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At Hyperion Tiles, we stock a comprehensive kitchen tiles collection. With a vast assortment to choose from, you have the perfect opportunity to create a stylish and modern kitchen without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for floor tiles, wall tiles or splashback tiles, our range of classic and contemporary designs will give your kitchen an updated look. 

Create a sensation with stylish kitchen wall tiles that are both practical and eye-catching. With a plethora of modern shapes and colourful contemporary style options, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to creating your dream kitchen space. 

Whether you are searching for semi-polished tiles, a slate effect or a concrete effect, we will have a tiling solution for you!

Elevate your cooking nook with our huge range of tiles for kitchens. Buy kitchen tiles in the UK with Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping on orders over £300. 

Why Choose Kitchen Tiles?

Kitchens are often one of the main foot traffic hubs of the household. Whether it’s cooking three meals a day, snack-motivated trips to the cupboards, or fetching a cold glass of water during the night, there’s little doubt it’s a busy place. 

This means you can benefit from kitchen flooring tiles that are made to stand up to the increased wear and tear, not to mention inevitable spills. You can complete the look by matching them with a statement set of wall tiles for the kitchen that are similarly easy to clean and generally don’t require much care. 

Practicality isn’t the only important aspect of kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles. You can experiment with colourful styles, use smaller tiles for your  kitchen or large ones, and create a room that truly becomes your cooking haven. 

When it comes to kitchen walls and kitchen floors, our range has got you covered. With quick and easy installation, you can transform your kitchen in no time. Create an exciting feature wall with low-maintenance kitchen splashback tiles in a variety of colour options. The variety of our range and our competitive prices mean that your flooring options are endless.

With such a diverse selection of contemporary kitchen tiles to buy online, the only problem you’ll have is choosing your favourite! Contact us at for any queries you may have

Benefits of Our Kitchen Tiles Collection

Not only are our kitchen tiles stylish, but they are also durable and water-resistant. Your kitchen area is a high-traffic zone, so you need to choose a tile that offers strength and style. Our kitchen tile collection is designed to last — each tile is easy to maintain, scratch-resistant, and can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday activities. 

We know that the best type of tile won’t leave you with maintenance issues, which is why we stock a variety of low-maintenance options to suit your lifestyle. A glossy tile with a smooth finish is ideal for kitchen splashbacks. Their non-porous nature ensures they wipe clean in the blink of an eye. For floor tiles, you might consider something more slip-resistant that still has stunning visual appeal, like encaustic or terracotta tiles.


The kitchen can be messy. This is why having low-maintenance kitchen tiles is the best option for your kitchen walls or floors. Easy to wipe clean, your tiles will soon sparkle again should any mess make its way onto their durable finishes. 

With our wall and floor tiles for the kitchen, you’ll have a kitchen that looks great and is quick to clean — perfect for busy cooks! 


You can rely on the water-resistant properties of your wall and kitchen flooring tile options to protect exposed surfaces from marks and stains. 

So, if you are looking for kitchen splashback tiles to counteract cooking-related spills and the occasional splash, there’s no need to be concerned. Our finishes and materials won’t be susceptible to the ravages of kitchen nightmares.

Our Range of Kitchen Tiles

If you’re in any doubt that tiles are the way to go in your kitchen, let us share some of the many benefits kitchen tiles bring with them, making your life easier.

From pink tiles to mosaic tiles and much more, your kitchen can look as classic or modern as you like. When it comes to your kitchen tiles, you can have the versatility of a mosaic tile or the boldness of a patterned tile. You will find the best tile for your home within our stock. 

Here are some of the incredible features you can look forward to when browsing our store.

Versatile Sizes

When considering wall or flooring kitchen tiles for your space, we have a huge range of shapes to create your dream kitchen aesthetic. In terms of size, our durable options come in larger tiles for flooring kitchen with a more cohesive look that adds a sense of spaciousness. 

They are also available in smaller formats. Patterned and mosaic tiles have long been a favourite as kitchen wall tiles in home design. Their small size makes them ideal for moulding to shaped surfaces, such as backsplashes, and adding a decorative feel to your walls. 

