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Looking for exciting new ways to add a pop of colour to your living space? Hyperion Tiles offers a range of captivating Moroccan-inspired shapes and patterns. Our Moroccan-inspired encaustic cement tiles are perfect for brightening up any room in your house, from kitchens to bathrooms.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Our beautiful encaustic tiles aren't just perfect for indoor spaces –– they're also ideal for effortlessly enlivening your outdoor areas. Our encaustic cement tile range allows you to create a fun and inviting space with ease.

Browse our encaustic cement tiles collection now and find the perfect addition to your living space or book a showroom visit (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) with Hyperion Tiles to see our encaustic tiles in person.

What Are Encaustic Tiles?

Encaustic tiles refer to cement wall tiles or cement floor tiles that have their colour pattern created with pigments mixed into the cement itself rather than being painted on top. This creates a beautiful handmade effect and colourful palettes. The surface of encaustic tiles needs to be sealed to ensure their longevity and make them waterproof, but once this is done these tiles are very resistant to water and stains.

Elevate your outdoor area with our Moroccan-inspired encaustic tiles. Order online today and get free shipping on orders over £300!

Why Choose Encaustic Cement Tiles?

Encaustic tiles offer a unique look thanks to the handmade effect of their patterns. With little discrepancies here and there, you'll find these unique tiles offer a more rustic feel. As an added benefit, these tiles feel soft underfoot thanks to their matt finish.

Encaustic tiles are extremely robust, and the variety of colours and designs offer many decor possibilities, both modern and traditional. They're also perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor walls and floors, as these tiles tolerate weather and traffic very well.

Bring your home to life with our encaustic tiles for outdoor and indoor spaces. Buy cement tiles today and get free shipping on orders over £300!

Our Range of Encaustic Tiles

Perhaps you're looking for cement tiles for your garden, or cement bathroom tiles to spruce up your bathing haven? Your walls and floors can be decorated in these gorgeous encaustic tiles that come in a large variety of intricate patterns, modern shapes, and luxurious geometrics.

Whether you prefer a colourful palette or a monochromatic look, Hyperion Tiles has what you need. Here are just some of the features you can look forward to from our range of encaustic tiles.

Incredible Colours & Design

Add a splash of vibrant colours to your life with Moroccan cement tiles. Our curation of encaustic cement tiles in the UK include a range of colours, from delicate apricot and deep blue to black and sunshine yellow. No matter whether you're looking for a modern black-and-white colour palette or the rainbow hues of encaustic tiles, Hyperion Tiles has what you need.

In terms of design, we cater to every decor dream that you may have. With solid colours for walls and floors to create a feeling of space or basic patterns in dual tones for a hint of design complexity, there are plenty of modern options with encaustic style tiles.

We also have a collection of vibrant geometric patterns reminiscent of Morocco for statement walls or floors that will add a cosy feel to your space.

A Multitude of Shapes & Sizes

Typically, the patterned Moroccan cement tile options are average-sized squares, but encaustic floor tiles and encaustic wall tiles in solid colours also come in many shape variations. These plain encaustic tiles allow you to create a pattern of your own.

Apart from standard squares, you'll find hexagons as well as slim rectangles in our encaustic tile range. These are ideal to create a chic brick or herringbone pattern. For those who appreciate a subtle approach to design with their Moroccan-style tiles, these varying shapes are a dream come true.

High Durability Indoors & Outdoors

One of the greatest aspects of Moroccan encaustic tiles in the UK is that their cement material is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. As outdoor cement tiles, they are weather-resistant, even against harsh elements, and can take on a high degree of strain without showing wear and tear.

Once sealed, encaustic tiles also become stain-resistant and waterproof, making each cement tile perfect for areas exposed to water on a regular basis, such as bathrooms. This means you can liven up your bathing area with encaustic bathroom tiles. You can also consider encaustic tiles for the kitchen to craft a striking focal point that's both practical and visually stunning.

Looking for encaustic Moroccan tiles in the UK? Our range of indoor and outdoor encaustic tiles offers you a delightful variety of decor options. Visit our showroom to see them in person!

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