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Real Wood, Dent-resistant, Built-in Underlay

With a real wood top layer and built-in underlay, this innovative range offers the beauty of real wood with the practicality of incredibly strong and stable, dent-resistant boards.

Due to their precision engineering, Lynton boards are not only dent-resistant and stable, but they are also slimmer than a traditional board, meaning you can enjoy a real wood floor in spaces where a standard option wouldn’t fit.

Find timeless elegance in our selection of Woodpecker flooring with UK-wide delivery. Browse Woodpecker's Lynton engineered oak flooring online or book a visit to the Hyperion Tiles showroom to view these stunning planks in person.

We are Woodpecker Lynton Collection Stockist

Woodpecker Lynton floors feature beautifully crafted engineered wood flooring, made using Stratex Technology for superior stability and durability.

The Lynton range is crafted with the finest European oak, ensuring a timeless and classic look that will last for generations. This top-of-the-line floor collection also boasts an impressive 25-year warranty, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your engineered wood floors will look great for years to come.

With its beauty and strength combined in one package, the Woodpecker Lynton Collection provides an excellent choice for anyone looking for premium wooden flooring solutions.

Let us help you find the perfect flooring option today! Contact our team at trade@hyperiontiles.com or on 01344 620211 for advice on which Lynton engineered wood floor is best for your home or commercial project.

The Lynton Woodpecker Wood Flooring Series

As trusted Woodpecker flooring stockists in the UK, we supply an extensive selection of Lynton wooden floors from this leading floor brand. This engineered wood flooring selection has the versatile ability to work with just about any interior design. Below are additional features you can expect from the floors in the Lynton collection:

Next-Generation Flooring Technology

The Lynton range is created using Woodpecker's unique next-generation Stratex Technology and is embossed with a solid wood top layer. With the perfect combination of layers within each engineered wood plank and a natural mineral composite core, Lynton Stratex floors are both elegant and tough. This allows you to enjoy the warmth and beauty of solid wood floors along with the durability of engineered wood flooring.

Suitable for Residential & Commercial Spaces

Lynton composite wooden flooring is perfect for those seeking all the advantages of Woodpecker's Stratex Technology while still benefiting from the look and feel of solid wood floors. Thanks to the incredible durability of these engineered wood planks, the Lynton selection boasts floor options that are resistant to denting and water. This makes them perfect for rooms with high levels of foot traffic.

Whether in kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, offices, or any other space, Lynton engineered wood flooring won't let you down.

Natural Wood Features

From timeless elegance to modern minimalism, Lynton engineered wood floor solutions will beautifully enhance the interior design of any house. With natural, earthy colour variations, knots of different sizes and a variety of grains, this selection opens the door to an array of design opportunities.

Choose longer-length planks with rich, darker colours to enhance an industrial or traditional aesthetic, or opt for a light-coloured engineered wood floor to create a warm and cosy interior.

Long-Lasting, Durable Finishes

The Woodpecker engineered flooring from the Lynton collection boasts a brushed and matte lacquered surface that beautifully enhances the natural look and feel of the oak.

To expose and define the natural grain patterns of the oak wood flooring, the surface is first lightly wire-brushed. This removes any softer fibres from the wood's surface, leaving it with a more rustic feel.

To give these planks a subtle satin sheen, the engineered wood is then coated with a matte lacquered finish. This particular finish is smooth and replicates the appearance of an oiled floor. Matte lacquered finishes are also hardwearing to provide a surface that is highly scratch-resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

Easy to Install

When it comes to your Woodpecker flooring installation, you can expect an easy and efficient process. Lynton floor boards sport a floated installation using Easiloc joints (or a click system), allowing for a hassle-free fitting process.

A floated installation doesn't require the planks to be nailed down. Instead, they can be attached by being snapped together, similar to a puzzle. This means the Woodpecker wooden flooring is 'floating' over the surface below, rather than being attached to it.

The Lynton range of Woodpecker oak flooring can also be installed over a variety of surfaces, including concrete, ceramic tiles, and existing wood flooring (but not carpet).

Water Resistant

With its durable, real wood top layer, this flooring solution provides water-resistant wood flooring that is both hard-wearing and stunning. Whether installed in your kitchen or your child's playroom, this engineered flooring is perfect for areas that endure a lot of foot traffic or may be more vulnerable to spills.

While the Lynton floors are water-resistant, if you are interested in fully waterproof wood flooring for your bathroom or wet room, view the Brecon selection of Woodpecker waterproof composite flooring.

Cosy Underfloor Heating

Bring added warmth and comfort into your living areas with underfloor heating.

The engineered wood flooring in the Lynton range is a popular choice among homeowners as it is well-suited to handle the humidity changes that come with underfloor heating. Engineered wood floors also transfer heat incredibly well, offering an evenly spread warmth at just the right temperature.

Quality That Lasts

The wooden floors in the Lynton selection of Woodpecker Stratex flooring are manufactured to last. However, as an added token of reassurance on the durability and quality of these Woodpecker products, this range also comes with a 25-year warranty.

Find peace of mind knowing that your Lynton composite wood flooring will be there for years to come, adding a touch of natural charm and luxury to your home.

Embrace Hyperion living with Lynton engineered wood floors from Woodpecker. Buy online today for free shipping on all orders over £300.

What is Oak Engineered Flooring?

Woodpecker engineered wood flooring is a manufactured type of wooden floor that consists of several layers of various materials sandwiched or engineered together.

Unlike laminated or wood-effect flooring, which features a printed top layer, engineered wood floors have a top or wear layer made of real wood. These types of floors usually have wear layers with thicknesses between 2.5 mm to 6 mm. However, some may have layers with a higher thickness, which can be sanded down.

The real wood top layers in engineered wood floors are generally made using oak, but pine and walnut can also be used. As the natural wood is only utilised for the visible wear layer, this type of flooring helps the trees used in the manufacturing process go further.

The Lynton series is just one of many engineered wood flooring options from Woodpecker — View the full range to find your perfect fit.

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