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Mosaics are a fun form of decorative interior art that allows you to add your personal design touch as a feature wall or as part of a complete interior design scheme. Our range of mosaic tiles in the UK includes various shades, colours, sizes and textures in glass, stone, ceramic or porcelain.

Mosaics create a characterful vertical or horizontal pattern that enhances existing tile schemes to make a bold and stylish statement. These contemporary tiles can be used to recreate a classic design trend we see throughout properties. A mosaic tile will always be stylish, and our wide selection at Hyperion Tiles is sure to have what you need to stay on trend.

We stock a vast collection of intricate metal designs that can be used to create stunning patterns that can be a beautifully crafted addition to your home. For example, kitchen mosaic tiles will look amazing as a backsplash, as will more contemporary tiles such as mosaics on bathroom walls.

Order from our range of mosaic indoor tiles and mosaic outdoor tiles to transform your home into the luxury haven you've always dreamed about! We offer free delivery on orders over £300!

Why Choose Mosaic Tiles for Your Walls & Floors? 

The use of mosaics for walls and floors spans centuries, so forgo mosaic effect tiles and opt for the real thing. Mosaic tiles are extremely versatile as you can recreate a classic Moroccan style or add industrial flair to any space. 

Our extensive collection of mosaic tiles boasts unique designs — allowing you to customise your home and create a stunning finished result.

There are several more benefits when it comes to mosaic tiles, including: 

Low Maintenance

Glass tiles are easily cleaned and maintained, making them perfect for domestic or commercial environments. Additionally, these are not porous, which means they're naturally resistant to mould or mildew stains and chemical damage — giving you the peace of mind of knowing your home won't suffer any damages due to lack of maintenance.

This is exactly why mosaic tiles in the bathroom are a good idea. Their contemporary design easily elevates the area but also simplifies cleanup.


Mosaic tiles are strong and durable and the perfect material for high-traffic environments. They can easily withstand wear and tear from day-to-day use in busy domestic or commercial spaces, making them an excellent choice for any room, whether that be a spa, a reception hall, or a household kitchen. 


This durability means mosaic tiles are an excellent long-term flooring or wall-tiling solution. Plus, due to their superior colour retention qualities and timeless look, you won't have any problems with these decorative mosaic tiles lasting for years. 

Cost Effective

The durability and longevity of a mosaic pattern make it incredibly cost-effective. The installation, replacement or repair work on these intricate areas is relatively inexpensive compared with complete tile jobs — making them good value for money.

If you have any questions about our colourful collections of wall mosaic tiles and mosaic floor tiles in the UK, email our team at  trade@hyperiontiles.com or call us on 01344 620211.

Our Mosaic Tiles Collection for Walls & Floors

Whether you're seeking stone mosaic kitchen tiles or glass mosaic bathroom tiles in the UK, Hyperion Tiles is a trusted tile company for residential and commercial clients. We stock mosaics from leading tile brands with styles and design options that suit all tastes and aesthetics.

Here’s what you can expect from our vast collections of mosaic tiling options.

Glass Mosaics

Incorporating Glass Mosaics into your home's design scheme can create one-of-a-kind visuals. Using a light-reflecting mosaic tile creates an eye-catching effect.

Glass is a key ingredient in many high-quality mosaic tiles. Offering strength and longevity, our range of mesmerising motley mosaics includes tiles from leading brands such as Silver Lion Trading Company, Original Style, and Ca' Pietra.

Browse our range of glass mosaic tiles.

Gold Mosaics

While the art of mosaics is to craft a decorative pattern or image using small pieces of coloured glass or stone; Gold Mosaic tiles take this one step further. Adding texture, shine and depth, a gold mosaic tile adds an air of opulence and dazzlement.

Our range of gold mosaic bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles will add an element of luxury and warmth without coming across as ostentatious. Choose gold tiles from major brands such as Original Style and Siminetti, available in several size options and textures.

Browse our range of gold mosaic tiles.

Hexagon Mosaics

Perfect for artsy decorators, choosing Hexagon Mosaic wall tiles for your project is a great way to incorporate some flair into your home's design. The unique shape, detailed patterns, and vibrant colours offer multiple choices, allowing you to create complex visuals and sophisticated works of art.

Our hexagon mosaic collection includes tiles from top brands such as Original Style, Ca' Pietra, and Minoli, with options for mosaic bathroom wall tiles, bathroom floor mosaic tiles, and hexagonal mosaics for kitchens and other surfaces. With an array of textures, colours, and size choices, these hexagon mosaics will bring character to any area.

Browse our range of hexagon mosaic tiles.

Marble Mosaics

Excellent as statement mosaic kitchen tiles or a more understated mosaic bathroom tile, Marble Mosaic tiles are a timeless choice. These natural stone mosaic tiles are handmade and perfect for spaces like showers, counters and fireplaces. If you love the timeless marble aesthetic, our traditional black and white marble floor and wall tiles would be perfect.

