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When it comes to tiling your bathroom, you want to make sure you get the perfect look for your space. Bathroom wall and floor tiles are a great way to bring style and sophistication to your bathroom while ensuring longevity and easy cleaning.

Whether you choose classic ceramic tiles or modern stone tiles, these bathroom tiles can give the room an upgraded feel. Not only do they add beauty, but they also provide durability that will last for years to come. With their easy-to-clean surfaces and water-resistant properties, bathroom floor and wall tiles are ideal for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and showers.

Shop online for bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles with Hyperion Tiles for free delivery on orders over £300 or visit our showroom in Berkshire!

Why Choose Tiles for a Bathroom Wall and Floor?

Regarding your bathroom walls and floors, we can guide you in choosing the ideally suited tile for your bathroom. Some of the benefits of tiling a bathroom include:

Water Resistant

Unlike other materials such as wood, plaster or wallpaper, bathroom tiles aren't damaged, making them an ideal wall and flooring solution for wet rooms.


When it comes to the usage of your bathroom, practicality is essential. This is where bathroom tiles can offer an attractive and easy to clean solution. They also resist bacteria, so your bathroom stays hygienic and looks brand new for years with little or no maintenance required.

Exceptionally Hardwearing

When it comes to the home's high traffic areas, bathroom tiles boast exceptional strength and durability, providing a robust and protective layer that will last for years.

Offering Texture & Depth

Bathroom wall and floor tiles can sometimes feel like a functional space. With added contemporary styles, you can create depth and texture using the range of finishes, colours, and patterns from our stunning range here at Hyperion Tiles.

Easy Maintenance

Many people find bathroom tiles to be the most straightforward solution as they are easy to clean and require minimum upkeep. Simply wipe them down with a cleaning solution or soapy water. A steam cleaner can add extra sparkle if your surface area is more significant.

No matter what bathroom wall and floor tiles you are looking for, Hyperion Tiles has the solution for you. With such a vast selection, you can quickly achieve everything from minimalist and contemporary aesthetics to rustic and homely looks. Explore our different colour combinations and finishes to complete your bathroom's aesthetic.

In addition to wall tiles, we also offer a range of high-quality tiles for bathroom floors in various colours, sizes and styles. Although our tiles are glazed porcelain, they are still anti-slip, making them ideally suited for bathrooms and wet rooms. So whether you're looking for bathroom feature wall tiles, beautiful blue hexagon toilet tiles, or timeless light grey marble effect tiles for a wet room floor, look no further than Hyperion Tiles.

Our Range of Bathroom Wall And Floor Tiles

We offer a comprehensive collection of Bathroom Wall and Floor Tiles, from inspiration ceramic to traditional porcelain tiles. Whether you are in the market for stunning natural stone or wood effect tiles, we have something to suit everyone. Our team can help transform your bathroom walls and floors with a section of tiles including natural stone tiles, marble effect tiles, semi-polished tiles and ceramic tiles, so we are confident you will find precisely what you want right here.

Both bathroom walls and floors will benefit from tiles; bathroom tiles sort out the painting issue and make cleaning more accessible, while large tiles provide fewer grout lines. With our vast range, you will find everything you need.

Bring your bathroom walls to life and transform your bathroom space with our extensive range of tiles. Create a feature wall with our stunning mosaic tiles or opt for metro brick tiles, a classic and timeless choice for your home that can be styled in several ways to suit you.

Grey bathroom tiles offer a modern statement with their calm and neutral appearance. The bathroom tiles we offer at Hyperion Tiles are stain-resistant, water-resistant and easy to clean; it's no wonder tiles are such a popular choice for the walls. 

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Our luxury bathroom wall tiles offer a versatile and stylish solution to transform the look and feel of your bathroom. Whether you're aiming for a sleek, modern design or a timeless, classic ambience, wall tiles provide many options to suit all tastes and preferences.

Bathroom wall tiles add visual appeal, while bathroom splashback tiles can protect your walls from moisture and splashes. Choosing a bathroom wall tile with vibrant colours, patterns, and materials can create a personalised sanctuary that exudes luxury and comfort.

Find the right tiles to suit your aesthetic and vision for your bathtime sanctuary — Shop online with Hyperion Tiles for bathroom tiles in the UK, including toilet wall tiles, shower feature wall tiles, bathroom sink splashback tiles, and more!

