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The world’s finest mother of pearl surfaces offer designers luxurious finishes to be used both internally and externally for wall coverings, flooring, swimming pools, shower rooms, spas and inlays for furniture.

All of our mother of pearl is handcrafted from sustainable sources, utilising both freshwater and saltwater varieties. Our mother of pearl mosaic tiles and wall panels are available in unique variations of colour, styles, and patterns and our team of artisans can work with you to create bespoke designs and fulfil your design dreams.

Add some opulence to your space with mother of pearl tiles from Hyperion Tiles. Order online and get free shipping on orders over £300!

Why Choose Luxurious Mother Of Pearl Surfaces?

Mother of pearl mosaic tiles and feature walls are the perfect addition to any home. The iridescent hues and natural beauty of these luxurious surfaces will add an element of sophistication to any space.

With a variety of styles, shapes, and patterns available, you can create an eye-catching feature wall or accent wall for your home that is truly unique. From classic mother of pearl mosaics to stand-out geometric designs created in stunning tones, mother of pearl feature walls and floor surfaces can be customised to fit any décor.

Installation is easy and affordable, so you can quickly transform your home into an opulent palace without breaking the bank. Let mother of pearl become the perfect addition to your living space today!

'Wow' your guests and clients with natural splendour. Explore the limitless possibilities offered by mother of pearl luxury tiles for your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen today.

Natural Elegance & Luxurious Appeal

Bring the beauty and durability of the natural world indoors with pearl mosaic tiles. Mother of pearl tiles offer a similar elegance, look, and feel to actual pearls, as they are made of nacre, one of the strongest natural materials on earth.

Nacre is the substance that oysters secrete around the invasive irritant or grit that eventually becomes a pearl. It is the same substance that molluscs line the insides of their shell with to make it more comfortable.

With its rainbow hues, the unique look of a mother of pearl mosaic tile plays well against other colours, especially metallics and vibrant shades. This makes pearlised tiles a versatile yet opulent option for various applications.

Superior Durability & Longevity

As they are made of nacre, mother of pearl wall tiles are easy to maintain. They are typically resistant to chips and cracks from bending or impact.

Thanks to the durability and waterproof nature of this substance, you'll often find many options for mother of pearl kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles. As an added benefit, these mother of pearl panels don't fade, so you can confidently install them in outdoor or high-traffic areas, like swimming pools or commercial spaces.

Add Value to Your Home With Mother of Pearl Mosaics

When properly installed, these majestic mother of pearl mosaic tile surfaces are sure to give your space added texture and depth. Mosaics create the perfect backdrop for entertaining friends or simply relaxing at home, but they also add value to your home.

Thanks to their natural splendour and resilient surface, mother of pearl tiles add premium value to your property, whether used as mother of pearl floor tiles or pearlescent kitchen tiles.

Enrich your space with our premium mother of pearl mosaic tile collection. Call Hyperion Tiles on 01344 620211 for advice or bulk orders of mother of pearl flooring and panelling.

Our Range of Mother of Pearl Tiles

Hyperion Tiles stocks a vast range of mother of pearl tiles in the UK. From mother of pearl wall panels to pearlescent wall tiles, there are a variety of designs and applications that await in our extensive collection. Explore our luxurious range to find the perfect mother of pearl mosaic tiles for your design vision.

Signature Wall Collection

Our Signature Wall Collection of luxury wall panels is handcrafted from luxurious mother of pearl tiles. They're premounted on a lightweight aluminium honeycomb backing which is fireproof and waterproof, making it ideal as a mother of pearl splashback for the kitchen or for use as mother of pearl bathroom tiles.

A mother of pearl tile statement piece from Our Signature Collection can offer different effects, from modern crackles to classic gemstone patterns. For an ultra-modern twist, try a unique 3D effect mother of pearl bathroom tile design in your bathing sanctuary.

Feature Wall Collection

Your feature wall will be the centrepiece of your home, and with mother of pearl mosaics, you can bring lasting beauty to any space. The unique hues and patterns of these surfaces create a stunning visual effect that is sure to impress any guest. From classic colours like white and silver to deep blues and greens, there’s something for everyone when it comes to mother of pearl feature walls.

The feature walls from our sustainably sourced mother of pearl collection offer a sublime, effortless style suitable for any room. An aluminium honeycomb backing ensures these tiled wall panels are sturdy and uniquely waterproof, meaning you can use this range of mother of pearl tiles in the bathroom. You can also use these mother of pearl tiles in the kitchen to create fantastic backsplashes.

The Seasons Collection

Make a statement with the Seasons Collection, a collaboration between Siminetti and renowned surface designer Chrisanna McArthur. The result is a collection of refined and one-of-a-kind mother of pearl tile patterns.

These stunning designs from sustainable sources are inspired by patterns found in nature. They are suitable for both interior and external use and are easy to clean, making them ideal for use as pearlescent bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles.

Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles

If you're looking for mother of pearl tiles you can use for both wall and floor surfaces, look no further than our stock of mother of pearl mosaic tiles. This Siminetti collection of mother of pearl mosaic tiles is available in both saltwater and freshwater mother of pearl mosaics.

These mother of pearl mosaic tiles are resin-sealed, making them easy to maintain and clean. They're suitable for internal use or wet areas, meaning they can make a statement in the bathroom or your entranceway with effortless style.

The Bianco, Biscotti, Natural, and Saltwater series of mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles are suitable for exterior walls as they do not get affected by direct sunlight or frost, making them extremely versatile.

You can even use these pearl mosaic tiles in swimming pools The mother of pearl mosaic tile selection is also suitable for commercial wall and floor surfaces that are prone to becoming wet areas, such as spas or hotel swimming pools.

Upgrade your living space or business with a luxuriant mother of pearl tile addition. Shop from our range of mother of pearl mosaic tiles in the UK or book a showroom visit (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) to see these pearlescent tiles in person.

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