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Our Floor Tiles collection provides the perfect solution for any home. Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen, hallway, or another area of your home, our tiles offer a wide range of designs and styles that will transform the look and feel of your space. Our selection includes Kitchen Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Hallway Tiles, and Outdoor Tiles — all designed with your needs in mind. The Kitchen Tiles in particular come in an array of colours, patterns, and textures to suit any style preference while also being extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Looking for contemporary or classic floor tiles in the UK that are made to last? Order tiles online from Hyperion Tiles for free shipping on all orders over £300.

Why Choose Tiles for Floors?

Are you searching for stunning floor tiles for your home? Have you been looking for porcelain floor tiles or bathroom floor tiles to help create an interior design you are happy with? Our team here at Hyperion Tiles can provide you with a wide range of floor tiles, including Quartz tiles, realistic stone effect tiles, semi-polished floor tiles, and even non-slip floor tiles. If you are interested in any of our tiles, get in touch for free cut samples and we will be able to work with you to get samples.

Browse our entire collection of porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and mosaic tiles which are extensively sourced from the highest quality tile manufacturers. We stock quality designer tiles guaranteed at the best prices. Alternatively, you can browse our outdoor floor tiles if you want something different.

Our beautiful range of tiles is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, walls and floors, indoor and outdoor, and are suitable for luxury living, family-friendly, hard-wearing and decorative use.


Our range of floor tiles is the perfect choice for people with allergies. Tiles, particularly porcelain and ceramic floor tiles, are manufactured using a glazing process to create a premium finish that is also resistant to trapping allergens, making most of our floor tiles a safe and highly hypoallergenic option.


Not only does a floor tile look beautifully elegant, but it offers fantastic durability. Our modern floor tiles offer impressive strength and longevity overall to give you peace of mind during and after installation. This makes our floor tile range a perfect choice for high-traffic rooms, such as living rooms, hallways, and kitchens.

Look out for tiles with scratch resistance in our collections to ensure your exquisite new floor remains in perfect condition for many years to come.

Low Maintenance

Spillages and messes are inevitable in any household, particularly in kitchens and high-traffic zones. Yet, that doesn't stop them from being incredibly frustrating when you're scrubbing away at a stain on the floor for hours.

With our floor tile collection, you can enjoy a low maintenance, hassle-free surface that is easy to wipe clean, prevents stains, and even prevents the growth of bacteria.


Whether you have a traditional or modern interior, want luxurious finishes or a more rustic feel, when you shop for outdoor or indoor floor tiles online from Hyperion Tiles you will find a product that perfectly matches the interior and exterior of your house and design plans.

Known for their versatility, floor tiles come in so many different sizes, shapes, colours, styles and materials. No matter how unique your current aesthetic is, there is a floor tile design in our range that will accentuate it perfectly.

From modern wood effect panels with light grey undertones to the geometric patterned designs of our Victorian floor tiles in the UK, Hyperion Tiles has the perfect floor tile to complete your home's design. Shop for floor tiles online today!

Our Range of High Quality Floor Tiles

Looking to spruce up your home with high-quality tiles? Are your kitchen or bathroom floor tiles in need of replacement? Perhaps you are looking to spruce up your living space with living room floor tiles? Create a stunning hallway with marble effect tiles, or how about transforming your kitchen with quartz floor tiles? We are confident that our large format tiles on offer will be ideal for your home!

Here at Hyperion Tiles, we offer an extensive range of tile options for your floors. Whether you’re looking to create a contemporary look with natural stone tiles, a timeless look with porcelain floor tiles, or a whimsical aesthetic with pattered tiles, our expert team can help you find the perfect decorative tiles at affordable prices.

We have a range of style options available, including patterned tiles, polished porcelain tiles, wood effect tiles, Moroccan patterned tiles, concrete tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, and much more, so we are sure to have exactly what you need. 

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a composite of genuine wood layers that are bonded together to create a more stable wood flooring solution that prevents warping and shrinkage. The top layer boasts the natural beauty and grain characteristics unique to the wood species chosen, much like a solid wood floor. Our engineered wood collection includes tiles in a variety of finishes and cuts, including chevron, herringbone, versailles, and planks.

A luxurious engineered wood floor is perfect for a high-traffic area or a cosy study space, instilling a warm and inviting feel into your home.

Natural Stone Tiles

Emulate the classic beauty of castles and country homes with our timeless and versatile natural stone tiles. Available in slate, travertine, limestone, granite and marble, these rectangular or square floor tiles are made from natural materials and come in a range of different sizes and textures, including honed or tumbled.

A tumbled natural stone offers a more rustic, textured surface that makes it the perfect choice for non-slip kitchen floor tiles or non-slip floor tiles for a wet room.

By choosing our robust and low-maintenance natural floor tiles — from the enchanting dark grey of slate for dramatic dining areas to the modern light grey of honed marble as shiny kitchen floor tiles — you can create a lived-in, authentically natural feel in any room.

