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Blue Wall and Floor Tile Collection

Discover our stunning collection of blue wall and floor tiles. At Hyperion Tiles, we offer stunning choices, from blue metro tiles for your bathroom to blue outdoor tiles for an elegant patio upgrade. 

Dive into the captivating world of ink and navy blue tiles, where dark blue wall tiles offer a cosy mood and blue hexagon tiles promise to add chicness to your home. Get experimental with sky blue zellige tiles or embrace trends with metro tiles in blue.

Shop now and transform your space with our premium blue tiles. Order from Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping on orders over £300!

Why Choose Blue Tiles?

Blue wall tiles can create a feeling of calm and inspire peace in your home. This versatile colour offers a different feel depending on its shade. Pale shades create a sense of space, while darker hues create a cosiness that works well in larger bathrooms and kitchens.  

You can weave an enchanting environment with light blue tiles or embrace “bold” with dark blue bathroom tiles for a cosy oasis. You could even break up the blue with patterned tiles, creating a kaleidoscope of lines and colours. Whether you prefer peaceful pale blue, pretty pastels, uplifting sky blue or daring cobalt, we have the perfect tiles for you. 

Choose from a selection of blue tiles with a pattern to add a dramatic flair to any room in your home. Visit our showroom at 67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP and see our selection in person. 

Our Range of Blue Tiles

We have the ideal tile to suit your design aesthetic, whether you’re looking for dark blue floor tiles, a blue penny tile, or a stunning blue metro tile. Choose from a large variety of blue border tiles, a blue herringbone tile selection, and more when you shop with Hyperion Tiles. 

The quality brands we stock produce tiles that don’t only look good but are also made to last. You can expect the following characteristics from our beautiful blue tiles.   

Various Blue Shades & Patterns

Whatever shade of blue resonates with your style, we have a tile that embodies it. From turquoise to azure in the lighter spectrum and peacock blue tiles to a navy blue hexagon tile on the darker side, you’ll find the perfect look for your home. 

We also stock patterns in sleek geometrics, curving floral themes, and abstract oceanic waves of colour. These are a great choice if you want to add dimension to your dark blue floor tiles or light blue tiles in your kitchen. 

Choose something delicate and pleasantly mismatched light blue bathroom tiles for a patchwork effect, or make a bold statement with navy blue tiles contrasted with white. You can take patterns one step further by choosing a blue tile with samples of complementary colours that add a unique look to your blue wall tiles. Blue Victorian tiles are also a popular choice, or you could try your hand at emulating an Italian aesthetic with blue terrazzo tiles.  

Long-Lasting Materials 

Materials have an impact on the durability of blue brick tiles, as well as their suitability for wet spaces like kitchens and bathrooms or exteriors. 

Porcelain azure blue tiles and blue glass tiles have a delightful non-porous appeal ideal for wet spaces, while a sturdy ceramic cobalt blue tile is perfect for inside and outside use. Sky blue tiles made of glass are ideal for walls, either offering a reflective shine or a decorated matt façade that makes a durable splashback. If you are considering royal blue wall tiles made from natural stone, take a look at our collection of encaustic cement tiles for a tile with extra grip.

Luxurious Finishes

While the material that your blue tiles are made of is important, the finish really determines the final look of your tiles. For showstopper royal blue tiles that make a scintillating accent wall, consider a shimmering gloss finish or an intricately decorated finish. 

Add a little opulence to your blue glass mosaic tiles with a gold-fleck, film-faced, or satin finish, or choose a smooth matt surface for your blue square tile collection. You can also spice up any space with a mixed finish, adding texture to your navy blue bathroom tiles or smoky blue kitchen floor tiles. The most unique, however, is the Delft hand-painted finish for that classic Dutch or British charm. 

A Variety of Shapes & Sizes

A blue tile in the right size and shape can do wonders at evoking a sense of space or texture. Elevate your kitchen with navy blue metro tiles, or for a fresh take, try light blue metro tiles instead. Blue herringbone tiles also offer a simple but stunning pattern compared to the classic look of blue square tiles

Hexagons and skinny rectangles come in many size options and offer a different perspective on blue tile aesthetics in your bathroom. You’ll also find more unique shapes, such as fish-scale, octagon and dot combinations.

In terms of size, you can find mini blue kitchen tiles in a penny shape to make empty walls more elaborate and large blue tiles for the bathroom for a seamless flow of colour. 

For an extra touch of sophistication, you can add blue tile trim and moulding to differentiate between your blue wall tiles. 

Are you ready to invest in some indigo-blue tiles for your home? Add some artistic intrigue to your space today with our selection at Hyperion Tiles.

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