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A timeless addition to any interior layout, solid wood flooring adds character, warmth and a rustic charm to your interior scheme. Wood effect ceramic tiles are one of the best ways to bring a natural wood feel into your home; natural charm does not have to come at an exorbitant price. Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, our wood effect tiles will fit anywhere in your home.

With its welcoming appeal, you will find that a well-installed wood floor will continue to develop with age and retain its natural beauty whilst giving a cosy, lived-in look.

Available in a wide range of finishes, sizes and colours, solid wood floors are also suitable with underfloor heating.

We can also advise on easy installation and low maintenance techniques to ensure your new wood flooring brings out the character of your home.

Wood Effect Floor Tiles

If you’re looking for classic flooring filled with character, peruse our porcelain wood-effect tiles. They won’t fade in sunlight or look worn over time, and they are considerably more durable than traditional wood flooring.

There’s no need to treat them; they are non-porous, exceptionally durable, and water-resistant. Choose your timeless style if you prefer a straight, diagonal or herringbone pattern.

Why Choose Wood Effect Wall Tiles?

Wood effect tiles have become an increasingly popular flooring option for many households, providing the fantastic benefit of looking just like the real thing without the drawbacks of natural wood and laminate.

Our team at Hyperion Tiles has made a list of the many benefits you should choose these wooden effect tiles over traditional wooden flooring options, including:

Easy to Clean: These tiles look clean and tidy all year round with the occasional hoover and mop. Steam mops are recommended to keep dirt and grime from building up in grout, which is easier to shift than the dirt that gathers between natural wood and laminate planks.

Natural Grip: These wood effect porcelain tiles are made of porcelain, so they come equipped with all the anti-slip properties that make porcelain a favourite tile for indoor and outdoor use. With an R10 slip rating, these tiles are easy to grip even when there's a spillage.

Variety: Just like natural wood, these wood effect tiles offer a wide variety of styles to choose from; whether you're looking for a specific colour, modern feel, wood pattern, or tile shape, this range has a vast selection of tiles to choose from, meaning you're guaranteed to find the perfect tile!

Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

If you're looking for high-quality tiles at a fair and affordable price, Hyperion Tiles is here to help! All of our tiles come to us from trusted manufacturers who produce stunning and durable tiles consistently so that we can guarantee their quality to our customers.

We are proud to be trusted stockists of bathroom, kitchen, or any other tiles for your home; we offer a vast range, including wood effect tiles that are perfect for internal and external use.

Want To Know More? Get in Touch Now!

If you have any questionsor want to know more about the extensive range of wood effect tiles we stock, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced team today! We're on hand to help you find the perfect tile for your needs!

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