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Are you looking for the ideal pieces to renovate your period property? Or are you trying to replicate some vintage charm in your home? Hyperion Tiles offers Victorian tiles from Original Style for a modern take on contemporary aesthetics. 

Enhance your space with our exquisite collection of Victorian floor tile options and bring character to any room in your home. With colourways and patterns that bring life to your floors and walls, these glorious tiles are sure to be a talking point amongst your guests. Shop now and add a touch of timeless beauty to your home or business.

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality for your floors when you choose Victorian decorative tiles. Explore decorative floor tiles from Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping across the UK on orders over £300.

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Why Choose Original Style Victorian Decorative Tiles? 

Original Style produces exquisite Victorian tiles in the UK using traditional techniques in combination with the latest technology. This means that you can find Original Style Victorian floor tiles in the UK in classic or modern colourways to match any existing Victorian tiles in your contemporary home.  

The stunning geometric patterns and unique colour profiles of these patterned tile options make them a great addition to any traditional-styled home. Create a striking hallway with some vintage character, or take inspiration from the intricate designs and elevate your beautiful kitchen with these Victorian patterned floor tiles. The possibilities are endless!

Elevate the style of any room with our decorative tiles in the UK, adding a touch of elegance and charm. Email our team at with any queries you may have. 

Our Range of Original Style Victorian Patterned Tiles

Transform your plain areas into stunning focal points with our range of Original Style’s high-quality decorative tile flooring — also suitable for walls. You’ll find a bevvy of gorgeous Victorian floor tiles in a variety of colours, patterns, and uses. From your bathroom to your entrance hall and your outdoor patio, any area in your home can benefit from these eye-catching, decorative Victorian tiles. 

Below are more features you can expect to find when browsing our selection of these patterned tiles. 

Mesmerising Colours

Colourways are always an important part of your choice when selecting decorative outdoor tiles or indoor tiles. This is especially true when renovating historic properties with a distinct style.

Decorative floor tiling in elegant, monochromatic colour options offers a calming, gentle design effect. These subtle colour palettes help restore your energy and bring a sense of calm to any room. From forest greens to reddish browns and classic black and white, you’ll have a variety of monochromatic schemes to choose from.

More complex patterns can involve a larger variety of colours, featuring pleasantly contrasting shades that will add greater dimension and visual intrigue to your home. 

Unique Patterns

Explore our wide range of pattern options to find the perfect solution for your space. When you peruse our decorative floor tile options, you’ll find some that have simple geometric shapes with soft curves and angles. You’ll also find more complicated options with intricate patterns that create a more nuanced visual texture — perfect for creating a sense of decoration in larger spaces. 

We stock Victorian mosaic floor tiles, which you receive in a set to create a larger pattern for an entrance hallway or lounge that conjures the feeling of richness and elegance. These mosaics offer complete pictures in various sizes, from smaller patterns that take up four tiles to beautiful 36-tile sets that fill entire hallways.

Durable Materials

You can transform your plain areas in and outside of the home into stunning focal points with our high-quality decorative pieces made from durable materials.

Victorian tiles are typically ceramic, crafted from clays and powdered glazes to form the stylish designs and colours that these floor tiles are known for. This makes them a durable and water-resistant option. When sealed correctly and laid properly to prevent water from pooling, these materials boast excellent performance both in indoor and outdoor settings. 

Indoor & Outdoor Applications

Yes, these beauties can be utilised in interior spaces as much as exterior ones. Craft a stunning garden path with outdoor decorative tiles, or add some decorative pizazz to your patio with our range of classic decorative designs. 

You could also bring these beautiful tiles indoors and create a cooking haven with delightful Victorian kitchen tiles. Alternatively,  use them in the bathroom as floor and wall tiles for extra design options when curating your dream bathing area.

Considering adding a symmetrically stunning decorative kitchen tile to your cooking oasis? Call us on 01344 620211 to chat with our expert staff regarding your options.

Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is an independent, family-run business passionate about providing high-quality tiling solutions to homeowners, interior designers, and architects. Whether you’re searching for Victorian mosaic tiles for the wall or outdoor Victorian floor tiles, we have the ideal options for you.

With over 15,000 tiling options in our stock, including luxury options from renowned brands such as Bert & May, Ca’ Pietra, and Minoli, you’ll be able to pick the perfect Victorian-style tiles for your needs. 

While browsing for the ultimate decorative flooring tiles, have a look at our entire range of Victorian flooring options, including edging and borders, to create a cohesive look for your project. 

Excellent Customer Service

Having trouble deciding on the best Original Style Victorian tiles for your home or business? Our expert staff know all the latest in tiling trends and can guide you towards the best colour and size choice for your project. 

Embrace the vintage beauty of Victorian decorative tiles from Original Style today. Browse our range at Hyperion Tiles and get free shipping across the UK on orders over £300.

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