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Our magnificent range of hexagon mosaic tiles offers you a lifetime of beauty. Their unique shape and patterns make them ideal for all sorts of applications, both modern and vintage. 

They can add richness to your decor with shining colours and a palpable comfort underfoot. These gorgeous tiles can also form complex patterns, making them the quintessential accent tile. 

Hexagon mosaic tiles give you endless possibilities in terms of design. Order yours from Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping on orders over £300.

Why Choose Hexagon Mosaic Tiles?

The geometry of hexagon tiles can add a spark of inspiration to any walls or floors. These tiles are highly versatile, adding luxury to kitchens and bathrooms. Hexagon-shaped tiles make a stunning addition to any design aesthetic, so they will match your existing pieces of furniture. 

Explore everything from plain colours to shimmering metallics, decorated finishes, and polished surfaces. The options with our selection of hexagonal mosaic tiles are almost limitless. 

Hexagon mosaic tiles can be used to create unique designs that will stand out in any room. Create a unique space that you’ll love with competitively priced mosaic tiles from Hyperion Tiles.

Our Range of Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

Hexagon tiles come in a variety of colours, textures and shapes. Whether you choose white marble hexagon tiles for your kitchen splashback or bright-coloured glass mosaics for your hallway flooring, hexagon mosaics can add a perfect touch of style to your space.

Here are some of the types of bathroom hexagon tile and hexagon kitchen tile you can expect to find at our online store.

A Range of Sizes

Mini and small hexagon mosaic tiles demand attention, creating a busy kaleidoscope with each tiny tile. This makes for an intricate and detailed hexagon mosaic splashback in your kitchen. A medium or large tile helps to conjure the illusion of spaciousness, so they are perfectly suitable as hexagonal mosaic floor tiles. 

Fantastic Finishes

With so many options available, a hexagon mosaic tile with the right finish is sure to be a great addition to any home. Choose a hexagon bathroom tile with an anti-slip finish to guard your footing against splashes from the tub or shower or a shimmering clear glass, brushed, or metallic finish for a light-refracting statement. 

A decorated finish will ensure a unique look to your hexagon tile shower wall, while honed tiles offer a natural underfoot feel to each hexagon mosaic floor tile. Shake things up with a mixed finish for a variety of textures on each hexagon porcelain tile, or opt for a polished finish for a natural shine.  

A Variety of Colours

Whether you want to make a statement with vibrant colours or keep it classic with the subtle hues of white or natural stone, hexagon tiles offer endless possibilities. From pale pinks and pretty turquoises to edgy blacks and peacock greens, there are hexagon splashback tiles for every colour scheme. 

You can even choose from a range of shimmering hues, including white, silver, copper, and old gold. For a mix of colours, why not opt for a patterned design with geometric allure, such as a 3D cube effect? You can also choose a simpler way to style your hexagon bathroom floor tile – simply go for a variation of colours in a basic mosaic design. 

Luxurious Materials

A mosaic hexagon tile is also great for creating intricate patterns that add texture and depth to your space through the use of different materials. Delve into a world of various mosaic options – yes, there’s more to choose from than a simple porcelain hexagon tile. Our tiles are made from a range of durable materials, including:

A Hexagon Mosaic Tile for Any Room

Hexagon mosaic wall tiles add a unique visual texture to your space, and making use of them as a hexagon backsplash tile in your laundry room or a statement tile in the dining room is the best way to showcase their beauty. These tiles are also ideally suited for creating an eye-catching hexagon tile backsplash in the kitchen while also making a bold statement in other areas of the home, such as lounges and entryways. 

Using an easy-to-clean hexagon tile for the bathroom helps transform your bathing area into an oasis of opulence, whether you use it in your shower or as an accent wall. Hexagon mosaic floor tiles can also add flair to your room with their comforting patterns. Imagine a hexagon tile on your bathroom floor in a medium size with gorgeous patterns and finishes. You can even use some of our hexagon floor tile options in outdoor settings. 

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