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The Timeless Elegance of Classic Oak

With the timeless elegance of classic oak across a spectrum of striking finishes, our Harlech floors are stable 15mm engineered oak boards with a 4mm wear layer.

Suitable for underfloor heating and with bevelled edges, Harlech is also backed by our 100-year warranty.

Embrace Hyperion living with our range of Woodpecker Harlech engineered oak flooring. Browse this selection of engineered oak flooring for sale online or book a visit at our showroom for an in-person look at the Harlech flooring planks.

We are a Woodpecker Harlech Collection Stockist

Woodpecker oak flooring from the Harlech collection provides the pinnacle of luxury wood flooring. Its hand-crafted finish and superior quality guarantee a beautiful and enduring look for your home or business that you can rely on for years to come. It also comes with an impressive 100-year warranty, offering peace of mind that your wooden flooring will last long after the installation is complete.

Whether you’re looking for hardwood or engineered wood, this collection has something to enhance any space. With so many options to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect fit for your needs. Experience the timeless beauty and lasting durability of the Woodpecker Harlech Collection today — with Hyperion Tiles.

Get in touch with us at trade@hyperiontiles.com or on 01344 620211 to find out more about this stunning range of engineered wood flooring from Woodpecker.

Our Range of Harlech Woodpecker Flooring

As trusted Woodpecker flooring stockists in the UK, Hyperion Tiles boasts a wide range of Harlech engineered wood flooring. With its diverse colour palette, this collection will surely have something to complement any space in your home. Create a stand-out hallway floor framing the way to the stairs, or add warmth to your living room with a rustic-grade floor that makes a statement.

The Harlech range also has a matching selection of large-format herringbone planks (Highclere) for greater design and styling versatility. And if you're looking for a wood floor that is fully waterproof and ideal for your bathroom, have a look at the Brecon collection of wooden flooring from Woodpecker.

These are some of the stand-out features of the Harlech collection:

Colours & Hues for All Rooms

Whether you're looking to add a rustic character to your living room or to create a timelessly elegant aesthetic in your bedroom, Woodpecker's Harlech collection of oak engineered flooring in the UK has the right palette for your needs. With an array of colour options, from light and airy white hues to deep, dark chocolate tones, there is something to suit every taste.

Add a hint of nature to your home with the Harlech engineered rustic oak flooring, boasting golden hues that add a sense of natural warmth to any space. If you are looking to add a subtle vintage undertone to your space, cognac natural engineered oak flooring is the perfect choice. Featuring warm, auburn timber tones enhanced by its brushed and lacquered finish, this flooring will bring a subtle texture to your home.

A Variety of Durable Finishes

Harlech engineered wood flooring from Woodpecker boasts several surface finishes that provide long-lasting protection while enhancing the wood's natural aesthetic. Knowing the differences is important to ensure you pick the flooring option that is best suited for your needs.

Woodpecker's Harlech engineered oak flooring for the UK comes in the following finish options:

  • Matte Lacquered: A matte lacquered surface finish gives this natural oak engineered wood flooring a smooth satin sheen. This hard-wearing layer replicates the look of an oiled floor while still providing an excellent scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean surface.

  • Oiled: An oiled finish gives this engineered natural oak flooring a muted matte appearance while still protecting the surface. The oil penetrates the wood to further enhance its grain structure for a more textured feel. Oiled Woodpecker wood flooring offers a scratch-resistant surface that is easily spot-repaired.

  • Brushed and Matte Lacquered: For this look, the wood's surface is first lightly wire-brushed to expose and define the natural grain patterns as well as remove any soft fibres on this Woodpecker engineered wood flooring. A matte lacquered finish is then applied, which gives the wood a smooth, hard-wearing and subtle satin sheen which replicates the appearance of an oiled floor. This combination provides a rustic, textured and scratch-resistant surface which can easily be cleaned and maintained.

Contact our team at Hyperion Tiles for advice on which Harlech floor finishes would work best for your home.

Easy to Install

When it comes to the Harlech collection and Woodpecker flooring installation, you can expect nothing but an easy and hassle-free process. Each Harlech plank is designed with tongue and groove floor joints for practicality and ease of installation. This tongue and groove feature allows each plank to be tightly slotted together to create a surface that is neat and stable.

These Harlech engineered wood floors can be installed in one of three ways — secret nailed, glued down, or floated. Using any of these methods, you can lay your rustic oak engineered flooring over a wide range of surfaces and subfloors for added convenience.

Warm & Comforting Underfloor Heating

Under-floor heating is the perfect way to add warmth and comfort to any area in your home.

The Woodpecker engineered flooring in the Harlech collection is compatible with underfloor heating when glued down as it has been designed to handle humidity changes. Natural oak engineered flooring also transfers heat incredibly well and offers an evenly spread warmth at just the right temperature.

Long-Lasting Quality

When you buy Woodpecker engineered oak wood flooring, you can trust that it will remain functional and timeless for a lifetime.

The Harlech Woodpecker wooden flooring comes with an impressive 100-year warranty. This covers the durability of the floor's structure, including the dimensions and joints, as well as the quality of the top layer and its finish. This ensures you get the most out of your oak engineered wooden flooring for years to come.

Experience true craftsmanship and artistry with Harlech engineered wood flooring from Woodpecker — We include free shipping on all orders over £300.

What is Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is a manufactured form of wood flooring that consists of several layers of materials that have been sandwiched or engineered together.

Unlike vinyl or wood-effect flooring, which features a printed top layer, engineered wood floors have a top or wear layer of real wood. These wear layers usually have thicknesses between 2.5mm to 6mm. Harlech floors have a wear layer of 4mm.

The real wood wear layers in engineered wood flooring are typically made using oak, but pine and walnut are also often used. As natural solid wood is only used for the visible wear layer, oak engineered flooring like that of Harlech collection helps the trees used in the manufacturing process go further.

For superior-quality engineered wood floors that embody timeless elegance and charm, choose the Harlech collection. Request a quote for an estimated price on your new floors.

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