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The art of making tiles: everything we produce is unique and the culmination of the combined experience of the highly skilled artists, designers, and crafts people who make up our team. In the beginning, our flat tiles start out as ‘bisques’, blank canvases bearing nothing but the Winchester name indented on the undecorated flip side. It’s what happens next that dictates the end result: the various manufacturing processes of firing temperatures and frequency; different glazes and how they react to heat and other processes; hand painting — the alchemy of tile making at its best.

Turn the pages to find inspiration from our four different Collections: Elements, a new collection of artisanal brick tiles with unique and uneven surfaces; Residence, rustic and very stylish; timeless Artisan, with its mellow tones inspired by nature and clever detailing; and the charm of Classic, which lies in its wide choice of co-ordinating colours, mouldings and hand painted designs.

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Why Choose Original Style Winchester Tiles?

When it comes to adding a touch of classic sophistication and charm to your living spaces, the Winchester tile collection from Original Style stands out as the epitome of rustic elegance. The Winchester range is inspired by the Victorian & Edwardian eras and captures the essence of a bygone era while seamlessly blending with modern design aesthetics. From kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms and hallways, these hand-crafted wall tiles will complement any area of your house by adding a touch of grace and character.

But the Original Style Winchester collection is more than just visually appealing. These Original Style tiles are also made using high quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure they retain their beauty and lustre for years to come. Winchester tiles are also created with sustainable practices, which makes the Winchester tile collection eco-friendly too.

If you want to transform your interiors with a sophisticated old world charm, the Winchester tile collection from Original Style is for you.Request a quote online from Hyperion Tiles today!

Our Range of Original Style Winchester Tiles

The intricate patterns, whimsical designs, mellow tones, and captivating bold colours of the Winchester tiles are why it is one of the most popular ranges from the Original Style wall tiles collection. The Original Style Winchester tile collection combines traditional craftsmanship with timeless charm but also features bold colour palettes and designs that can turn a boring wall into an eye catching focal point.

Our Hyperion Tiles Winchester range is thoughtfully curated to suit various design preferences, ensuring there is a tile for every space and interior design aesthetic — whether traditional or modern. From Original Style bathroom tiles to Original Style kitchen tiles, each tile in our handcrafted Winchester range exudes a unique character designed to bring sophistication and grace to every corner of your home.

This is what you can expect from the Hyperion Tiles range:

A Myriad of Colours

Embrace the beauty of rich, captivating colours with our hand-crafted Original Style Winchester tiles. From earthy, mellow tones inspired by nature that exude cosiness to vibrant shades that add a splash of energy to interior spaces, we stock Winchester tiles in an extensive array of colours to suit every preference.

Whether you like the classic charm of vintage hues, such as stone or fennel green glazed tiles, or the modern allure of stylish bold shades, such as jade glazed bricks, the variety of colours in our Winchester tile range ensures there is a perfect match for every interior design project.

A Magnitude of Finishes

The hand-crafted Original Style Winchester range features a gorgeous selection of tiles with various finishes, including the enduringly popular glazed ceramic tiles. Loved for their ability to add depth and texture to interior walls, glazed tiles work across all interior design styles — whether you're wanting a green glazed tile feature wall as a focal point or you want to adorn the entire bathroom with mellow tones inspired by nature and the rustic charm of country living.

Choose from the pearl-like lustrous gloss of square glazed tiles and the crackled finishes of artisanal brick tiles, or opt for the unique and uneven surfaces of our rustic glazed wall tiles for a more lived-in, rustic feel. Whatever your vision, the Winchester tile collection boasts premium finishes that can add interesting textures to an otherwise plain, dull wall.

Decorative Tiles

Elevate your interiors with the artistry of decorative tiles from the Winchester range. These intricately hand-crafted tiles feature captivating patterns and whimsical designs inspired by nature that can serve as focal points or charming accents in your space.

Whether you desire floral motifs reminiscent of the Victorian era or mosaic geometric patterns for a touch of modernity, this decorative glazed ceramic tile range will add a sense of grandeur and refinement to any interior. Glazed and decorative tiles can work in traditional and modern spaces.

Embossed Tiles

The Original Style Winchester Artisan collection features embossed tiles with raised patterns and textures that add eye catching depth and visual interest to walls.

Whether you wish to enhance the style of a formal dining room or elevate the aesthetics of a spa-inspired bathroom, an embossed tile from our Winchester range can turn an empty wall into a point of interest.

Hyperion Tiles is a trusted Original Style stockist with a vast Winchester tile collection for sale online. Shop online from our Winchester range by Original Style with UK-wide delivery.

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