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If you’re looking for tiles that offer durability and style, peruse our comprehensive collection of mirrored and glazed tiles for walls and floors.

Glazing provides a protective liquid glass coating which achieves a smoother finish compared to unglazed tiles and makes these designs more resistant to staining. This is also the perfect choice for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, as the tiles not only perform well but look stylish, too.

And with our mirror tiles for walls, you can instantly make a room feel brighter and lighter. Choose from an antique style for a luxurious, classic room scheme, or simply pick a clear mirrored finish with bevel edges for a more modern approach to your interior design. From mirror kitchen tiles to mirror tiles for the bathroom wall, this selection is designed to create inviting spaces with timeless style.

Shop from our wide range of Ca' Pietra tiles featuring everything from glazed porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles to stunning mirror tiles — UK-wide free delivery available on all orders over £300.

Why Choose Ca' Pietra Glazed Ceramic & Mirror Tiles?

Ca' Pietra tiles are made with high-quality materials and designed to last through even the most demanding conditions.

Ca’ Pietra glazed ceramic and mirror tiles are perfect for creating a modern yet timeless look in your bathroom. The ceramic wall tiles feature beautiful glazes that give them an elegant, luxurious feel. The mirrored wall tiles, on the other hand, provide a reflective surface that can be used to create an illuminated effect or as a splashback behind your sink. Ca’ Pietra also provides both matte and glossy finishes so you can find the perfect tile to match your desired style.

With Ca’ Pietra glazed ceramic and mirror tiles in your bathroom, you can achieve the highest level of aesthetic sophistication while still maintaining practicality and durability. Choose Ca’ Pietra tiles to create a modern space with timeless elegance.

You can expect enduring elegance that stands up to the rigours of daily life from Ca' Pietra tiles. Buy online from Hyperion Tiles today.

Our Range of Ca' Pietra Glazed & Mirror Tiles

At Hyperion Tiles, we stock the perfect tile for every space. The Ca' Pietra collection spans from geometric designs to decorative organic shapes inspired by nature. Choose from various sizes, shapes and materials, all featuring a stain-resistant, easy-to-clean surface that will stand the test of time.

Create a bright and open culinary paradise with our Ca' Pietra mirrored kitchen tiles, or explore the kaleidoscope of colour and size options within our selection of Ca' Pietra glazed ceramic wall tiles. With a premium-quality range at your fingertips, you can elevate your home effortlessly. This is what you can find in this collection of Ca' Pietra tiles:

Glazed & Mirrored Tiles for All Spaces

Elevate any interior with Ca' Pietra's versatile glazed and mirrored tiles, available in a wide range to suit both homes and commercial settings. Our collection includes both sleek glazed wall tiles in trendy colours and antique-style mirrored tiles, allowing you to easily transform the walls and floors of kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways, and beyond.

Like mirrors, our selection of mirror wall tiles in the UK can brighten up a space when positioned strategically. The same is true of our high-gloss glazed tile range, which is perfect for reflecting light. If you'd like to open up a dark corner of your home, whether in the hallway or the bathroom, mirror tiles and glossy glazed tiles are the way to go.

In a commercial space, mirrored bathroom wall tiles could work well alongside the mirrors above the basins for a more spacious look and feel.

Enhance your bathroom's allure with the bold colours and smooth, glass-like finish of our decorative glazed bathroom tiles, or choose brassy mirror wall tiles for your living room to infuse a shabby-chic or Art Deco elegance. No matter the space, glazed and mirrored tiles from Ca' Pietra are the ideal choice for a stunning transformation.

An Array of Shapes & Shades

Our range of mirror and ceramic tiles offers a wide array of sizes, shapes and colours that will allow you to craft both subtle and bold designs.

The unique shape options in our selection include hexagons, scallops, penny rounds, and stack bond mosaics. We also stock Ca' Pietra's chic and trendy rectangular mirrored metro tiles.

Whatever size, shape or colour you're after, this stunning range will allow you to truly embrace your creativity — the only limitation is your imagination.

Long Lasting & Practical Finishes

Ca' Pietra's commitment to durability shines through in their glazed and mirrored tiles. Offering more than just beauty, this tile selection is engineered for lasting brilliance and low-maintenance living.

Our Ca' Pietra glazed ceramic tile and glazed porcelain tile selection features a protective coating of liquid glass. A liquid glass coating extends the lifespan of your tiles and gives them stain-resistant properties to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. This makes glazed floor tiles and wall tiles a practical choice for high-traffic areas.

Along with the practical benefits of glazing tiles, this process adds unique textures that are great for creating depth and visual interest in any space.

From Ca' Pietra bathroom tiles with a unique finish to kitchen mirror tiles that let your cooking space shine, our versatile selection caters to every vision. Shop from our range online orbook a visit at our showroom in Berkshire.

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