

Hyperion Tiles is your one-stop cement tile shop for Bert & May cement tiles in the UK. Order now and get free shipping on orders over £300!

Why Choose the Bert & May Cement Tiles Collection?

The Bert & May Cement Tiles Collection from Hyperion Tiles provides an authentic and timeless look for your home or project. Their handmade cement tiles, available at Hyperion Tiles, are designed in the UK and hand-poured in southern Spain by a family of fourth-generation artisan tilers.

These tiles are sure to add style and personality to your home or project with their unique patterned designs. Add character to your rooms today with cement Bert & May tiles.

Our Range of Bert and May Cement Tiles

Looking for unique cement tiles in the UK? The Bert & May range of encaustic tiles features a variety of styles and colours, ranging from traditional to modern, allowing you to create an individual look that will last for years. Whether you're shopping for cement outdoor tiles, encaustic bathroom tiles or something to liven up the kitchen backsplash, Hyperion Tiles boasts a massive variety from Bert & May that will leave your decor desires satisfied.

Here's what you can expect from our selection of cement tiles in the UK.

Incredible Colours & Texture Varieties

All the colours present in Bert & May's floor tiles and wall tiles are composed of natural pigments as part of their sustainability process. Choose muted tones like pastel pink and pale yellow, or embrace a bolder cement tile with a pattern to make a statement on your walls.

You'll also find Tuscan terracottas, Morrocan patterns in pinks and reds, and vibrant blue and white patterns that remind you of Greece. You can even get adventurous and embrace a more traditional style with a quilted patchwork pattern –– the design possibilities are endless!

Boasting a matt texture, these handmade cement tiles add a tactile dimension to your kitchens, hallways, and any other walls and floors you choose to adorn.

A Multitude of Sizes & Shapes

The shapes of Bert & May's cement Spanish tiles can vary, but the most common one is the simple square. This timeless shape can feature a multitude of gorgeous patterns and is a stand-out in Bert & May's encaustic wall tiles selection. Because of the versatile designs of handmade cement tiles, the effects you can create with such a simple shape are astounding.

There's also no need for large-format cement tiles, thanks to the way many of the square tile patterns are designed to create visuals larger than the handmade tile itself.

If you're looking for more unique shapes, you can find beautiful herringbone tiles, hexagonal tiles, and even skirting cement wall tiles for a solid colour scheme.

Curated Tiles for Interior & Exterior Spaces

What could be more charming than the delightful styles and colours of cement tiles for the garden, adding extra colour amongst your flowerbeds? All of our encaustic tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including both floors and walls.

This allows you a multitude of ways to decorate your home with encaustic outdoor tiles or interior tiles, depending on what you want to highlight.

Whether you want to create an opulent sanctuary in the bathroom or show off your design flair in the living room or patio, encaustic tiles are suitable for any decoration occasion.

Wonderfully Durable & Easy to Maintain

Whether plain or patterned, each cement tile from Bert & May is meticulously crafted with crushed marble. The marble is included as part of the mix to strengthen the tiles and create a beautiful, raw finish. This makes them ideal for the outdoors and any floors that experience heavy traffic.

The cement floor tiles made by hand are easy to clean. All they need is a neutral pH soap to keep their colours vibrant for decades to come. However, every encaustic cement tile requires sealing to remain stain-free. If you plan to use them as outdoor cement tiles or cement bathroom tiles where they'll be exposed to water frequently, it's best to get your tiles resealed annually to maintain their pristine looks.

Warming Underfloor Heating & Fireplaces

One of the biggest benefits of encaustic floor tiles is that they hold heat extremely well. This makes them ideal for underfloor heating in bathrooms and other areas of the house that require a little extra warmth in winter.

Similar to porcelain tiles, an encaustic cement tile is perfect for use in fireplaces thanks to this durability, although the tiles should be at least 30 cm from the actual fire. This means hearths and fireplaces can truly be a decoration statement in your home and an idyllic spot to add a pop of colour.

Add a subtle touch of colour with our selection of cement Bert & May tiles for sale. Use our online calculator to see how many encaustic tiles you need for your space or email our team at for advice.

What are Encaustic Cement Tiles?

When tiles are created, colour designs are usually laid on top of the tile in a layer of glaze. With encaustic tiles, the colour designs are created by adding differing colours of cement enhanced by natural pigments. This adds a more authentic look to the cement tile and a rustic feel.

Designed in the UK and made in Spain, Bert & May's range of handcrafted tiles is primarily produced from reclaimed tiles in line with their approach to sustainability.

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