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Geometric floor tiles are part of Britain's heritage and were used originally to ornament medieval churches and monasteries, and the homes of the aristocracy. Their popularity was enhanced in the 1830s when the young Queen Victoria came to the throne, and they soon became one of the hallmarks of the new Romantic Movement.

Nostalgia for Victorian elegance led Original Style to recreate these classic floor tiles using modern production methods combined with traditional clay and coloured stains.

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Why Choose Original Style Victorian Floor Tiles?

Original Style Victorian floor tiles have been used in many iconic buildings, from grand country homes to commercial properties. Their classic style adds a timeless elegance to any interior space. These Victorian tiles for the floor are made from durable glazed ceramic and come in a range of sizes, colours and textures to suit any project. Whether you’re looking for patterned Victorian floor tiles for the hallway or a Victorian bathroom floor tile with a more simple design, Original Style offers an extensive selection of authentic Victorian tiles that will bring character and charm to your home or commercial area.

Every tile is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that you get the highest quality product possible. With their classic look and long-lasting durability, Original Style Victorian floor tiles are the perfect choice for adding a touch of luxury to a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or outdoor area.

Make a statement today and choose Original Style Victorian tiles.

Our Range of Original Style Victorian Tiles

Our Original Style floor tiles include versatile Victorian floor tiles for the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, and more. These Victorian style tile options are bringing history back to life with visually stunning decorative ceramic tiles handcrafted in the UK.

From their traditional geometric designs to the intricate floral patterns, Original Style Victorian floor tiles can bring an extra touch of class and elegance to your space. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more elaborate, you can be sure to find the perfect tile to suit your individual style. With a variety of sizes, colours and textures available, these tiles are truly versatile and will look stunning in any interior setting. Thanks to their high-quality construction, they are built to last and will stand up against wear and tear over time. You can add timeless beauty to your home with our Original Style Victorian Tiles.

Transform any room into a chic and sophisticated living space with Original Style Victorian floor tiles. From the classic chequers to the intricate floral designs, these tiles are perfect for adding a touch of style and luxury to any home. With their hard-wearing glaze and timeless beauty, you can be sure that your Victorian tiled floor will look stunning for years to come. So whether you’re looking for something modern or more traditional, Original Style offers an extensive selection of high-quality Victorian tiles in the UK that will suit any interior styling project.

Create a luxurious look today with our range of Original Style Victorian Floor Tiles.

Original Style Victorian Bathroom Floor Tiles

Victorian style bathroom tiles are a timeless interior design choice that works well in just about every space, but especially well in the bathroom. When you think of Victorian effect floor tiles, a classic "checkerboard" pattern will often come to mind first, but there are many bold and brilliant patterns to choose from.

From Victorian bathroom tiles that blend geometric patterns and floral motifs to a simple hexagonal or Greek key pattern, we stock Original Style tiles in designs that not only pay homage to the authentic and original Victorian designs, but also more contemporary and dynamic options for those in need of something more timeless.

Original Style Victorian Kitchen Floor Tiles

Don't underestimate the transformative effect Victorian kitchen tiles can have, elevating it to a space that exudes character and charm. We stock Victorian flooring tiles in various colours, from traditional and monochromatic to soft pastels and muted greys and whites, providing you with versatility when it comes to creating beautiful patterns in your cooking area.

Bring perfect symmetry to your kitchen floor by using a combination of Victorian floor tile options to create a visually stunning focal point, or go with an intricate Victorian border tile design based on the composition of your space.

Original Style Victorian Hall Tiles

Our modern Victorian hallway tiles are just what the entryway of your home needs. With their bright colours, these Victorian style hall tiles can transform an often neglected part of the home into an engaging space — and turn a drafty, uninteresting area that people simply pass through into a space with character that sets the right tone for the rest of the home.

Original Style floor tiles include Victorian border tiles that are designed for creating border patterns around the floor tiles and demarcating open plan spaces. To create a truly interesting visual spectacle in your hallway, you can use these border tiles to add contrast or help to bring shape and 'flow' to the area.

Original Style Victorian Balcony Tiles

Victorian patterned floor tiles are a great way to ensure you have a balcony unlike anyone else's.

We stock stunning muted and vibrant natural colours that make it easy for you to integrate your indoor and outdoor space. Enhance the beauty of the surrounding greenery with Victorian outdoor tiles in soft greens and greys, or opt for a contrast with a rustic brown or rust colour Victorian ceramic tile instead.

Original Style Victorian Courtyard Tiles

Make your courtyard one that is a true reflection of your personality with our graceful Victorian pattern tiles. With both timeless and modern patterns, as well as complementary colours, these tiles will create a space you'll never want to leave.

Indulge in the timeless nostalgia of the Original Style floor tiles collection for your courtyard or patio and take yourself back to the Victorian era, incorporating popular colours from the time such as yellows, pinks, greens, and aquas.

Looking for a Victorian tiles shop to see your favourite decorative tiles from this exquisite collection in person? Book a visit to Hyperion Tiles and witness the remarkable beauty of our Victorian style floor tiles at our UK showroom.

Tiles for Interior & Exterior Floors

Victorian style tiles are the design element you need to complete your space with panache.

Our Victorian outdoor tiles and indoor tiles can be used in various settings. With Victorian patterned tiles for an interior space such as a kitchen, bathroom, or hallway area, or Victorian tiles for an outdoor area such as a courtyard, balcony, front porch, or pathway, these modern Victorian tiles bring the 'wow factor' no matter where they are placed.

Whether you want to add a little razzle-dazzle to a private home, restore a pub or commercial property to its former glory, or add some pizzazz to a new cafe, these old style Victorian tiles boast clean lines that will never go out of fashion.

Ready to transform your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or courtyard with Original Style Victorian tiles? Browse our collection to find the Victorian floor tile or wall tile for your space today!

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