Outdoor Tiles

Alongside our indoor tiles range, we offer stylish and practical outdoor floor tiles in the UK. You can spruce up your outdoor patio with our versatile and hard-wearing floor tiles that are built for both outdoor and indoor spaces and made to last. This versatile collection allows you to seamlessly connect your interior with your exterior for an expansive, open feel.

For wet areas, the anti-slip floor tiles from our outdoor collection are the ideal choice because they feature a textured surface for added safety.

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Browse our diverse collection of decorative or hard-wearing porcelain floor tiles for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hall or any other multi-purpose room. Whether you're looking for a wood effect, marble effect, concrete effect or uniquely patterned floor tile, we offer designer tiles from leading tile manufacturers in the UK at highly competitive prices.

Implementing adventurous floor colour schemes can pay off with beautiful interiors. From a sophisticated blue and forest green to a rustic burnt sienna, our range of porcelain luxury tiles in the UK offers endless colour options. And if it's patterned floor tiles in the UK that you're after, we offer everything from classic checkered floor tiles for a hallway to colourful and contemporary patterned bathroom floor tiles.

We also stock the inimitable Original Style Victorian floor tiles if you're after a specific look and feel based on Victorian elegance.

Rigid Vinyl Floors & Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

A rigid vinyl floor creates a unique balance of luxury and simplicity. Our wood effect vinyl floors can also add an element of warmth and cosiness. Comfortable, strong and water-resistant, these LVT floors are perfect for any room in a home or commercial setting, from bathrooms and bedrooms to cafes and hotel foyers.

Choose from many different plank and tile sizes and designs in our easy-to-install range. Whether you're looking for concrete-look vinyl tiles or wood effect vinyl planks, our rigid vinyl floors feature an innovative click system so that you don't need adhesive for installation, making the process effortless and hassle-free.

Solid Wood

There is a certain charm that is unique to a solid wood floor. Alongside our ranges of natural stone and porcelain tiles, we offer a real wood floor range that is perfect for creating an inviting glow and charm in any room.

Offering incredible durability and a unique character in every board, our solid wood floors feature variance in colours, holes, and grain patterns to create a timeless, traditional feel.

We stock Woodpecker's beautiful York range, which comes with an astounding 100-year warranty!

Browse our range of outdoor, hallway, living room, bathroom, and kitchen floor tiles in the UK to find the perfect tiles for your space or visit our showroom in Berkshire.

How to Choose Floor Tiles

Whether you're looking for plain kitchen floor tiles or patterned bathroom floor tiles in the UK, there are several things you need to consider when buying tiles. The first step to choosing floor tiles is to think about the style of your home. This should be your foundation upon which you can apply the design principles outlined below to bring balance to your interiors.

Tile and Room Size

Tile size is essential to consider, especially in relation to the room's size.

Smaller tiles are usually suited to smaller residential areas and can create a sense of harmony when used as splashback or kitchen floor tiles. Bigger tiles, on the other hand, can work well to make a spacious interior feel even more airy and large or, depending on the grouting lines and thickness, make smaller rooms seem less cramped.

If your hallways currently feel small and narrow, you can also create the illusion of expansiveness using small hallway floor tiles. Hall tiles that are small and decorative are very popular and can also instil an individualist feel to your home.

Tile Colours

Playing around with tile colours and shades can completely change the atmosphere of your space. For instance, cool tones such as blue or green can create moody, serene or relaxing spaces; lighter colours reflect more light and can open up darker areas; and warm shades can change the ambience of a space completely.

Grout Shades

Grout typically comes in white, black and tones of light to dark grey. Depending on the level of contrast between the tile colour and the grout, you can either achieve a subtle effect or highlight unique tile shapes and emphasise lines in your designs.

If you're unsure which grout is ideal for installing tiles in your space, we are experts in creating beautiful, harmonious floor designs. Contact us and we'll help you decide!

How to Install Tiles

Many well-informed DIYers will be able to achieve their desired outcome when installing their floor tiles. However, having a professional tiler install the tiles for your floor will usually ensure the longevity of the tiles and result in a better-looking job, while saving you time, frustration and a week's worth of back and knee pain! That being said, to get you started on your DIY tile installing journey, we'll outline the basic tips to know for properly tiling a floor.

  1. Do a dry layout of your tiles with the aim of maximising the use of whole tiles and the size of any cut tiles.

  2. Spread your thin-set mortar evenly with a trowel. The trowel’s notch size should equal the tile thickness.

  3. Here's where a good tile job comes down to practice and why a professional tiler is usually a good idea. Next, set the tile to the thin-set adhesive with consistent finger pressure to avoid lippage (where the tile’s edge is higher or lower than its neighbours, making the floor uneven).

  4. Ensure no one steps on any tiles until the thin-set mortar has cured for at least 24 hours.

  5. After 24 hours, all that's left to do is the very satisfying job of applying grout with a margin trowel to the joints, leaving it to set for 20 or 30 minutes, and then gently wipe away the excess from the tiles.

Browse our grouting options from Perflex® to find the perfect colour for your project. Our highly skilled team of tile specialists is here to assist you with any questions you have to ensure the seamless installation of your new floor tiles.

Get in touch with us today or visit our showroom in Berkshire!

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