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Porcelain tiles can easily give any space — no matter the size — a beautiful finish. Get inspired to design your dream kitchen, bathroom, or living space with a durable, low-maintenance, and stylish porcelain tile. Porcelain's versatility, combined with the different tile sizes, shapes, and patterns, make them suitable for any decor aesthetic.   

With our online tile shop, you can easily find the perfect tile for your project in no time at all. Order from Hyperion Tiles today and enjoy free shipping on all orders over £300.

Why Choose Porcelain Tiles? 

The porcelain range is among the most popular tile choices of many homeowners and property developers. Ideal for floors and every wall in your home, you can choose from a range of grout options to design your dream space. There are many additional benefits to opting for porcelain tiling. 

High-Quality Materials 

Porcelain is a high density material offering functional advantages — making it highly valued in the interior design realm. 

At Hyperion Tiles, we work with some of the finest porcelain manufacturers to offer you the highest quality range of porcelain in varying sizes, colours and patterns. You can use medium or extra-large format tiles to create a versatile floor with optimised performance.

Low Maintenance

This cost-effective option is hardwearing, requires no sealing or specialist after-care, and is ideal for use with underfloor heating.Due to porcelain’s high density and low porosity, it has a well-protected surface (even without sealing) that prevents stains, scratches, and dents. On top of that, your porcelain tile choice can complement any scheme, whether paired with wood flooring or natural stone — a luxurious porcelain tile from our extensive range will match various aesthetics.

Superior Durability 

Porcelain is fired at extremely high temperatures to create a heavy and dense material that is hardwearing and suitable for use on interior and exterior walls and floors. These hardy tiles perform well even in high-traffic areas such as a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and other living spaces. 

Browse our selection of porcelain tiles today and discover why this timeless material is such a popular tile choices among homeowners and designers everywhere. 

Our Complete Porcelain Tiles Collection

Have you been looking for premium wall and floor porcelain tiles for your house? One of the best aspects of the porcelain tiles we supply is the range of available styles and the durability of the surface they provide.

From classic polished porcelain tiles to modern wood effect designs — you can find it all at Hyperion Tiles. 

Here are some of the stand-out features of our porcelain tile collection:

Versatile Applications

Porcelain is durable enough for use on both wall and floor tiles, meaning our available collection, can help you create dream bathrooms and much more.


Porcelain bathroom flooring is a great choice due to its water-resistant nature. You can be creative with bathroom porcelain floor tiles in a multi-coloured herringbone pattern. Or go for a classic interior with a marble-effect porcelain tile on your floor or smaller porcelain tiles in your shower for a contrasting visual effect. 


Choosing stunning porcelain tiles for for the kitchen floor allows you to introduce character with tiles that are easy to maintain. Choose a monochromatic design to project uniformity or make a bold statement with patterned floor tiles in kitchens.

Living Spaces

Complement your living room furniture when you install matching or contrasting porcelain flooring. You can also optimise your dining area’s elegance with beautiful glazed porcelain floor tiles

Commercial Spaces

Create warm and welcoming lobbies and reception areas with tiles in neutral and comforting hues like buttery beige that project an inviting and professional atmosphere. Opting for darker shades allows you to mimic more intimate and warm spaces. Go further with extra large porcelain tiles from the UK to open up the space and promote airiness in board rooms.

Outdoor areas

At Hyperion Tiles, we stock a robust selection of beautiful outdoor porcelain tiles for your garden and more. You can develop an engaging outdoor space with hexagonal tiles replicating a honeycomb design to suit a more natural feel. 

Mesmerising Patterns

Porcelain floor tiles are excellent for sprucing up dull rooms, especially when you go for a more daring choice like patterned tiles. You’re spoiled for choice as you have options for not only a vast assortment of patterned porcelain tiles, but they're also designed in different size options like large or small format tiles for added versatility and convenience. 

  • Marble effects work well in a spa area or bathroom, making a space feel more opulent and luxurious

  • Geometric patterns can completely transform a space with its whimsical, eye-catching designs

  • Wood effect tiles bring an authentic cabin-esque aesthetic to your living room floors and walls and are easier to maintain than natural wood floors

  • Terrazzo effect is one of our favourites and can create stunning and eclectic rooms in your home when used on your floors and walls.

Charming Colours

Our range of porcelain tiles boasts an eclectic selection of shades and colour options suitable for any renovation project. If your design inspiration is routed in a minimalist aesthetic, opt for darker colour choices like dark blue denim, or boost the luxurious feel of entrance halls with matt pearl porcelain flooring. 

You can also glam up halls by creating stunning porcelain tile surfaces and walls with a classic black and white chequered pattern in different sizes and formats. For open-plan living areas, you can go with cream-glazed porcelain tiles to open the space and allow your furniture to shine. 

Whether you’re looking for porcelain tiles for interesting wall designs or porcelain kitchen floor tiles in the UK, explore our extensive collection today. If you have any questions about our product ranges, feel free to contact us.

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