Our range of marble mosaics includes fun mosaic kitchen wall tiles, modern bathroom mosaic wall tiles, mosaic patterned tiles, and much more! From leading brands such as Bert & May and Ca' Pietra, you will find marble mosaic tiles for sale with vast options and opportunities to play around with truly elegant visual displays.

Browse our range of marble mosaic tiles.

Metal Mosaics

Metal Mosaics add an element of interest and intrigue. With a sophisticated look and distinctive finish, these mosaic splashback tiles come in a range of metal finishes, including brass, copper, steel, aluminium, and bronze. The use of these sophisticated and distinctive metal finishes allows both small and large mosaic tiles to add a modern element through their mesmerising texture and reflective surfaces.

We offer multiple variations of metal mosaic tiles for kitchens and bathrooms to help you achieve stunning results with minimal effort.

Browse our range of metal mosaic tiles.

Mother of Pearl Mosaics

Sustainably sourced and suitable for walls and as flooring mosaic tile options, our luxury Mother of Pearl Mosaic tiles are unrivalled by man-made products. At Hyperion Tiles, we stock a stunning selection of Siminetti mosaic tiles made from Mother of Pearl that are resin-sealed. These work well for internal use, wet rooms, swimming pools and spas.

Our collection includes both freshwater and saltwater Mother of Pearl mosaics. Our Natural, Bianco, Biscotti, and Saltwater mosaics are even suitable for outdoor mosaic tile flooring because they are not affected by sunlight or frost.

Browse our range of Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles.

Penny Mosaics

Penny Mosaic tiles are a popular choice for walls, ceilings, and flooring decor. Generally made using penny-sized small mosaic tiles that are round in shape, these mosaic tiles can be overlapped to form detailed design schemes and fun patterns that bring life to any room. Functional as both indoor and outdoor mosaic tiles, penny mosaics require little maintenance and cleaning.

We stock penny mosaics from leading brands such as Ca' Pietra in various exciting colours and finish options. These are great as mosaic wall tiles for a bathroom, kitchen or hallway and serve as a unique splashback, feature wall, or flooring detail.

Browse our range of penny mosaic tiles.

Porcelain Mosaics

Made from porcelain and ceramic chips, these decorative Porcelain Mosaics bring a distinct texture, look, and sheen to any surface.

Mosaic tiles made from porcelain are durable, low maintenance, and able to withstand high levels of foot traffic, making them great in exterior spaces and as accents in hallways. They offer versatility for splashbacks and feature walls too, with styles ranging from creative patterns to more abstract work.

Our extensive ranges of porcelain mosaic tiles are manufactured by leading brands such as Minoli and are available in vibrant colours with simple or detailed designs. With large and small mosaic tile sizes and shapes, including hexagons, rectangles, scallops and squares, you are sure to find the perfect one for your project.

Browse our range of porcelain mosaic tiles.

Browse our colour, black, and white mosaic tile ranges to find the perfect hue for your home or book a showroom visit to see our tile options up close.

Where Can Mosaic Tiles Be Used?

Need mosaic tile interior ideas?

Mosaic wall tiles can be used in any room to create an impact. Their eye-catching patterns and colours will add personality. The impressive designs of our elaborate small wall tiles will enable you to match kitchenette spaces and bathroom vanities with creative flair and ease!

Our selection includes various sized black and white mosaic tiles for a bathroom or a classic kitchen if you're wanting a classic look, as well an array of colourful mosaics to enhance the creativity of your home. We also stock anti-slippery mosaic floors for flooring finishes, excellently complementing other tile floor designs.

Bathroom Tiles

Mosaic decorative tiles exude a rich, luxurious feel and is the perfect solution for any room requiring an upgrade. Whether you're looking to transform your space from drab, grey and dull into something showroom-style impressive, bathroom mosaic tiles are the right choice.

Mosaic tiles offer vast design pattern options to improve the wetroom aesthetic. Add a sophisticated finish to this room by opting for stunning mosaic shower tiles in light hues, blushed tones, or contrasting shades for a more striking effect.

Installing white, colourful mosaic tiles, or patterned mosaic shower floor tile configurations will transform your bathroom into a haven of colour. 

Book a visit to our showroom and witness firsthand how our range of mosaic floor tiles for bathrooms can transform an interior space.

Kitchen Tiles

There are multiple options for laying mosaic kitchen tiles in the UK. Choose an iconic monochrome look with classic mosaic black and white tiles, or something more modern like grey mosaic tiles with blue grouting. Whatever your needs, you will find the perfect kitchen mosaic wall tiles and floor tiles.

Mosaic tiles are very durable, so you don't have to worry about damage from spills or trips on your mosaic tiles in the kitchen.

Ready to upgrade your kitchen with mosaic tiles? Browse our range of mosaic wall tiles in the UK online or book a showroom visit.

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