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Looking for round mirrors to enhance your bathroom, hallway, lounge, or kitchen? Look no further! At Hyperion Tiles, we stock a stylish collection of round mirrors that will transform any space and create an elegant focal point. With a variety of styles to choose from, we have the perfect mirror colour, size and design to suit your room of choice. 

Discover our wide selection of circle-styled mirrors and enjoy quick deliveryand competitive prices.Shop now for the perfect round mirror to elevate your space!

Round mirrors offer a modern look with the hallmarks of traditional style. Order your round mirrors from Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping across the UK on orders over £300.

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Why Choose Round Wall Mirrors?

With its perfect symmetry and rounded edges, a small or large circle mirror re-energises your home with its curved edges that cast reflections of light. Whether you’re adding a round wall mirror to your bedroom or hallway, it makes any space look stylish with its gentle shape. 

Round mirrors offer sophistication and geometric elegance for modern and traditional interiors alike, breaking up the straight lines that often dominate. They cultivate a relaxed energy in your house with their soft, pleasing curves, making any area feel more inviting.  

Whether your home decor is retro-cool, sleek, minimalist, or endowed with vintage glamour, versatile round mirrors provide the finishing touch to any room.  

Looking for luxury circular mirrors in the UK? Explore our selection to find the perfect round mirrors for your bathroom or living room from Hyperion Tiles. 

Our Range of Stunning Round Mirrors

Searching for the ultimate large gold round mirror that blends effortlessly into almost any room? Perhaps you’re looking for a compact magnifying wall mirror to add to your bathroom. We stock a variety of circle mirrors that are bound to cater to various design needs. 

No matter how you look at it, round mirrors have plenty to offer when you’re creating the home of your dreams. Choose between neutral and luxe colours to complement your room. And consider different sizes for their various visual effects. 

Here are some more of the features you can expect to find when shopping for the ideal round mirrors with Hyperion Tiles.

Elegant & Stylish Colours

Our round bathroom mirrors and living room mirrors come in a wonderful range of colours fit for any design scheme. 

Metallic Frame Colours

Metallic frames offer a hint of luxury without overpowering your interior design. It’s ideal for creating a focal point in your room and pairs well with mirrors.

A large round gold mirror is a stunning statement piece for any decor style, adding a touch of luxury with its warm metallic sheen. Our selection of brushed brass frame options gives the effect and colour of a gold circular mirror, offering the perfect opportunity to bring a dash of vintage glam or a warm contrast into your space. 

For a more subtle, earthy metallic frame, choose round mirrors with a brushed bronze frame. Their muted cool brown shades offer a minimalist look that’s less dramatic than a black round mirror while maintaining a utilitarian palette. For another cool metallic tone, you could also choose a silver chrome or brushed nickel frame. 

Monochromatic Colours

A white round mirror is a bright addition to any space. The pristine colour of a round white mirror perfectly matches pastel palettes and can even suit darker rooms as a contrasting shade. 

For the ultimate contemporary colour for your interior space, why not consider a large, round black mirror frame? This shade is one of the most trendy and can enhance modern spaces and provide a contemporary counterpoint to your hallway design. 

Pair your black circle mirror with face-brick or concrete walls for the picture-perfect raw look, or match it with versatile colours for a fashionable look.

Frameless Options

If a black round bathroom mirror sounds a little too edgy and you don’t want to commit to a different colour, we also stock plain round silver mirror design options. Embrace the beauty of a bevelled edge with a plain circular bathroom mirror. Or up the ante of your aesthetic taste with a round hanging mirror that has bevelled edges with straight lines for a modern take on a classic look.

A Variety of Sizes

It’s important to choose round mirrors that are the right size for the space you intend to use them in. Bear in mind as well that you can fill larger spaces with multiple smaller mirrors or make an impactful statement with one large mirror. 

Large round mirrors are the perfect choice for almost any room, creating the ultimate style statement in combination with any design aesthetic. Its ability to reflect light and wall space creates the illusion of a larger space in a small area, making it ideal for a smaller room. 

When choosing a large round mirror for the wall, common choices include a 60cm round mirror or an 80cm round mirror. There may be other sizes in between available, so you can choose the ideal round wall mirror for your spacial requirements.

To create an elegant centrepiece on your walls, hang an extra large round mirror in your bedroom or other interior room of choice for a bold and glamorous decor sensation. A decorative large mirror blends effortlessly with any aesthetic and is a classic way to spruce up an empty wall.  

These extra-large mirrors are ideal for hotel bathrooms or hallways as well, making more compact spaces feel richly decorated and larger. 

Consider a round magnifying mirror in combination with your large circular mirror for a more up-close view during your skincare and makeup routine. This small round mirror that can be as tiny as 15cm for the ultimate space saver is a practical addition to your bathroom.  

Durable Materials

When you’re investing in round mirrors, it’s important to ensure that they’re made of durable materials before you commit. 

The frames surrounding our collection of stunning round mirrors are typically made of stainless steel or aluminium. Not only are these light materials perfect for those extra-large round mirror options, but they are durable as well. They resist corrosion from moisture and withstand steam, maintaining their stylish looks. 

Most of our round wall mirrors are also covered with a mirror safety backing. This prevents dangerous shards from escaping in the event your round wall mirror suffers a blow or fall. 

It also prevents the silver of your round mirrors from deteriorating and discolouring from exposure to moisture and steam over time. This keeps your wall mirror looking good for years to come. 

High-Tech Designs

For an ideal setup for your skincare routine, choose a round bathroom mirror with a light, also referred to as a round LED mirror. The functionality of this design makes it the perfect wall mirror for many, especially when your top lighting is casting undesirable shadows.  

A round LED bathroom mirror sometimes includes a demister. This fantastic device is used to heat the mirror and avoid condensation on the surface while you steam up the room with a hot shower or bath. This, in turn, offers a blissfully clean reflection when you’re ready to use your mirror, free from water droplets that leave streaks and marks. 

Browse our collection of round mirrors to find the ultimate decorative or functional mirror for your home. Call us on 01344 620211 with any queries you may have, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist.

Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is an independent, family-run business with a passion for providing home decor and tiling solutions for any client, whether you’re a private homeowner or an interior designer. 

Decorate shabby chic cottages and trendy London apartments alike from our incredible array of tiling options. With over 15,000 to choose from, including those from renowned brands such as Original Style, Ca’ Pietra, and Bert & May, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Looking for more items to complement your new round mirror? Explore our range of luxury sinks or browse our selection of bathroom accessories and storage.  

Outstanding Customer Service

When you’re on the hunt for a round mirror with a light for your bathing space or a large round wall mirror to add a wow factor to your living room, we’re happy to help. Our expert customer service team is clued up on all the latest trends, so they can advise you on the best options for your interior design projects. 

Embrace Hyperion Living when you shop from our opulent selection of round mirrors. Order yours today and get free shipping across the UK on orders over £300 or more. 

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