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Discover a stunning range of Original Style Victorian floor tiles in a kaleidoscope of colours within our stock. These classic throwbacks are anything but old-fashioned: they lend an air of old-world sophistication that is hard to match. 

Channel your inner design guru and style these iconic plain floor tiles with contemporary furnishings for an inspired and refined look in your home. Or, refresh your older home’s vintage Victorian-tiled pathway, porch, hallway, or kitchen by replacing any cracked or broken tiles with matching new ones.

Browse through our stock of Original Style Victorian floor tiles today to find the ideal plain floor tiles for your house. Shop today and get free shipping on orders over £300.

Why Choose Original Style Victorian Plain Tiles?

As a brand, Original Style’s claim to fame is its commitment to creating patterned, textured, and plain tiles in the UK using traditional techniques and the latest technologies. This ensures that all tiles on the colour spectrum, including white, black, and red Victorian floor tiles, are of the highest quality.  

Victorian tiles are made of vitrified ceramic and are individually coloured to produce anything from plain black floor tiles to grey and white Victorian floor tiles. They can be as small as 5cm or as large as 15cm. This variation in size is what gives them a unique advantage in their classic repeating design applications. 

Explore our floor tiles in colour options that will make your floor truly stand out. Book a visit to our showroom (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) to view our luxurious plain Victorian floor tiles in person.

Our Range of Original Style Victorian Plain Tiles

Whether you're looking to restore a traditional front path or hallway with various solid colours in floor tiles or renovate your period home's bathroom or kitchen, we have you covered. 

Tackle your design project with our exciting range of solid colour tiles in a variety of size options and colours. Tiles for a plain floor in a Victorian style bring a vintage air to your home or can help enhance the natural beauty of existing architecture. 

Whether you choose Victorian red tiles to elevate the vibrancy in your kitchen or grey Victorian floor tiles for a cooler approach, our matt solid colour effect tiles won’t disappoint.

Here are some of the features you can expect from our selection of Victorian plain tiles for floors.

Versatile Floor Tile Colours

A neutral colour is always a winner when it comes to Victorian-style tiles. You can opt for Victorian grey floor tiles or perhaps opt for beige Victorian floor tiles to showcase a warmer tone. You can also take the traditional route and go for the dazzling contrasting duo of white tiles and black tiles.

If you’re in the mood for something more vibrant than black and white Victorian floor tiles, browse our selection of coloured floor tiles. You’ll find a delightful variety of autumnal Victorian red floor tiles and stormy plain blue floor tiles to spice up your living space with timeless floor colours.

Materials Made to Last

These ceramic plain floor tiles are durable enough to withstand any weather, provided they are laid correctly and an appropriate sealant is added. This makes Victorian plain colour tiles ideal for outdoor use

Their durability and non-porous nature also make them suitable as bathroom Victorian floor tiles or even kitchen tiles. Essentially, any room in (or outside of) your home can benefit from the beautiful Victorian colours of these matt plain tiles that resist daily wear and tear and water with the correct sealant. 

Versatile Shapes & Sizes

The beauty of these Original Style floor tiles is that they’re available in a range of size options, from medium to large format tiles. Create a mixed mosaic of colour with smaller tiles or embrace large swathes of solid colour with larger tiles to create a feeling of spaciousness. 

Shapes are fairly consistent, with options in squares or rectangles to create that perfect floor with plain geometric patterns — like a herringbone arrangement. 

Find the perfect tiles to add charm and character to your space. Explore our range of plain Victorian tiles in person at our showroom at 67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP.

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Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is an independent family-run business in the UK. Our passion is to provide you with the Original Style Victorian tiles of your dreams. 

In addition to our Victorian tiles from Original Style, we have a large stock of over 15,000 solutions for walls and floors in sizes ranging from small mosaics to extra-large tiles. Our offerings include tiles from leading brands like Ca’ Pietra, Bert & May, and Minoli Tiles.

Experts in Tiling Advice

When you’re searching for the best Victorian floor tiles in the UK, feel free to get in touch. Our staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to all things tiling and will happily assist you with any design choices you require help with. 

Elevate your home today with elegant Original Style Victorian floor tiles in the UK. Browse our selection of plain floor tiles at Hyperion Tiles and get free shipping on orders over £300.

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