Eye-Catching Shapes

Apart from standard squares and rectangles, you can enjoy tiles for a kitchen floor in stunning silhouettes that will add some drama and personality to your space. 

We stock floor tiles for the kitchen in intriguing patterns, such as herringbone and hexagon tiles, to create a beautiful grouting design on the wall or floor. Chic shapes like metro tiles or brick tiles also create a superbly modern aesthetic when used as wall tiles in your kitchen. You’ll find all this and more when you browse our stock of wall and floor kitchen tiles. 

Gorgeous Colour Options

We stock almost any colour or pattern you could hope to encounter on your journey to finding the perfect luxury tiles for your kitchen. Tiled kitchens don’t just have to be practical anymore — with a slew of decorative kitchen tiles in a kaleidoscope of shades, you can create a perfectly chic cooking oasis. 

Solid Shades

Our selection of kitchen tiles for the floor and walls of your pièce de cuisine provides a charming and vast range of colour options. Enjoy a moody palette with dark grey or black wall or floor tiles for the kitchen to create a chic, industrial look that complements wooden and metallic furnishings. Or, opt for an airy, bright cooking environment with crisp white and pale grey neutrals

Energise your space with plain kitchen tiles that boast a bold colour, such as bright fuchsia pink or warm orange, and bring character to your house in a stylish way. You can also invite calm into your home with cooler tones, such as blue and green, that evoke the peace of nature. 

Patterned Tile Options  

Explore our exquisite kitchen tiles for sale in a myriad of pretty patterns, both classic and contemporary. With this variety, you can recreate any interior design aesthetic using our kitchen wall tiles and flooring tiles for the kitchen. 

Our patterned designer kitchen tiles range from striking geometrics to cosy cottage florals that will fill your home with whimsy. You can choose between styles that feature dual or monochromatic tones or add some charisma with multi-coloured decorative kitchen wall tiles

You could also make use of patchwork kitchen tiles for a classic Delft style with modern shape options that make a unique statement and show off your personality. 

Fantastic Finishes

Our range of tiles often includes slip-resistant options ideal for kitchen tile flooring, where accidental splashes and messes may be a frequent occurrence. Other types of finishes in our tiles for kitchen flooring and walls include: 

Unique Effects

If you want a more natural feel in your home, consider wood-effect floor tiles for your kitchen. Well-made wood-effect tiles are indistinguishable from real wood, with the bonus of being water and stain-resistant. They also won’t warp or require the same level of upkeep as the real deal. 

Our natural stone effect tiles offer an open and warming atmosphere. These large kitchen tiles for the floor help make your space appear. For a more elevated look, you can bring luxury into your room with our marble-effect large kitchen floor tiles.  

Mesmerising Materials

When searching for tiles for the kitchen floor and kitchen wall tiles in the UK, it's important to take the materials they’re made of into consideration. Your kitchen floors need to withstand heavy foot traffic, wetness, and potential heat.

Porcelain and ceramic are fine, sturdy choices as floor tiles for kitchens, with a large range of options in terms of colour, shape, and design. Encaustic cement tiles are also a welcome addition as flooring tiles in the kitchen thanks to their pleasant feel underfoot, slip-resistant properties, and stunning repeating patterns.   

For a more rustic aesthetic, browse our range of pebble mosaics, slate slabs, and tumbled limestone tiles for the kitchen floor. When you bring natural elements like these indoors, it contributes to a shabby chic style in your room.

Indulge in some luxury kitchen tiles crafted from materials that evoke opulence. Bring richness to your decor in terms of pattern, colour, and light refraction with glass mosaics. Or, for a more luxurious look, splurge on marble, opulent Mother of Pearl, or mirror kitchen splashback tiles in the UK for the ultimate shimmering appeal. 

Find the best tiles for your kitchen by browsing our vast selection. Visit our showroom at 67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP, to see our wonderful kitchen floor tile in the UK in person.

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