Original Style Decorated Borders and Corners

Collection: Original Style Victorian Border Tiles

Victorian Floor Tile Borders and Corners

Enhance your Victorian floor pattern with decorated borders and corners that delight with their charming motifs, whether they’re geometric and sharp or curving and dainty. 

When you add a border to your exquisite Victorian floor pattern, it not only frames it like a beautiful picture but also enhances the intricate design. Bring your floors to life with the artistry and elegance of our selection of Original Styles’ Victorian border tiles and corner tiles.

Add the finishing touches to your  Victorian tiles with Victorian border tiles and corner tiles. Order your Original Style Victorian tiles with Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping in the UK on orders over £300.

Why Choose Original Style Victorian Border Tiles?

Victorian flooring offers timeless elegance, and you can further elevate the look of these signature tiles with beautiful borders. 

Create a sensation in your kitchens or bathrooms with border floor tiles wrapping around your modern or traditional Victorian tiled patterns. These decorative borders not only add interest to less complex patterns, but they also serve a practical purpose by bridging the gaps between the pattern and wall edges. A Victorian tile border can draw the eye to a central motif in your Original Style floor tiles or form a simple frame around your room following the external corners. 

While you can easily find Victorian vinyl flooring with a border, Original Style’s Victorian tiles are made of vitrified ceramic to match the quality and aesthetic of original Victorian tiles from eras past. 

Elevate your cosy cooking nook with kitchen tile borders that have a Victorian flair. Stop by our showroom at 67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP, to see these Victorian kitchen floor tiles in person.

Our Range of Original Style Victorian Tiles with a Border

Adding a border to your exquisite Victorian floor pattern is a stunning way to personalise your tiling pattern and show off your unique taste. Add a tile border to your floor and achieve a sophisticated look with our variety of silhouettes, patterns, and shades. 

From delicate hall tiles with a border to bold bathroom geometrics, there’s a pattern and shape for every project. Here are some more exciting examples of what you can expect from our selection of Original Tiles’ Victorian corner and border tiles collection.

Stunning Shapes

Our selection of ceramic tile borders and corner tiles come in a range of shapes to suit any design concept. From rectangular Victorian hallway tiles with a border to long and slender border tiles for the floor, you’ll have your pick of interesting tile shapes to choose from.

If you have space to accommodate bigger patterns, you can always choose larger square sizes, such as corner tiles and tile borders. Even if your room is smaller, you can still enjoy a minimalistic one-tile border or opt for a more decorative two-tile Victorian-style border to contain your Victorian tile design. 

Beautiful Tile Border Designs

Victorian-style floor tiles with a border can bring some vintage charm to your home, or they can add some contemporary flair depending on the motif. If you already have striking floor tiles that are richly patterned, you may opt for simpler tile floor borders with basic lines. 

Alternatively, opt for trendy geometric tile border patterns for your floors to delight your senses. You could also opt for delicate flower motifs that feature romantic curves and fleur de lis. You may even consider a woven floor tiles border design for a smooth, undulating appeal and softer design aesthetic.  

Charismatic Colours

Discover a world of traditional colours in modern and vintage applications with our stunning variety of Victorian tiles with a border. Embrace cooler hues like emerald green and sky blue when you want to create a sense of calm in your room. Or take a walk on the warmer side with peachy orange and autumnal red for a more energising atmosphere. 

You can also experiment with neutral tones like black and white to achieve a rich, luxurious design that lends itself towards opulence, especially in a large area. These striking monochromatic tile borders for your kitchen or bathroom allow more versatility with your decor, as they pair well with a variety of shades.

Explore how these adorned borders and corners can elevate the aesthetics of your space. Email us at trade@hyperiontiles.com for any queries you may have.

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Why Choose Hyperion Tiles?

Hyperion Tiles is an independent, family-run business in the UK, passionate about providing high-quality tiles at affordable prices. Whether you’re an architect or a homeowner, our tiling experts can advise you on the latest tiling trends and any technical know-how you might require for your unique Victorian border tile project.

Pair these stunning Victorian floor border tiles with other traditionally crafted options, such as encaustic cement tiles or other Original Style tiles with a Victorian theme

Thousands of Tiling Options

When it comes to Victorian floor tiles with a border, you’re sure to find the ideal tiles to your liking with our extensive selection. 

We stock over 15,000 wall and flooring options, including options from renowned brands like Bert & MaySiminetti, and Ca’ Pietra

Elevate your home with the beauty of Original Style Victorian tiles. Shop for Victorian border tiles and corner tiles with Hyperion Tiles today and get free shipping across the UK on orders over £300. 

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