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom flooring tiles offer a captivating blend of functionality and aesthetics, making them the perfect choice for enhancing the overall look of your bathroom. With an extensive range of materials, sizes, colours, and patterns available, you can create a floor that suits your style and complements the design of your space.

Beyond their visual appeal, luxury bathroom floor tiles are designed to withstand high moisture levels while ensuring durability. Some of our tiles also have slip-resistant surfaces with R11 slip ratings, providing a safe and secure foundation for your daily routines.

Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of ceramic, the natural beauty of stone, or the versatility of porcelain, our wet room tiles allow you to express your creativity while creating a functional and inviting environment.

Browse toilet floor tiles, natural stone floor tiles for showers, and other bathroom tiles for the floor, all available online at Hyperion Tiles.

How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

Choosing the right tiles for a bathroom wall and floor is a crucial step in creating a space that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Whether you're embarking on a complete renovation or simply refreshing the look of your bathroom, the following guide will help you navigate the world of wall and floor bathroom tiles so you can make informed decisions that will elevate your bathing sanctuary and ensure value for money.

Consider Your Style & Theme

Start by envisioning the theme you desire for your bathroom. Are you aiming for trend-led designs, a rustic and natural feel, or a more timeless look? Understanding your preferred style will help your tile selection process, ensuring that your tiles harmonise with the overall design scheme of your bathroom.

Prioritise Durability & Water Resistance

Bathrooms are high-moisture environments, so selecting durable shower room tiles that offer water resistance is key. Opt for materials such as porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone, as they are known for their resilience and ability to withstand frequent exposure to moisture. Consider tiles with low porosity and high slip resistance to enhance safety and minimise maintenance efforts. In bathrooms, this can apply to everything from a splashback for bathroom walls to the floors of walk-in showers.

Find the Perfect Size & Layout

The size and layout of your bathroom floor tile can significantly impact the visual perception of the space. Large tiles for bathroom walls can create a sense of openness and make the room appear larger, while smaller tiles can add intricate detail and texture. Consider the proportions of your bathroom and the effect you wish to achieve when choosing tile sizes. Additionally, explore how different patterned wall tiles for a bathroom, such as plain, glazed, terrazzo effect, mosaic, or stone effect, can add to the illusion of space while also adding visual interest.

Balance Colour & Light

Colour plays a vital role in setting the mood and atmosphere of your bathroom. Lighter-coloured floor tiles for the bathroom can create an airy and spacious feel, while darker tones like dark grey and black tiles can add depth and a sense of luxury. Take into account the natural light in your bathroom and consider how different colours will interact with your desired tiles for the bathroom floor and wall. If you really want to make a statement, look at bright or bold accent tiles or murals for feature walls to add a pop of colour!

The Importance of Texture & Finish

The texture and finish of the flooring tiles for your bathroom contribute to both their visual appeal and functionality. Smooth, glossy porcelain tiles can add a touch of sophistication and reflect light, creating a bright and polished atmosphere. Alternatively, textured tiles can add intrigue and provide grip for enhanced safety, especially in wet areas. Explore natural stone or even slate effect and concrete effect tiles to incorporate this into your bathroom design.

Trust Your Personal Taste

While there are practical considerations to remember, choosing bathroom tiles for the floor and walls should also reflect your taste and style. Trust your instincts and select tiles that resonate with you to create a space that genuinely feels like your sanctuary. Explore different floor and wall bathroom tiles to evoke the aesthetics that match your vision of the perfect bathroom.

With these guidelines in mind, you can embark on your journey to select the perfect wall and floor tiles for your bathroom. Remember, the bathroom is a space that you use to begin and end every day, so take the opportunity to transform your bathing oasis into a haven of high-end style, functionality, and serenity.

When searching for the perfect bathroom wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles in the UK, choose Hyperion Tiles, a trusted tile supplier in the United Kingdom.

How to Install Bathroom Tiles

Installing modern bathroom tiles can be a rewarding DIY project that can transform the look of your bathroom. Here's a brief guide on the steps involved in installing wall and floor tiles for bathrooms:

  1. Prepare the surface

  2. Plan the layout

  3. Apply an adhesive

  4. Lay the tiles

  5. Grout the joints

  6. Clean and seal

If you're unsure about how to go about this or if your project is a bit more complex, we recommend consulting a professional tiler to install your bathroom tiles for the floor and wall. As specialists in the world of tiles, we can give you advice about the best way to use our products.

Request a quote from Hyperion Tiles for your desired bathroom tiles and flooring today!

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