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Discover the beauty of natural interior stone tiles with Hyperion Tiles’ diverse natural stone flooring and wall-covering options from Ca’ Pietra.

Each slab boasts unique organic properties, ensuring a luxurious and individual finish. Explore our wide range of designs, from flagstones to intricate mosaics, to elevate your indoor and outdoor spaces with style and elegance.

Create an extraordinary interior with our stunning range of indoor stone tiles. Enjoy quality products and superior service when you shop online from Hyperion Tiles today. 

Why Choose Ca' Pietra Interior Natural Stone Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is a proud platinum stockist of products from Ca’ Pietra — a family-run stone tiles company. Our range includes natural stone indoor tiles that create beautiful spaces. 

The Ca’ Pietra collection boasts trend-leading style options made with the health of our planet in mind.  

Whether in a home or hotel, indoor spaces tend to be high-traffic areas. So it’s best to use a durable and timeless material — enter natural stone tiles from Ca’ Pietra. These gorgeous tile pieces are renowned for their strength and versatility. 

You can use them on walls or floors to improve the dimensions of any indoor area. Moreover, natural stone tiles age better over time as they develop patina and reveal their intricate nuances. 

Embrace Hyperion living with luxury, designer indoor tiles from Ca’ Pietra. Curate a luxurious and exclusive atmosphere when you buy tiles online from Hyperion Tiles today. 

Our Range of Ca' Pietra Natural Stone Tiles 

At Hyperion Tiles, we stock a stunning range of Ca’ Pietra internal stone flooring options. Ca’ Pietra’s natural stone slabs feature various designs and sizes to complement any area, whether it has a rustic or modern feel. 

Here’s what you can expect from our assortment of Ca’ Pietra natural stone tiling.

Durable Natural Materials 

Our natural stone tiles for indoor spaces are made of versatile materials and feature various colours, shapes, and dimensions. As such, you can easily ensure a lasting impression in whichever space they’re used. Ca’ Pietra tiles are made from robust materials — perfect for floors and walls.

Here are some of the natural material options you’ll find in our range of internal tiles:

  • Marble tiles: Use marble tiles to achieve a sophisticated and impressive space with captivating colour varieties. 
  • Slate tiles: Opting for slate tiles offers durability with its thickness and combats moisture — making it great for commercial and wetroom renovations. 
  • Granite tiles: Granite is an eye-catching and stain-resistant choice for stone kitchen tiles. It can create effective countertops and is allergy-friendly, making it suitable for any space in your home. 
  • Limestone tiles: These slabs are naturally mould-resistant, making them perfect for splash zones like kitchens or bathrooms. Darker limestone shades also add a chic charm to the area.    
  • Sandstone tiles: Incorporate traditional and rustic charm with our sandstone wall tiles for indoor projects. Sandstone tiles are low maintenance and offer good slip resistance. 

Innovative Shapes & Designs

You’re spoiled for choice with our vast selection of natural wall and flooring solutions. Natural stone tiles come in various trailblazing shapes and designs, sporting options such as diamond, brick, and hexagon forms. 

Opt for small linear rectangles for zig-zag herringbone designs to spark visual interest in open-plan spaces, or use mini squares in different colours to recreate a classic chequered design.

Enhance a room's luxury appeal with light shades of mosaic chevron-patterned marble tiles, or design a unique backsplash with various shades of marble tiles in pretty picket patterns. 

Fabulous Finishes 

Tile finishes are important aesthetic aspects you should consider when choosing tile placements. Our selection of tiles from Ca’ Pietra includes many stunning finishes ranging from seasoned and velvet to honed and tumbled stone tiles. 

  • Tumbled finish: Opt for tiles with a tumbled finish in high foot-traffic areas such as hallways. Tumbled tiles offer a rough surface for increased traction
  • Natural finish: Your traditional natural variants present an authentic natural quarried stone feel. It’s a great way to introduce character into a room. 
  • Honed finish: Honed tiles boast a satin or smooth matte finish, perfect for kitchens and backsplash projects. 
  • Glazed or glossy finish: Smooth, natural stone tiles for indoor use are glamorous, reflective, and super easy to clean. 

Suitable for Various Spaces 

Suitable for indoors and outdoors. You can use Ca’ Pietra natural stone tiles in various spaces. Here are just some examples of areas you can elevate with a natural stone touch: 

Residential Spaces

  • Kitchens: Opt for natural stone kitchen floor tiles to fashion a lasting impression and inviting atmosphere. Introduce captivating designs with patterned natural stone mosaic tiles.
  • Bathrooms: Elevate your washroom with natural stone tiles in the bathroom. Stone bathroom tiles can mimic a sauna or spa environment in your home. 
  • Living Spaces: Brighten your living room with Ca’ Pietra limestone tiles. Stone interior flooring produces versatile and durable surfaces, especially suited for lived-in areas. 
  • Bedrooms: Choose lighter hues of tumbled stone floor tiles to complement and boost the elegance of your bedroom. Pair different floor textures with stylish furniture to build your ideal sleeping space.

Commercial Spaces

  • Hallways and Lobbies: Upgrade spaces guests frequent with charming interior stone flooring options. 
  • Dining halls: Create an unforgettable dining experience with stunning indoor natural stone flooring boasting the correct balance between formality and comfort.  
  • Commercial kitchens: Adding durable natural stone tiles in your kitchen ensures your floors will withstand any spills and accidental cookware drops. 
  • Storefronts: Consider stone tile flooring to enhance your store’s visual appeal and attract customers. 
  • Spas: Foster a relaxing and homely atmosphere in treatment rooms by incorporating beautiful natural neutral-coloured stone slabs. 

Shop online from Hyperion Tiles to style your home with quality wall and flooring solutions. Call us on 01344 620211 today.

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