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Nothing quite says “luxury” like the sunlit shimmer of a Mother of Pearl tile. The richness of tone, the shifting light refraction – it all creates a sense of utter indulgence. A Mother of Pearl wall tile will add character and bring life to any room in your home. 

Whether you’re looking to create a unique accent wall or install a show-stopping feature in your home or office, Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles are sure to add a touch of beauty and glamour.

Add a touch of shimmer to your space with pearlescent kitchen tiles and more. Order Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles from Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping on orders over £300.

What Are Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles Made From?

Opulent pearl mosaics are often described as being made from pearl, Mother of Pearl, or shell. These three things are all created from nacre — the secreted substance a mollusc, such as an oyster, produces. This iridescent substance coats the inside of the shell in thin layers, as well as any irritant that enters the shell. 

Some Mother of Pearl tiles can be created from actual pearls, while others are made from the resilient inner shell lining. The price point of each varies according to the difficulty in obtaining the material and producing a tile. But, no matter which pearlescent mosaic tiles you choose, they’re all made up of nacre, with varying dimensions of colour and shine.

Why Choose a Luxury Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles?

Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles are ideal for adding a luxurious feature to any space. Their shine and unique colour variations speak to a level of grandiosity and uniqueness that few other materials can reach. 

Combined with rich textures in your kitchen, bathrooms, or even by your outdoor pool, you can create a decor sensation with a maximalist or minimalist approach thanks to the dreamy, decorated feel these mosaic tiles provide. 

Many of our Mother of Pearl mosaics are suitable for external use and will not be affected by direct sunlight or frost, making them ideal for exterior walls and swimming pools.

Their ease of installation makes Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles great for DIY projects as well as professional installations. So there’s no limit to who can enjoy the benefit of a stunning pearl mosaic tile. Additionally, Mother of Pearl tiles for the kitchen and beyond are available in pre-cut shapes, making them easy to work with.

Browse our curated collection of Mother of Pearl kitchen tiles in the UK for a delightful sparkle to your everyday cooking routine. Email us at trade@hyperiontiles.com for any queries you may have. 

Our Range of Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles

Mother of pearl mosaic tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them the perfect option for creating custom designs.

With plenty of benefits and a slew of stunning mosaic tile designs and shades to choose from, a Mother of Pearl floor tile or wall tile design can add immense value to your home.

Enjoy this eco-friendly addition and transform your indoor retreat with a pearlescent tile in intriguing shapes, or opt for a classic square look to your Mother of Pearl flooring. 

Explore these different options for pearlescent tiles in the UK with these features and more:  

A Vast Range of Colours

Our pearlised tiles come in a kaleidoscope of colours, from energising, vibrant pink and aquamarine to the cosy hues of lush jade green. Each mosaic tile colour offers its own unique aesthetic and can add character to any room.

You can also bring a little extra opulence to your pearl mosaics with silver, copper, and gold Mother of Pearl wall tiles in jewellery tones. The undulating shimmer of each Mother of Pearl mosaic tile is perfectly suited to these luxurious shades, bringing true decadence to feature walls.

Neutral pearlescent wall tiles, such as white, black, or beige, can offer a classic or contemporary chic feel to your home without disturbing a pre-existing colour scheme.   

Mesmerising Shapes

While typically pearlised wall tiles in a mosaic pattern come in a standard square shape, there are a few outliers that offer a more interesting visual in terms of designs. Try a Mother of Pearl penny tile mosaic in tiny hexagons. Or opt for a Mother of Pearl herringbone tile for a more unique pearl mosaic tile design.  

An Eco-Friendly Choice

Mosaic pearl tiles also offer an eco-friendly option for home decorating. While you can find pearlescent effect tiles on the market, real Mother of Pearl is a renewable natural material that requires less energy and fewer chemicals to produce than a man-made glass Mother of Pearl mosaic. 

This makes it a great choice for those looking to create a sustainable and eco-friendly living space without compromising on indoor or outdoor style or quality. Bring nature into your home today with these magical Mother of Pearl tiles.

Versatile Applications

Whether you want to add some elegance to your bedroom and sleep surrounded by glimmering Mother of Pearl stars or experience a bit of sparkle in your sink splashback, there’s a pearl mosaic tile to suit your needs. 

Make use of Mother of Pearl square tiles and add some character to your daily kitchen chores. Or bring out shell mosaic tiles in your living room for a cheerful feature wall that will make you the envy of all your friends. 

You can also add pearlised bathroom tiles to your list of chic buys to recreate an indulgent bathing haven with a magical aura, especially when adding lighted candles. When you’re not using Mother of Pearl tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, why not use them in an outdoor swimming pool? The shifting surface of these tiles pairs perfectly with the light-refracting nature of water.

Durable Mother of Pearl Mosaics

Not only is Mother of Pearl tile visually stunning, but its durability ensures that it can withstand scratches and abrasions that come from daily wear and tear. Add sturdy Mother of Pearl floor tiles to high-traffic areas such as the lounge for a hard-wearing indoor mosaic tile that won’t scuff easily.

These luscious mosaics are also ideal as a Mother of Pearl bathroom tile, thanks to their water resistance. You could also use pearlescent tiles in the kitchen thanks to their tolerance for heat. With proper care and maintenance, Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles can last for years to come

Elevate your bathing oasis with Mother of Pearl bathroom tiles in the UK. Visit our showroom at (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) to see these stunning tiles in person. 

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