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Black Wall & Floor Tile Collection

Are you considering a chic investment in your home decor? Browse through our tiles to discover our exquisite collection of black wall and floor tiles. This iconic shade is no longer exclusive to Batman –  black is back, with homeowners clamouring to cover their walls and floors in a jet black tile. Whether a black slate tile, a black marble tile or a ceramic black skirting tile, you can’t go wrong with this enchanting hue.

Our selection features deep, dark, and captivating black tiles that will transform any space. From going all-out with deep black marble wall tiles to experimenting with contrast using timeless chequerboard white and black matt floor tiles, we offer endless possibilities.

Explore an exquisitely darker world with our black skirting tiles, along with standard black outdoor tiles and indoor tiles. Order from Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping on orders over £300.

Why Choose Black Tiles?

Black is a modern colour with a distinctive sophistication. Our black border tiles, wall tiles and floor tiles create a chic haven of dark tones using versatile materials. You can elevate your kitchen walls with black patterned tiles in an eye-catching design or use a black mosaic floor tile to create a stunning accent in your bathroom. A black shower tile is perfect for creating a true style statement.

Black’s neutral tones mean it can complement practically any colour scheme already in your space. From black kitchen tiles to black bathroom tiles and everything in between, this colour looks stunning wherever it is placed. Explore our selection today to bring elegance and style to your interiors.

Inspired to add timeless black wall tiles or black floor tiles to your home? Book a visit to Hyperion Tiles’ showroom (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) to see our selection in person.

Our Range of Black Tiles

Black has that “wow” factor that can elevate any area of your home. Our selection includes everything from a waterproof black tile for your bathroom walls to black gloss tiles for the floor. Whether you're drawn to a specific tile shape or looking to create an inviting atmosphere with tone, we have you covered.

You may be after a black tile for a skirting, kitchen splashback or shower floor. Whatever your design vision, here are some of the wonderful characteristics you can expect from Hyperion Tiles’ selection:

Sharp & Swirling Patterns

White and black tiles are a classic contrasting combination, so our patterned black tiles for the kitchen and beyond are a great choice. This selection includes everything from a checkerboard design to more complex geometric patterns. You can also opt for black marble effect tiles with misty clouds of grey and white, Moroccan-inspired curves, or move away from monochrome with black mosaic tiles that feature accents of bolder colours.

Unique Shapes

Our collection of wall tiles and floor tiles in black includes many different shapes. A black herringbone tile pattern adds visual interest when used with grout in contrasting colours, while our black mosaic floor tiles can highlight unique variations in pattern and finish. A jet black hexagon tile can create a superbly modern look. Searching for black rectangle tiles? We get why — black brick tiles and black metro tiles make a sleek addition to your walls.

Want to truly elevate your space and punctuate your tile designs? Why not include black border tile mouldings that outline and emphasise your mosaics? A black tile trim paired with a black corner tile trim is also a great finishing touch that modernises any interior.

Sizes for Every Space

In terms of size, you’ll find both small black tiles and large black tiles in our selection. We stock both in an array of classic patterns and combinations. Not sure whether you need small or large black floor tiles in your bathroom? Extra large black bathroom floor tiles create a cohesive look that opens up smaller spaces, while mini black tiles in the bathroom can add a decorative feel to a large wall or floor. That same is true for black tiles in the kitchen or any other room of the house.

Luxurious Materials & Finishes

We’ve outlined the most popular material options you’ll find in our enchanting black tile selection:

Our black wall tiles come in a range of sumptuous finishes, including a natural, tumbled, honed, matt, gloss, glitter, polished and metallic finish.

From black gloss floor tiles to polished black marble mosaic tiles, we stock it all. Email us at for any questions about this selection.

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