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Muted Natural Hues Inspired by the Seashore

Embrace the calming colours of the shore with the Woodpecker Salcombe flooring collection. This Woodpecker engineered flooring range boasts an elegant curation of tones that are fresh and luxurious all at once.

Most of the Salcombe floors are specially treated using an age-old process called “smoking.” This allows our experts to subtly enhance or intensify their beautiful tones by awakening the natural tannins in the timber. Offering more complexity than a simple stained board, these smoked colours add a new dimension to your floor.

The Woodpecker Salcombe oak engineered floor selection also comes with a 100-year warranty, guaranteeing you'll be enjoying your engineered rustic oak flooring for years to come.

Browse our collection of engineered oak wood flooring online orbook a showroom visit (67 High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HP) for an in-person look at the Salcombe collection of engineered oak flooring in the UK.

Why Choose the Woodpecker Salcombe Collection?

Woodpecker offers superior protection for your wood flooring with Stratex Technology. This advanced technology combines a 3mm UV-resistant wear layer and a hydrophobic middle layer to protect hardwood floors from spills, stains, and wear and tear over time. Due to this technology, the Woodpecker Salcombe range is also suitable for underfloor heating.

The result is an attractive, low-maintenance floor that will look beautiful for years to come. Plus, the collection comes with an impressive 100-year warranty, offering peace of mind to those investing in quality wooden floors.

Woodpecker responsibly sources their wood from sustainable forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means that when you're buying Woodpecker flooring in the UK you're not only buying engineered wood flooring that lasts, but you're buying floor boards made with the planet's longevity in mind.

With its unbeatable durability and dependability, the Woodpecker Salcombe collection is sure to provide satisfaction. Shop this selection now at Hyperion Tiles to get access to this premium-grade product.

Our Woodpecker Salcombe Collection

Become enamoured with the muted, elegant colours of this pristine smoked oak floorboard collection. Close your eyes and imagine the texture of natural rustic oak on your bare feet, complemented by underfloor heating.

The Salcombe engineered smoked oak flooring is a uniquely crafted option in terms of design that delivers supreme quality, colour, and texture.

Rich Palette of Colours & Styles

The Woodpecker-engineered natural oak flooring collection has muted natural hues for that extra air of elegance. From the lightest pearl oak to the darkest headland oak, there's an engineered oak floor colour to suit a variety of environments, including residential and commercial spaces.

Whether you choose one of the rich golden hues for a bright bedroom or dark oak engineered flooring to create a sense of cosiness in your lounge or office, you can't go wrong with the Salcombe range.

You could opt for light oak engineered wood flooring for an elegant, spacious colour palette to make a room feel bigger. While dark oak engineered wood flooring can help make the width and length of any room feel extravagant.

Unique Textures & Finishes

The Woodpecker Salcombe natural engineered oak flooring has a brushed and matt lacquered finish that protects your floors from daily wear.

The Woodpecker Salcombe natural oak floorboards are lightly brushed with a steel brush or comb to enhance the natural texture of each board. The matt lacquer further highlights the rustic details, like the undulations of tone or colours in the grain, knots, and whorls. This matt finish with its resilient satin sheen is hardwearing, highly scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Ideal for Home, Office & Commercial Spaces

The Salcombe Woodpecker engineered wood flooring range is suitable for a variety of applications.

Engineered dark oak flooring is well-suited for high-traffic commercial areas to disguise any dirt. However, as all boards are finished with a hard-wearing matt-lacquer, they can be used in any space with high foot traffic, whether the wood is light or dark. Due to the durable finish, it's also suitable for homes with pets and children, as these floors are easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

If your space includes stairs, the Salcombe range includes accessories such as overlapping stair-nosing trim in every colour and two different sizes to complement the edges of your engineered oak flooring.

Easy Installation

The Salcombe range of engineered Woodpecker wood flooring utilises an Easilock joints system rather than tongue and groove joints. This makes this collection of Woodpecker flooring's installation a breeze.

These Woodpecker Salcombe natural oak engineered boards utilise a floated fitting system, allowing them to fit on top of the floor beneath without needing to be nailed down. This means it lies beautifully above various subfloor, including cement, tiling, and existing wooden floors. The only subfloor it can't be installed upon is carpet.

All you have to do is align the plank edges and snap them together. Then simply enjoy your engineered Woodpecker oak flooring.

Suitable for Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is perfect for warming up your rooms during winter to get them cosy and dismiss the need for bulky coats indoors. Woodpecker wooden flooring offers a solution with natural oak engineered wood flooring from the Salcombe range. Purely natural wooden boards are more prone to warping over time due to exposure to humidity and oscillating temperatures, so they're not always ideal.

However, oak and walnut engineered floors in particular distribute heat evenly through each plank, creating a consistent warmth that spreads across the room. The engineered wood and stratex components are what make this board so compatible with underfloor heating. Thanks to its multi-layer construction, it also resists natural warping from temperature changes.

Woodpecker's 100 Year Warranty

Woodpecker is confident in the quality of their solid and engineered wooden flooring options. So confident, in fact, that they offer a 100-year warranty. That's a lifetime and then some, meaning you'll benefit from your investment for years to come. As a bonus, the value of your house will also increase with the addition of high-quality natural oak engineered flooring from Woodpecker.

Email our team attrade@hyperiontiles.com for more information about this unique warranty.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Real wood flooring is not the same as engineered natural floors, though they may have similar appearances. While a standard real wood plank is made up of a solid piece of wood, an engineered floor plank is composed of three layers.

The bottom layer is veneered and designed for balance. The middle layer has a cross-layer core, usually consisting of plywood or softwood that provides stability and strength. This core actually makes engineered floors more stable than real wood flooring.

Unlike vinyl or wood-effect floors, the top layer is made from real hardwood between 2.5mm to 6mm thick to allow for longer wear. This allows for a real wood effect while saving on the cost of real wood planks.

We are proudWoodpecker flooring stockists. To bulk buy engineered oak flooring from the Salcombe collection beyond the standard pack size, call us on 01344 620211.

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