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Pink Wall and Floor Tiles 

Enhance your space with stunning pink wall and floor tiles that can stand the test of time. These tiles add a delicate level of luxury to your space with stunning patterns and radiant shades. Install pink herringbone tiles in the kitchen and a pink hexagon tile in the bathroom — there’s no limit to what you can and can’t do with pink tiles!

Pink is a colour of many moods. It can lull you into its gentle, calming embrace in the delicate shades of a pink marble tile or give you a vibrant jolt of energy with hexagon pink tiles in bursts of berry hues. 

Explore the endless possibilities of pink tiles! Order from Hyperion Tiles to get free shipping when you spend £300 or more.

Why Choose Pink Tiles?

No longer relegated to little girls’ bedrooms, pink is exploding on the interior design scene in a big way. This delightful colour offers elegance and warmth with a classic nod to the pastel shades of decades gone by. However, a pink tile also strikes a contemporary chord with rich hues and a variety of stylish shapes. 

From beautiful pastel shades to mesmerising marbles, our collection offers a wide range of pink tiles for your bathrooms, kitchens and beyond. 

Fallen in love with the idea of pink marble floor tiles in your bathrooms or bedrooms? Email our team at today with any questions about our selection.

Our Range of Pink Tiles

You can easily improve your home using a few pops of this fashionable colour. Consider pink tiles in your kitchen or pink marble bathroom tiles for a vintage touch.

Our collection includes a host of materials, finishes, and shapes to inspire your design creativity. Here are some of the stunning characteristics you can expect to find when browsing our selection of pretty pink tiles:

Soft to Bold Hues & Patterns

While classic baby pink is the usual colour you might think of when you imagine what “pink” looks like, there is an abundance of shades you can choose from.

Dark pink tiles create enchanting spaces where you can feel cosy and express your maximalist ideas. If that resonates with you, consider pink bathroom tiles in an eye-catching shade of bold cerise or warm musk. Experience pink mosaic tiles that shimmer with purple and sky-blue in an iridescent bouquet of colours or light pink marble tiles that instil a gentle glow in your room.

Patterns are an ideal choice in rooms with expansive floors or walls. Explore our selection of blush pink and rose-toned designs for a charming addition to your home décor. You’ll find pretty design styles that include botanicals and geometrics, such as pink star tiles.

Fabulous Materials & Finishes

Looking for pink kitchen tiles in a durable material or tiles that will liven up a dull living room floor and stand up to daily wear and tear? Our collection of pink stone tiles includes glass, porcelain, ceramic, encaustic cement, and marble.

The material each pink tile is made from is only half the story; the finish is also important to waterproof porous substances or add a special effect to a pink tile. Discover various finishes of pink tiles for the bathroom and other rooms, including matt, glossy, glazed, honed, and iridescent. 

On-Trend Shapes

Our collection of pink floor tiles and pink wall tiles offers a large variety of shapes. Depending on which shape of dark or light pink tiles you choose, you can create an ultra-chic Art Deco feel, a clean cosmopolitan aesthetic, or a contemporary minimalistic tone. Here is what you can expect to find in our catalogue:

Whether you prefer a botanical touch with green accents or a modern look with grey tones, our pink tile range is sure to elevate your interiors. Shop online or book a visit at our showroom (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) today!

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